‘Teen Mom 2′ Stars Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Break Up Days After Jenelle Tries on Wedding Dresses


“Even we don’t know if we’re together!”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

Just days ago, Jenelle Evans from MTV’s Teen Mom 2 was preparing for her wedding, trying on wedding dresses at David Tutera’s famous bridal shop (and letting the paparazzi capture it all, naturally). The mom of two told OK! magazine she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with fiancé Nathan Griffith, and that the couple was planning to get married next summer.

Prepare to be shocked: It appears that there’s trouble in paradise for the engaged um, lovebirds. This morning, Jenelle took to her Twitter to inform her fans that she’s been having nightmares and panic attacks. When asked by a fan if these episodes had anything to do with her hubby-to-be Nathan, Jenelle informed the fan that she and Nathan are no longer living together!

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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Star Tami Roman Announces She’s Suffered a Miscarriage

tami-roman-and-reggie-youngbloodTami Roman has announced some heartbreaking news: She has miscarried the baby she was expecting with her boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood. The couple, who appeared together on the most-recent season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, announced today that Tami had lost the baby.

“I am deeply saddened that after 10.5 weeks, we suffer this loss,” Tami said in a statement to E! News, explaining that her previous health conditions may have been partly to blame.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Custody Fights & The Car Full of Crap

When your being smothered by a Frozen backpack but your mama's worried about hairspray...

When you’re being smothered by a Frozen backpack but your mama’s worried about hairspray…

Yes, The Ashley knows that this Teen Mom 2 recap is later than Leah’s period after a meeting with Robbie Kidd, but, hey whatcha gonna do?

Let’s get started, as there are a lot of hijinks to cover and only a little bit of time before The Ashley punches a wall and yells “I’M DONE (with this stupid show)!”

The episode kicks off with Leah and Jeremy heading to drop off the girls with Corey. They pull over to the designated spot in the woods and shovel the girl into Corey’s truck (all while Corey somehow manages to keep his spittin’ regiment in tact).

"Get out while you still can, man!"

“Get out while you still can, man!”

Corey brings up the fact that he wants more custody of the twins again, and he and Jeremy keep exchanging these weird smirks during this conversation, almost like Corey’s trying to congratulate Jeremy for calling Leah out on The Twitter for her cheatin’ ways, but he doesn’t want to say it because he’s afraid Leah will beat him over the head with her bag of Mary Kay makeup. Jeremy exchanges a knowing smile.

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5 Crazy Moments in ‘L.A. Hair’ History

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Get ready for more catfights, craziness and, of course, hair cutting! The fourth season of the drama-filled WEtv series L.A. Hair premieres this Thursday. The show has become increasingly more dramatic since it premiered back in 2012, and Season 4 is set to have some of the show’s craziest episodes yet.

You know The Ashley loves her some catfighting!

While it was hard to narrow down the best, weirdest and craziest moments from the show so far, here are The Ashley’s picks from Seasons 1-3!

When Naja and Lisa got in a full-on catfight because Naja said Lisa looked like a guy. (Season 3)

Two ‘L.A. Hair’ stylists quickly went doing hair to pullin’ hair after Lisa grew tired of hearing that her fellow stylist, Naja, was telling people that Lisa resembled a man. After Lisa confronted Naja for her “she’s a man” comments, it got downright nasty, with Lisa screaming, “Can you see my Adam’s Apple now?!” before basically attacking Naja.

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‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Finale Recap: Kait Chooses a Mate

Who the hell even cares?

Who the hell even cares?

We made it, guys. The Ashley is so proud of all of you who have stuck this entire horrible season out until the end. We’ve watched a lot of horrible stuff (See The Ashley’s Top 12 list of WTF Moments here!) but this week Kaitlyn will finally decide who she wants to contractually bone for the next two to four months! She’s down to two men—Nick and Shawn—and, guys…she CAN SEE BOTH OF THEM AS HER HUSBAND!!!

She’s in love with both guys, of course, and both guys are in love with her and, well, it’s just so hard.

Tonight, both remaining dudes will meet Kaitlyn’s family before they head to the exotic, far-off land of…um, the Bachelor Mansion, where one/both/none of the guys will propose. (Is ABC going bankrupt? What gives with them only going to one foreign country this season? What is this, 2004? Geez.)

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EXCLUSIVE! Maci Bookout on the Other ‘Teen Mom’ Books & Why Her Kids Aren’t on the Cover of “Bulletproof”

Maci and her book at her recent signing in Nashville.

Maci with her book at her recent signing in Nashville.

Maci Bookout‘s book, Bulletproof is Number 12 on the iTunes Top Chart, and it’s no surprise that fans are eager to get their hands on the Teen Mom OG star’s book. After all, they’ve waited for years for the book to come out!

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley last month, Maci discussed why it took her so long to release Bulletproof, and how she felt as she watched other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars release their books before she could release hers.

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