“16 and Pregnant” Star Maddy Godsey Answers Fans’ Questions About Her Episode

16 and pregnant season 5

Maddy is now a brunette!

The fifth season of 16 and Pregnant premiered last night with an explosive episode featuring Illinois teen Maddy Godsey, who after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, got pregnant with a guy she hooked up with on the rebound.

That guy, Cody Jensen, gave Maddy mixed signals throughout her pregnancy: he claimed he wanted to be with Maddy, yet failed to be there for her while she was pregnant. (Don’t worry if you missed the episode last night; The Ashley will be doing her best to recap each episode this season!)

Before last night’s episode aired, Maddy took to her social media accounts to give her fans some background about what was really happening during filming between her and Cody, and provide details on why she made some of the choices that she did.

“Before everyone sees the show, I just wanna point some things out so I don’t seem like a HUGE bitch lol,” she posted on Monday night. “It’s hard to fit everything into an hour show so some things may have gotten cut out!”

Maddy provided an update on her life today and answered questions about where things stand with Cody. Obviously, this is only Maddy’s side of the story, but, based on what we saw last night, it seems to be based on truth.

Does Cody still see baby Aubrey?

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Andi Dorfman’s First ‘Bachelorette’ Poster Released–Juan Pablo Dissed!

"You will never live this down, Juan Pablo!"

“You will never live this down, Juan Pablo!”

ABC has released the very first promo poster for Andi Dorfman‘s upcoming season of The Bachelorette and, from the looks of it, the network is still not over the disastrous last season.

The poster, which features Andi’s face, along with the tagline “She’s looking for the right Juan one” is obviously a play off the promotional phrase they used to promote the season of The Bachelor starring Andi’s former beau, Juan Pablo Galavis. (Who could forget the gag-inducing “Juan-uary” campaign?!)

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Engaged ‘Catfish’ Stars Lauren & Derek Have Split


Is anyone else irrationally sad about this?!

Say it ain’t so! The only couple to ever find a happy ending on the reality show Catfish has called it quits!

Only weeks ago Lauren Meler and Derek Schullenbarger, who met on the second season of the show, shared their engagement photos with People magazine. The engaged couple had been living together in Derek’s home state of Maryland (Lauren is from Texas). According to the photographer that took their engagement photos, they seemed to be extremely happy together, which makes the split even more shocking.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Episode 12 Recap: A Baby is Born & A Bonehead is Tased

kail and javi babyBefore we start, The Ashley needs to apologize to her trash-TV-lovin’ pals for not doing a recap of last week’s episode. We missed some big moments (Jenelle announced her pregnancy to Jace, and Smirnoff Suzi made her return!) but hopefully this recap will make up for it, because, according to my DVR guide, a new Teen Mom 2 cast member will be born on this episode, and one of these creepgoblins is going to get tased! Babies being born and bolts of electricity going through someone’s body?! This is like The Ashley’s Christmas, y’all!

Anyway, the episode kicks off in Delaware, where Javi and a very pregnant Kail are trying to get their baby’s room ready because he is due next week. Although at this point they don’t know it’s a boy (Oh, um, spoiler alert?) they choose to paint the baby’s room a dark shade of blue. Apparently, Javi’s lacking in the painting skills department, which Kail says is surprising, being that his family works over at the Sherwin-Williams. Javi just looks at her and refrains from commenting back while she chides him over his piss-poor painting skills. You can tell that he’s cutting her some slack because she’s about to push his firstborn through her hoo-ha.

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‘Bachelorette’ Stars Trista & Ryan Join JWOWW & Roger on Upcoming Season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’


“Fighting is so much more fun when it’s on camera!”

If you’ve been jonesing to watch celebrities talk about their failing relationships ever since Couples Therapy ended in March, you’re in luck! A fresh new stock of celebrities will be submitting themselves to on-camera relationship therapy on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp and, this time, they’re all reality stars!

The cast will include five reality TV couples, who, according to the new trailer “will fix their broken relationships the only way they know how—on camera!”

Perhaps the most surprising couple to see on this show is Trista and Ryan Sutter of The Bachelorette. Long toted as the franchise’s most successful couple (although that’s not really saying much), Trista and Ryan are frequently wheeled out for various ‘Bachelor’ specials and finales to discuss how happy they are. They are the parents of two young children and recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony which was, of course, filmed for reality TV.

“She was in bed with this guy,” Ryan says of Trista in the season’s trailer. (Excuse me?! This just got juicy…)

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EXCLUSIVE! More Details on “Homeless” ’16 & Pregnant’ Season 5 Star Jordan

Meet Jordan and baby Evie!

Meet Jordan and baby Evie!

The Ashley has been in a 16 and Pregnant tizzy over the last few days because the Season 5 trailer was recently released! (Apologies to my readers that don’t care about this show: The Roundup will be back to normal very soon covering other shows!)

The Ashley has been putting together the puzzle to try to identify all of the girls in the trailer. (Click here for photos and details of almost all 12 girls).

Anyway, one of the stories that stuck out was regarding a girl who, along with her baby’s father, ends up having no where to live while she’s pregnant. In fact, in the press release sent out by MTV announcing the season, one girl is described as, “the popular girl who gets pregnant and ends up homeless.”

The Ashley can exclusively bring you more information about this girl and her fascinating story. Meet Jordan Cashmeyer! (And, yes, for those of you counting, this will be the series’ third girl named Jordan!) She hails from the Baltimore, Maryland area and graduated from high school last year, making her a bit older than some of the other girls this season.

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