Best Video Ever! Get ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Barbara Evans’ Exercise Tips!

Move over, Richard Simmons! Here comes Barbara Evans, fitness instructor extraordinaire!

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EXCLUSIVE: Secrets & Scandals of the ‘Are You The One’ Season 1 Cast

Are You The One Season 1 CastThe first season of Are You The One was a huge hit for MTV. The reality show’s season finale was the top original series in its time slot for its demographic. While a new crop of horny guys and gals will star on Season 2, the Season 1 cast members have been keeping busy since the reunion aired in April, doing their best to milk their reality TV fame for all it’s worth!

Here, The Ashley brings you some of the secrets and scandals of the Season 1 cast!


" knew about that?"

“Oh…you knew about that?”

“JJ Jacobs really is a womanizer!”

John “JJ” Jacobs was accused by Chris Scali of being a womanizer multiple times during the explosive Are You The One reunion special. JJ vehemently denied the accusations, claiming that he was now in a relationship and told the cast “I love my girlfriend!” when questioned.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Calvert Addresses Marital Issues: “We’ve Had Problems”

teen mom 2

“We’re still together y’all!”

Teen Mom 2 fans have been speculating for over a year about the state of Leah Calvert‘s marriage to second husband Jeremy Calvert. The couple’s fighting has been a main focus of the show for the past season, and even fueled Jeremy’s Assault By Bacon on his wife last season. In addition, Leah continues to tweet subtle messages that are seemingly related to her troubled marriage to Jeremy.

In a new interview with In Touch, Leah addresses her marital problems and reveals whether or not she and Jeremy are really getting divorced.

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More Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions About ‘The Bachelor’

the bachelorOver the past few years, The Ashley has done her best to answer your questions about your favorite reality shows. Every season she collects the questions that she receives on social media, in the comment sections of stories or in person about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and does her best to find answers to them. From why they don’t eat on their dates, to the weird things contestants have to do to make themselves look good on camera, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at ‘The Bachelor’ franchise, as told by the people that have been a part of it.

On with the questions…


“I can’t wait to not eat all of this food!”

Q: Why the hell do they go on dinner dates if they aren’t going to eat the damn food?

A: Sharleen Joynt from Juan Pablo’s season answered this much-asked question on her blog recently. Apparently, no one eats on the dates because they are already full.

“In between the day and evening portions of dates, the lead and contestant go their separate ways with their producers to shower/change/get ready, do ITMs, and yes, eat an actual dinner,” she said. “The dinner provided on the date itself is mostly for show. It’s real food and edible but I never even tasted mine so I couldn’t tell you if it’s good or bad. I did however touch it once with my finger and it was cold. No one expects you to eat it, and I don’t know what happens to it afterwards.”

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Producers Reveal How ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Will Work

Cast 2014

“You’d look great crying in the back of a limo!”

We are only a few weeks away from the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, which is sure to be the can’t-miss hot mess of the summer!  ABC released a few details a while back about the new show, as well as a partial cast list, but in a new press release, the network has revealed just how this trainwreck will work!

From the sound of it, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ will be quite the self-esteem-crushing experience for its 25 contestants! According to the press release, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ will begin with 14 former contestants (all of which left their respective seasons “broken-hearted,” of course). However, it will not be the expected 7 male/7 female ratio arriving in Tulum, Mexico. Instead, it will be eight women and six men. In addition to setting up for potential hot tub threesomes, this ratio also helps with the show’s first twist.

“At the first rose ceremony, the six men are given a rose to hand out to a woman they’d like to spend more time getting to know in paradise,” the press release reads. “With an uneven number of men and women in the group, the two women left without roses are immediately sent home heartbroken.” (Heartbroken–and crying in the back of a limo, fingers crossed!)

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Another ‘Sister Wives’ Baby? Kody Brown Hints That Wife Robyn is Pregnant Again


“Back to maternity wear!”

The Ashley is convinced the producers of Sister Wives are just cruel people. Last night’s season finale left us all in suspense, with fourth wife Robyn Brown making a huge deal about having a “big announcement” to make. Fans eagerly waited as Robyn prepared to spill the secret to her family, only to have the announcement cut off to create the ultimate cliffhanger for next season.

Of course, everyone assumes that Robyn’s “secret” is baby-related. (Raise your hand if you were secretly hoping Robyn’s “secret” was that she suddenly realized what a tool her husband, Kody, is and that she was leaving because she was tired of watching Meri cry?)

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