EXCLUSIVE! Scott Nevins Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions About ‘The People’s Couch’

Scott Nevins and his friends Blake and Emerson will be back for Season 3.

Scott Nevins and his friends Blake and Emerson will be back for Season 3.

A brand-new season of The People’s Couch premieres tonight on Bravo! The show, which takes us into the living rooms of various groups of people and allows us to watch TV with them, will feature all of the cast members from the previous seasons, including West Hollywood trio Emerson CollinsBlake McIver and Scott Nevins!

“We’re all this big dysfunctional group of TV junkies who just want to get a fix, and now we have each other to share that moment with,” Scott said. “When you watch the show, you feel like you’re on the couch with us.”

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Scott answered the most frequently asked questions he gets about ‘The People’s Couch!’ (Special thanks to the Roundup readers who submitted questions!) 

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‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Releases Statement After Being Catfished by a Woman

"Well this is embarrassing..."

“Well this is embarrassing…”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

Back in August, The Ashley told you that Meri Brown had been a victim of catfishing. Now the Sister Wives star has come forward to confirm the news and discuss what happened.

Meri, who is no longer legally married to her spiritual husband, Kody Brown, thought she was having an online relationship with a man named Sam, but the person she was speaking with during that time  turned out to be a woman!

In a statement to Us Weekly, Meri admitted to the online affair.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Couple Jo Rivera & Vee Torres Welcome Baby Girl

They have spawned!

They have spawned!

Teen Mom 2 stars Jo Rivera and Vee Torres welcomed the newest member of the Teen Mom 2 cast– their daughter, Velisse– on October 4! The couple shared a photo of their baby girl via Jo’s Twitter page the day after her birth.

On October 4, Vee posted a photo of herself in labor to her Instagram account and wrote that she was struggling.

“This has got to be one of the hardest days to have gone by, but waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel!” she wrote.

Soon after that post, Velisse Eva Rivera came into the world at 9:07 p.m. She was born 10 days earlier than her expected due date of October 14.

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Exclusive Interview: “90 Day Fiance” Couple Jason & Cassia Hitch Say Show ‘Does Not Represent K1 Couples Accurately’

Jason and Cassia: Still going strong!

Jason and Cassia: Still going strong!

The new season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance premieres later this month, but before we meet the new couples, we’ll catch up with the husbands and wives from Season 2. One of the most talked-about couples from last season, Jason and Cassia Hitch, were kind enough to chat with The Ashley about their life today, what filming was really like for them, and why they feel ’90 Day Fiance’ is not a true representation of what it’s like to be a K1 couple.

“As a K1 holder, I am ashamed of what they show on ‘90 Day Fiance,’” Cassia, who hails from Brazil, told the Ashley. “They want to make us look bad, making the public believe we won’t get married in the end. They show more fights than love, they want great ratings.”

Jason added that the cameras and constant criticism from the show’s fans made an already stressful situation sometimes unbearable.

“While we are trying to plan our ‘dream wedding,’ we were interrupted with thousands of negative comments about Cassia’s hair and my green pool,” he said. “The show brought a heightened level of anxiety to me and our relationship.”

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‘Kendra on Top’ Season 4 Episodes 10 & 11 Recap: Not Confronting Holly & Not Kissing Hank

"Why can't you understand that you're just my pet that I keep around for the show?!"

“Why can’t you understand that you’re just my pet that I keep around for the show?!”

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s another week in Kendra Land and she’s still arguing with everyone around her. (She really wants to be “on top,” apparently.) We pick up this week with Kendra getting ready to confront her former friend and Girls Next Door co-star, Holly Madison, at Holly’s book signing. Kendra decided that she needed to confront Holly because Holly wrote bad things about Kendra and Hugh Hefner in her book. (Holly said Kendra was manipulative and fake and that Hef was abusive, among other things, in case you care.)

Of course, Kendra can’t let this offense go. She and her pal Jessica head to the book signing to confront Holly. The cameras are already inside the book store filming Holly with fans when Kendra and Jessica (and their film crew) pull up in the parking lot. But, there’s a change of plans.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Reunion Recap: Jenelle & Kail Face The Doctor

"Are you guys as sick of doing this as I am?"

“Are you guys as sick of doing this as I am?”

Teen Mom 2 Season 6 is over, guys. Gone are the nights of watching Jenelle Evans call the cops on her booooyfriends, witnessing Nathan Griffith‘s gym-sesh tantrums, or seeing Jo Rivera complaining about being broke (before climbing into his brand-new BMW, of course). All that is left is the Season 6 Reunion special, where our birth-control-challenged heroes will be berated by good ol’ Dr. Drew Pinsky, who can barely contain his disdain for these people after six seasons of hosting this crap.

This week’s episode features only Kail and Jenelle’s sessions, so we’ll have to wait until next week to bust out our banjos for Leah‘s turn on the couch. (Oh…and Chelsea will be there too, apparently.)

The Ashley will be recapping only what is shown on screen during this episode. If you want the real juicy gossip of what happened behind-the-scenes of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Reunion taping, you’ll want to click here.

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