Maci Bookout Talks ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Marrying Taylor McKinney & Future Plans

"Y'all got questions for me?"

“Y’all got questions for me?”

By Holly Rasmussen

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout took over WetPaint’s Facebook page yesterday to answer questions from the her fans. Maci, who recently completed filming on the new ‘Teen Mom’ season, filled us in on what’s been happening in her life since we last saw her on our televisions.

In the Facebook Q & A session, Maci tackled questions about her life with longtime boyfriend Taylor McKinney, and revealed what she hopes teen girls learn from her.

(Chelsea Houska recently did one of these Facebook Q& A sessions as well. Click here to read what Chelsea revealed during that session!)

Maci, like Chelsea, was very honest when answering her fans’ burning questions.

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‘Arranged’ Stars Christian & Maria Miller Announce They’re Expecting During Season Finale

"As soon as that baby's born, we're gelling his hair!"

“As soon as that baby’s born, we’re gelling his hair!”

Arranged stars Christian and Maria Miller are going to be parents!

The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary on last night’s ‘Arranged’ Season 2 finale, and found out the happy news on the day of their anniversary. (The footage was filmed in September). Maria delivered the big news to her husband while he was (of course) getting his haircut at the barber shop. Christian seemed shocked and thrilled by the news and was eager to tell his parents, Nina and Michael.

The baby news comes after a tough year for 18-year-old Maria and 19-year-old Christian. The couple, who barely knew each other when they got married via an arrangement through their Romani gypsy parents, did not get along in the first months of the marriage, with Maria even threatening to leave her new husband due to his poor treatment of her. During Season 2, however, the couple seemed to adjust to life as a married couple.

“I’m very happy that [the pregnancy] is happening now instead of earlier in our marriage,” Maria told the cameras.

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Gwen Stefani Declares Her Love For New Boyfriend Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’ Red Carpet

"In your face, Gavin!"

“In your face, Gavin!”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’re probably well aware that Gwen Stefani is currently dating Blake Shelton, her fellow coach on The Voice. Since the couple confirmed their relationship earlier this month, they have done little to hide their affection for each other, even during work hours.

(For the record, The Ashley is still unsure how she feels about the Gwen/Blake pairing.)

Anyway, the coaches of ‘The Voice’ walked the red carpet at Universal Studios last night, before heading in to tape the Top 11 show live. For their stroll down the red carpet, the show’s production team decided to pair Gwen with fellow coach Adam Levine instead of her new boo Blake, but that did little to prevent nearly every reporter from asking Gwen about her new romance.

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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Returning for Third Season in January: Watch the First Trailer

The UP network is bringing us more Bates!

The UP network is bringing us more Bates!

By Holly Rasmussen

America just can’t get enough of those extra-large fundie families! The Bates Family (otherwise known as that other family with 19 kids who have a TV show) are coming back to TV. Bringing Up Bates will be returning to the UP Network for its third season starting in January.

We first met the Bates family on 19 Kids and Counting, the reality show of their pals, the Duggar family. Like the Duggars, the Bates are fundamentalist Christians who believe in having as many children as they can. However, as we’ve reported in the past, the Bates family is less conservative and more-open-minded than the Duggars. (For instance, the Bates parents actually allow their children to attend college. Gasp! Even the daughters! It’s Bible College, of course, but it’s still progressive.)

From the recently released Season 3 trailer, it looks like the third season of ‘Bringing Up Bates’ will be full of fun. Bates daughter Michael recently got married (of course, all of the Duggars attended the wedding), and it looks that will play a large part in Season 3.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast to Film Season 6 Reunion Next Month: What Will We See This Season?

Everyone cross your fingers that there's a brawl this time!

Everyone cross your fingers that there’s a brawl this time!

MTV hasn’t officially announced that a new season of Teen Mom OG is heading our way in 2016, but luckily The Ashley confirmed that for you months ago. The season has been filmed and last week, WetPaint  revealed that the ‘Teen Mom OG’ gals will all be heading to New York City next month to film the Season 6 After Show Reunion!

Maci BookoutFarrah Abraham (and her backdoor), Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell will be sitting down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss what’s happened in their lives over the past six months or so. (The gals started filming this season in late spring, according to The Ashley’s sources.) WetPaint reports that the After Show will be taped on December 12.

Of course, that date is important because it helps us figure out when the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ will likely air. Normally, the reunions are filmed about three months before they air. If MTV follows this schedule for the new ‘Teen Mom OG’ season, we will likely see the new episodes start airing around late March 2016.

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‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Tell-All Recap: No One Tells Anything

"I'm gonna make you earn those TLC paychecks tonight, Brown family!"

“I’m gonna make you earn those TLC paychecks tonight, Brown family!”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

It’s time for the two-hour “Sister Wives Tell-All!” At the end of every season, Kody Brown and his wife Robyn (along with “the others”) sit down with Tamron Hall to film a “tell all.” Since this season covered the catfishing of Meri Brown, this special should actually have some juicy parts.

Tamron, who has the best narrator voice ever, starts the show out by talking about how Meri initiated a divorce from Kody so he could marry Sobbin’ Robyn. While Robyn and  Meri wanted the legal marriage between Kody and Robyn to have a some fanfare, Kody did not. And, if we’ve learned anything from this show it’s that Kody always gets his way. They discuss how Kody basically told his wives that what they wanted in regard to his wedding to Robyn didn’t matter, and Kody seems to have no remorse for acting like a total douche-nozzle for the majority of the season.

Tamron isn’t playing, however. She’s determined to get some actual usable soundbites from the Browns. 

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