“16 and Pregnant” Season 2 Star Megan McConnell Is Pregnant Again–Exclusive Interview!

megan mcconnell 2014Megan McConnell gave birth to her son, Blake, over four years ago during her episode of 16 and Pregnant, and the Season 2 star will soon be returning to the delivery room. Megan announced yesterday that she is expecting her second baby!

In an exclusive interview, the 21-year-old told The Ashley that the father of this baby is her boyfriend of 10 months, Chase, whom she met through her ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 2 co-star, Kayla Jordan!

“He went to high school with her,” Megan told The Ashley. “We’ve been together for about 10 months but we’ve known each other for a couple of years.”

The couple has been living together since April, but was not planning on having a baby right now.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 5B Episode 6 Recap: Cornfield Softball & The Return of Smirnoff Suzi

"I'm back, bio-tches!"

“I’m back, bio-tches!”

The Ashley didn’t have a chance to recap last week’s crapisode of Teen Mom 2. In fact, she didn’t even have time to watch it (because she’s over here livin’ la vida loca and all…and by that I mean watching episodes of The Golden Girls and eating her weight in Goldfish crackers on the regular). The good news is that she’s back to give you a play-by-play of this week’s drama, so let’s get started!

"Hello, Insurance? It's Leah. Why's y'all not givin' my youngin' her wheelchair?"

“Hello, Insurance? It’s Leah. Why’s y’all not givin’ my youngin’ her wheelchair?”

First, let’s do a mini-cap of what we missed last week. Basically Leah decided to take on The Insurance and prove that Ali was old enough to use a wheelchair. To do this, she filmed a video of Ali navigating the chair and sent it to them, along with a note that surely reads, “Ali Can Do Chair.”

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. Says He’s Not the Next ‘Bachelor,’ Hints It’s Chris Soules



Bitter, party of one!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. will not be the next Bachelor and, judging from one of his latest tweets, the racecar driver is not happy about it! Arie has been campaigning hard over the last few months for the role of rose-giver, even penning an emotional blog post on Sean Lowe‘s website about how he’s religious now and open to finding love…and stuff. Despite all of this, however, it appears that the show’s producers have decided to go in another direction–with that direction most likely being friendly farmer Chris Soules from Andi Dorfman‘s season!

Arie gave his followers an update on the ‘Bachelor’ situation with a very snarky tweet yesterday.

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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Episode 4: Solo Dates & Screaming on the Beach

"Table for one, please."

“Table for one, please.”

Welcome back to Paradise, guys! It’s time for these goons to further embarrass their parents/children/future spouses, so let’s get started!

We kick things off with Michelle Money, who is still bawling that Chris Bukowski gave her his throwaway rose when he left with Elise. She’s talking about the “amazing, beautiful gift” that Chris gave her that allowed her to stay on Gonorrhea Island. Seriously, he gave you a few more days to give handies in a hut, he didn’t buy your homeless mother a house or something. Let’s take it down a notch, shall we?

bachelor in paradise

“I’m just so thankful for this magical gift!”

After she’s finally done Ugly Crying, the gang heads into the house, where they see that a date card has arrived for Robert. Michelle is still totally clueless and thinks that she still has a shot at getting into Robert’s pants, but is sad when Robert chooses Sarah for the date.

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Emmy-Nominated Reality Shows: Vote For Your Favorites!

Emmy AwardTelevision’s biggest stars will all gather in Hollywood tonight to celebrate the 66th Annual Primetime Emmys. Since The Ashley rarely watches any television show that has any redeeming value, they are not of much interest to her. (Call me when Teen Mom 2‘s Barbara Evans is nominated for something!) Although the Emmys added a “Reality TV” category to its lineup of awards back in 2001, this will be the first year that the category has been split into two categories: Outstanding Structured Reality Program and Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program. A third category, Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, deals with most of the shows The Ashley watches.

Just for craps and giggles, The Ashley wanted to see how her readers would have voted, had they been given the opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite reality TV shows. Take the polls below and let The Ashley know which shows you’re hoping will win an Emmy tonight! (Of course, we all know that the actual awards are probably the least important thing about these awards shows. Most of us just like to talk crap on peoples’ outfits and watch to see who messes up!)

Anyway, vote for your favorite shows below!

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‘The Challenge’ Star Diem Brown Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer For Third Time

Diem BrownThis is a very sad story for The Ashley to write. This one just really hurts her heart.

Diem Brown, star of MTV’s The Challenge, has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, her sister Megan told People magazine today. Diem, who bravely fought two rounds of ovarian cancer– once in 2003 after competing in ‘Fresh Meat’ and the second in 2012, right before competing on ‘Battle of the Exes,’ has just been diagnosed with colon cancer.

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