Farrah Abraham Hints That She May Appear on Next Season of ‘Couples Therapy’ with New Boyfriend

"Look guys, I got a real one this time!"

“Look guys, I got a real one this time!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Farrah Abraham is hinting that she will be doing another season of VH1’s Couples Therapy. As you may remember, the former Teen Mom star appeared on a previous season of ‘Couples Therapy’… solo. Farrah claimed that her “boyfriend” at the time, DJ Brian Dawe, was supposed to meet her on set for the show and never showed up. (Brian, however, revealed that he was never Farrah’s boyfriend and that she faked it all to be on the show. Click here to read all about that!)

Anyway, earlier this month Farrah announced she had a new man in her life. Starcasm revealed that Farrah’s new man is 26-year-old San Diego real estate agent, Simon Saran. Since Simon lives in San Diego, it would be convenient for him and Farrah to tape the new season of ‘Couples Therapy’…and that’s exactly what she’s been hinting at.

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‘Match Made In Heaven’ Will Feature First African-American ‘Bachelor’…And His Momma

Loving the girls in the back wearing the hoochie dresses....very classy...

Loving the girls in the back wearing the hoochie dresses….very classy…

By Holly Rasmussen

What do you get when you cross The Bachelor with a Sunday sermon? Apparently, WeTv’s Match Made in Heaven! The new reality show will follow millionaire Shawn Bullard as he searches for love. However, Shawn won’t be alone in his search—he has God, his momma and a pastor on his side. Pastor Ken Johnson, the NFL Spiritual Adviser for the Indianapolis Colts, will be Shawn’s right-hand man in his quest to find love. (Who knew sports team had their own pastors?!)

‘Match Made in Heaven’ will be breaking all kinds of ground. Shawn will be the first African-American to be featured on a ‘Bachelor’- type show. ‘The Bachelor’ has never had an African-American bachelor. In fact, the show has been criticized for years for its lack of diversity. (The show’s producers were even sued in 2012 because of it.) To date, good ol’ Juan Pablo is the only minority who has ever been the star of ‘The Bachelor’ or The Bachelorette…and that didn’t work out very well.

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Former ‘Losers’ Respond to Kai Hibbard’s Claims That ‘Biggest Loser’ Is Dangerous


Kai (second right) and other members of the Season 3 cast on finale night.

Former Biggest Loser contestant Kai Hibbard blasted the reality show in a scathing new interview with the New York Post earlier this week. The Season 3 contestant, who has actually been speaking out against the show for years, told the newspaper that she and the other contestants on her season were treated like animals, forced to work out even when they were injured, and had their food intake dangerously restricted, among other things.

‘The whole f**king show is a fat-shaming disaster that I’m embarrassed to have participated in,” she told The Post.

The interview quickly made the rounds to the media, and several other former cast members have spoken out about Kai’s claims against the show.

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Ryan Edwards is Reportedly ‘Very Happy’ about Ex Maci Bookout’s Second Pregnancy

"We are never, ever getting back together."

“We are never, ever getting back together.”

Teen Mom stars Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have struggled to get along since we first met them on 16 and Pregnant back in 2009. The once-engaged parents of six-year-old Bentley have fought on (and off) camera for years, but seemed to have finally settled (most of) their differences by the fourth season of ‘Teen Mom.’

While it’s very unlikely Maci and Ryan will ever get back together (being that Maci’s currently pregnant with the baby of her live-in boyfriend, Taylor McKinney), they are getting along better than ever these days, according to a recent post on Maci’s official Facebook page.

The admin of her page spoke to Maci about how Ryan, who is currently single, felt about Maci having a baby with Taylor.

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‘The Challenge’ Creator Jon Murray Discusses How Show’s Producers Dealt with Diem Brown’s Death

We miss you, Diem.

We miss you, Diem.

Tonight’s episode of The Challenge has been the episode that The Ashley (along with many of the show’s fans) has been dreading. On last week’s episode, Diem Brown was shown writhing in pain from what she believed was a stomach bug. (Unfortunately, we now know that Diem’s pain was actually caused by colon cancer, not a stomach bug.)

A preview clip from last week shows Diem’s partner (and on-again-off-again) boyfriend, CT Tamburello, screaming for someone to take him to the doctor, presumably to see Diem. Tonight’s episode will show what happened to Diem that resulted in her collapsing and being airlifted from Panama back to the United States. After fighting the cancer (which ended up spreading to other parts of her body), Diem died on November 14.

In a recent Reddit “AMA” session, show creator Jon Murray of Bunim-Murray discussed the difficult task the show’s production team had to show what happened while still being respectful to Diem, as well as Ryan Knight, a second competitor on this season who died a few weeks after Diem.

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‘Bachelor’ Chris Episode 3 Recap: Guest Host, Hot Tubs & One Big Ho…Down

chris soules britt

Um…why is Britt over there trying to be chola Sandy-from-Grease?

The Ashley missed the first few minutes of The Bachelor. All she knows is Jimmy Kimmel showed up and sent one of these broads to Costco to buy crap. The Ashley isn’t sure what happened before that, but I’m sure it was just a few chicks crying, someone gushing about Chris and his abs, and Ashley I. talking about how much she looks like Kim Kardashian.

After their Costco date, the broad (whose name is Kaitlyn) and Chris head out for drinks, and of course, Jimmy Kimmel shows up to judge whether or not Kaitlyn is a suitable wife for Chris. I can tell you by that horrendous outfit she’s wearing—white sports bra top, plaid jacket tied around her waist and jean shorts—that she’s not. The only thing she’s suitable for in that get-up is a Hanson concert circa 1996.

Kaitlyn tells Jimmy that’s she’s dated farmers before. Well…one farmer…who had an, um, “cow farm.” I don’t know anything about Kaitlyn…except that she’s a damn liar. Girl, sit down with your “cow farm!” If you’re going to lie, at least become better at it.

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