Mackenzie McKee Explains Plastic Surgery Fundraiser After Farrah Abraham Rips Into Her

There are a lot of men who would pay to see them catfight. Just sayin'...

There are a lot of men who would pay to see them catfight. Just sayin’…

By Holly Rasmussen and The Ashley

Another week, another Teen Mom catfight! Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham just can’t seem to stop picking fights with other stars from the MTV franchise. This time, her victim was former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee and it involved two of Farrah’s favorite things: plastic surgery and money!

At the OK! Magazine So Sexy party last Thursday night (which The Ashley attended), a reporter for TMZ asked Farrah for her thoughts on Mackenzie recently starting an online fundraiser to raise money for breast implants.

Farrah, who is no stranger to plastic surgery, said Mackenzie should shell out the money herself. In an interview today, however, Mackenzie stated that the fundraiser was “sort of a misunderstanding,” but Mackenzie’s explanation came after Farrah ripped into her for begging fans for boobs!

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EXCLUSIVE! “16 and Pregnant” Dad Charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault on a Child

Zak and Kianna, pictured after their son's birth in 2010.

Zak and Kianna, pictured after their son’s birth in 2010.

A father featured on the third season of  16 and Pregnant is facing some very serious charges in Texas, The Ashley has discovered.

Zak Hegab, who appeared on the MTV reality show in 2011 when his girlfriend at the time, Kianna Randall, was pregnant with their son, Kay’den, was only 15 when we last saw him, and has managed to get himself into a lot of trouble since he appeared on the show. The Ashley can confirm that the now-21-year-old is currently sitting in a Tarrant County, Texas, jail cell, after being charged with aggravated sexual assault on a child last year.

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Ben Seewald’s Parents on Josh Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal: ‘Jim Bob & Michelle Are To Be Commended’

Guinn and Michael Seewald (far right) are standing with the Duggars.

Guinn and Michael Seewald (far right) are standing with the Duggars.

Ben Seewald has yet to speak out about the controversy concerning his brother-in-law, Josh Duggar, who recently confessed to molesting five underage girls, one of which was likely Ben’s wife, Jessa Seewald. However, Ben’s parents Michael and Guinn Seewald recently made their feelings about the scandal known in a blog posted on Saturday night.

In the blog post, the Seewalds stated that they not only stand “in solidarity” with the Duggar family, but also say that Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle should be “commended” for how they handled the situation after Josh confessed 12 years ago to fondling the five young girls, four of which were his younger sisters. (Click here and here to get all of the information on that.)

“I believe that Josh’s parents acted in a way that godly parents should,” Michael Seewald wrote.

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Amy Duggar’s Boyfriend Confirms Amy Wasn’t One of Josh Duggar’s Victims

Amy and Josh, shown at Josh's 2008 wedding...

Amy and Josh, shown at Josh’s 2008 wedding…

Amy Duggar has been a frequent guest star of 19 Kids and Counting, the TLC reality show starring her uncle, Jim Bob Duggar and his family, but on Friday she and her boyfriend of six months wanted to make it clear that she was not one of her cousin Josh Duggar‘s five sexual assault victims.

Amy’s boyfriend, Dillon King, posted a photo of Amy, along with a caption that seemed to serve as a statement to those speculating that Amy had been the fifth sexual abuse victim of Josh, who on Thursday admitted to molesting five girls, including four of his sisters, while he was in his teens.

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TLC Pulls ’19 Kids and Counting’ Reruns Off Air, Mama June Urges Network to Cancel Show

Mama June wants the Duggars' show off the air.

Mama June wants the Duggars’ show off the air.

By Holly Rasmussen

News that Josh Duggar from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting committed sexual abuse broke earlier this week (read all about that here and here), and plenty of people are mad, including June Shannon the recently fired star of TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

As you may remember, ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ was canceled last year after it came out that June was spending time with the man convicted of molesting her older daughter, Anna Caldwell. Almost immediately after that scandal broke, TLC canceled ‘Honey Boo Boo.’

Now June is calling on TLC to do the same to ’19 Kids and Counting.’ She’s angry that the network  allowed a’19 Kids’ marathon to air, even after Josh publicly admitted what happened.

This morning, June threatened the network (via a TMZ interview) with a lawsuit if  ’19 Kids’ wasn’t canceled. She told the site that she lost a ton of money when TLC canceled her show and feels that the Duggars should suffer the same fate.

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EXCLUSIVE: Trainer Jen Widerstrom Says Next Season of ‘Biggest Loser’ Will Have Theme, But No Comeback Canyon

Jen's coming back, but Comeback Canyon most likely isn't.

Jen’s coming back, but Comeback Canyon most likely isn’t.

Comeback Canyon is not coming back to The Biggest Loser.

Last season’s big twist, in which eliminated contestants went to train with Bob Harper at Comeback Canyon instead of going home, proved to be a big hit with ‘Biggest Loser’ fans, but trainer Jen Widerstrom says that it’s unlikely that we will see the twist on the upcoming 17th season of the show.

The Ashley caught up with Jen on the red carpet of last night’s OK! Magazine So Sexy Party to find out what we will—and will not—be back for ‘The Biggest Loser’ Season 17!

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