Confirmed: ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jo Rivera Expecting Baby with Girlfriend Vee Torres


teen mom 2

Jo will be able to rap his new baby to sleep once it arrives…

Radar Online just broke the news that Teen Mom 2 star Jo Rivera‘s longtime girlfriend Vee Torres is about seven or eight weeks pregnant with the spawn of Jo. The Ashley can confirm that Jo, who is also the father of Kail Lowry‘s five-year-old son Isaac, did, indeed, get Vee pregnant. (The couple is apparently telling friends that the pregnancy was planned.)

The site claims that Vee was eager to spread her baby joy via social networking, but that Jo asked her not to, since he had not even told all of his friends and family. (The MTV film crew and production staff do know, however.)

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Josh & Anna Duggar Reveal New Baby’s Gender; Discuss Why They Can’t Have 19 Kids


“Keep ‘em coming!”

By Holly Rasmussen

The Duggar family is adding another girl to its ranks! The oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children, son Josh and his wife, Anna, announced last year that they are expecting their fourth child. Today, the couple announced via People magazine that this new bundle of joy will be a girl!

This evens out their family’s boy/girl ratio. The young couple are already parents to 5-year-old Mackynzie, 3-year-old Michael and 1-year-old Marcus. They said they will probably go with another M name for this new baby. Of course they will.

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‘Sister Wives’ Finale Recap: Legal Divorce & Lame Ponytails

divorce sister wives

After seeing that ponytail, Meri’s rethinking her decision to stick around after the divorce…

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s time for the Sister Wives finale! We pick back up with everyone’s favorite ponytailed polygamist and his family during a very dramatic period in their lives. As you may know from watching the last few episodes, Kody’s first and only legal wife, Meri, has decided she wants to divorce Kody. However, she’s not seeking a divorce because Kody’s a jerk like you may think. Meri says it’s so he can marry his newest and youngest wife, Robyn, and adopt her kids from a previous marriage.

Meri says Kody and Robyn don’t know anything about her plan. (I find that hard to believe.) When Meri sits the Kod-Man and Robyn down to tell them her idea, they act shocked. Robyn cries, of course. Robyn says the kids see Kody as a dad and her not being legally married to him is one of the only things preventing Kody from adopting them.

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The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Celebrates 5 Years!

Dear Roundup readers,

Yesterday was a very special day for The Ashley! Five years ago, I started The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on a whim, never expecting that half a decade later, the site would have turned into what it has! I am forever grateful to all of my readers– longtime and new. I am so glad that there are people out there like me, who love crappy reality shows and can enjoy hearing my corny jokes and reading what I have to say! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for reading my site, sharing my posts and being my reality-TV-loving pals!

Love, The Ashley

To celebrate The Roundup’s fifth birthday, The Ashley thought it would be fun to highlight the biggest story of each of The Roundup’s five years in existence! These were the most-read stories of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014– as well as the top-ranking story (so far) in 2015!

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Sneak Peek Clip: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Reveals Why She Divorced Husband Kody

Kody divorce

This basically sums up every episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ ever.

Sister Wives fans are counting down the hours until Sunday’s dramatic season finale, where we will learn the full story behind Meri Brown‘s divorce from Kody, her husband of 20+ years. (After the divorce, Kody went on to marry his newest –and youngest–wife, Robyn.) The last episode gave us a hint of what’s to come, but in a just-released sneak peek of the “Sister Wives Tell-All Special,” we get to see the Browns sob it out as they explain to Tamron Hall what the heck happened.

At the start of the preview, everyone is crying (except for Kody, who is probably not even sure where he is, and second wife Janelle, who checked out of this hot mess years ago). Meri explains why she decided to divorce Kody and give her status as “legal wife” to Robyn.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jeremy Calvert (Finally!) Makes a Statement About his Marriage via Social Media

"No divorce, y'all!"

“No divorce, y’all!”

Put your banjos away, guys, it looks like the saga of Teen Mom 2 stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert‘s marriage has ended– in a surprising way!

After Jeremy publicly shamed his wife on Twitter in October for cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, things in their marriage exploded. Despite the fact that  Jeremy continued to post things on social media to taunt Leah, she maintained that everything in their marriage was just fine.

Jeremy has laid low on social media over the last few months–even deleting his Twitter account for a while. However, he’s back to tweeting, and his latest posts indicate that he has forgiven Leah.

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