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Sexless Couple From “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Has Split!

Another couple from the show bites the dust!

Another couple from the show bites the dust!

Yes, The Ashley can appreciate the irony of that headline. Saying a 16 and Pregnant couple was “sexless” is kind of an oxymoron but, in this case, it’s true.

Courtney Ames– who starred on the recent fifth season of ’16 and Pregnant’ and is best remembered as the girl that became abstinent after giving birth to her son, Dayton– has split with her live-in boyfriend, Scott. The couple, who had planned to get married, is no longer together and it sounds like Courtney is the one that called it off.

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 2 Star Megan McConnell Is Pregnant Again–Exclusive Interview!

megan mcconnell 2014Megan McConnell gave birth to her son, Blake, over four years ago during her episode of 16 and Pregnant, and the Season 2 star will soon be returning to the delivery room. Megan announced yesterday that she is expecting her second baby!

In an exclusive interview, the 21-year-old told The Ashley that the father of this baby is her boyfriend of 10 months, Chase, whom she met through her ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 2 co-star, Kayla Jordan!

“He went to high school with her,” Megan told The Ashley. “We’ve been together for about 10 months but we’ve known each other for a couple of years.”

The couple has been living together since April, but was not planning on having a baby right now.

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Star Jordan Cashmyer Now Working at a Strip Club

Jordan recently posted a photo from the club she works at to her Instagram.

Jordan recently posted a photo from the club she works at to her Instagram.

Jordan Cashmyer’s episode of 16 and Pregnant was only filmed six months ago, but a lot has changed since then in the life of the young mom and her boyfriend, Derek Taylor. Jordan is best remembered as the Maryland girl that was homeless during most of her episode in Season 5. She and Derek moved from place to place during their episode and struggled to keep a roof over their heads.

Five months after their daughter Genevieve was born, the couple has split. They are no longer homeless, as Derek is currently living with his grandparents and attending school, while Jordan and Evie are back living with Jordan’s parents.

That’s not all that’s changed in Jordan’s life since filming with MTV, however. Although she had once said that she was considering joining the military, Jordan is now pursuing a very different, um, career: She is now working at an Baltimore “gentleman’s” club.

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Baby Bump-o-Meter: Which Reality Stars Are Currently Pregnant?

It seems that every week, another reality star is announcing that she’s pregnant! With so many reality stars in various states of pregnancy, it’s hard to keep track! To help you keep all your impregnated reality show stars straight, The Ashley has created this “Bump-o-Meter” to track the progress of the pregnancies. (Yes, I need a life, but that’s not exactly front-page news now, is it?)

From possibly pregnant to pop-ready, here’s the progress of your favorite reality stars’ pregnancies:

Maybe Baby Bumpin’

Robyn-Brown-Pregnant-2014Robyn Brown (Sister Wives)

Robyn and her husband, Kody, have not officially confirmed that Robyn is expecting their second child, however, the season finale of ‘Sister Wives’ ended with some very big hints that Robyn was carrying Kody’s 18th child (and her fifth child). Recent photos of Robyn show her attempting to cover her stomach, which may be a tell-tale sign that she’s expecting.

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‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Reveal Their Baby’s Gender

teen mom 2014

The exact moment that Catelynn and Tyler found out the sex of their baby

In 2009, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra placed their daughter, Carly, for adoption during their heartbreaking episode of 16 and Pregnant. Five years later, Catelynn and Tyler announced that they are expecting their second child and that they now know the sex of their baby!

The Teen Mom stars found out over the weekend whether Catelynn, who is four months pregnant, would be having a boy or a girl. Their friends threw them a “gender reveal” party, featuring decorations for both boys and girls.

“Today is the day! We finally get to find out if we will have a son or a daughter #Anticipation #IsKillingMe,” Tyler posted on his Instagram on Saturday.

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Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek of ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s New Tell-All Book

Teen mom 2014

Amber will tell her whole story in her new book…

Last week, it was announced that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood would be releasing an autobiographical book that tells the story of her descent into the drug abuse and how her addiction and anger issues eventually landed her behind bars in an Indiana State Prison for 17 months. Now, The Ashley can bring you some exclusive details about Amber’s upcoming book, which will be called Never Too Late.

The book, which is being put out by Post Hill Press (the same publishing company that produced Kail Lowry‘s book, Pride Over Pity) and will be released on August 26. An excerpt of the book obtained by The Ashley gives us a taste of the exciting story the book will tell.

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