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“16 and Pregnant Recap: Maddy’s Never-Ending One-Night Stand

Two pumps and you're stuck parenting with a chump for 18 years.

Two pumps and you’re stuck parenting with a chump for 18 years.

Spring has sprung, and there is Pitocin in the air which can only mean one thing: a brand new season of 16 and Pregnant! We’ve waited a long time for this trainwreck-of-a-show to come back into our lives, and, over the past five months The Ashley worked tirelessly to introduce you to the girls that were cast on Season 5. One of the first girls she told you about was Maddy, whose episode we will discuss here.

The Ashley’s previous posts about Maddy will tell you a lot about her and her episode that MTV didn’t show you, but this recap will be written as if this is the first time The Ashley has ever heard of this girl.

On with the show!

The episode kicks off with a cartoon sketch of a pretty blond girl– oh, how I’ve missed these colorless cartoon wonders! We are introduced to Maddy while she and a friend splish-splash in a pool. She lives in a Full House (sans Kimmy Gibbler or any creep Uncle-like characters that live in the basement and do bad Bullwinkle impressions on the regular.) She lives with her mom and an assortment of real and half siblings in Tinley Park, which is outside of Chicago. She has a close relationship with her dad, who lives in the great state of Indiana. (I’m praying to the Baby Jesus that his neighbors are Gary and/or Amber from Teen Mom.)

Maddy’s about to start her junior year of high school. One thing she isn’t about to start? Her period! Because….she’s pregnant!

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“16 and Pregnant” Star Maddy Godsey Answers Fans’ Questions About Her Episode

16 and pregnant season 5

Maddy is now a brunette!

The fifth season of 16 and Pregnant premiered last night with an explosive episode featuring Illinois teen Maddy Godsey, who after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, got pregnant with a guy she hooked up with on the rebound.

That guy, Cody Jensen, gave Maddy mixed signals throughout her pregnancy: he claimed he wanted to be with Maddy, yet failed to be there for her while she was pregnant. (Don’t worry if you missed the episode last night; The Ashley will be doing her best to recap each episode this season!)

Before last night’s episode aired, Maddy took to her social media accounts to give her fans some background about what was really happening during filming between her and Cody, and provide details on why she made some of the choices that she did.

“Before everyone sees the show, I just wanna point some things out so I don’t seem like a HUGE bitch lol,” she posted on Monday night. “It’s hard to fit everything into an hour show so some things may have gotten cut out!”

Maddy provided an update on her life today and answered questions about where things stand with Cody. Obviously, this is only Maddy’s side of the story, but, based on what we saw last night, it seems to be based on truth.

Does Cody still see baby Aubrey?

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EXCLUSIVE! More Details on “Homeless” ’16 & Pregnant’ Season 5 Star Jordan

Meet Jordan and baby Evie!

Meet Jordan and baby Evie!

The Ashley has been in a 16 and Pregnant tizzy over the last few days because the Season 5 trailer was recently released! (Apologies to my readers that don’t care about this show: The Roundup will be back to normal very soon covering other shows!)

The Ashley has been putting together the puzzle to try to identify all of the girls in the trailer. (Click here for photos and details of almost all 12 girls).

Anyway, one of the stories that stuck out was regarding a girl who, along with her baby’s father, ends up having no where to live while she’s pregnant. In fact, in the press release sent out by MTV announcing the season, one girl is described as, “the popular girl who gets pregnant and ends up homeless.”

The Ashley can exclusively bring you more information about this girl and her fascinating story. Meet Jordan Cashmeyer! (And, yes, for those of you counting, this will be the series’ third girl named Jordan!) She hails from the Baltimore, Maryland area and graduated from high school last year, making her a bit older than some of the other girls this season.

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Details & Photos of the Entire Cast of “16 and Pregnant” Season 5!

Over the last six months, The Ashley has exclusively introduced you to some of the cast of the fifth season of 16 and Pregnant. The upcoming season, which will now premiere next Monday, April 14, will feature 12 girls with very different stories. The Ashley has already introduced you to five of these baby-bumpers, and now we have our first look of the remaining girls, courtesy of the just-released trailer!

For those of you asking, the new season will start on April 14 in the United States and Canada. No other international premiere dates have been released yet.

Here is what we know about the Season 5 girls. The Ashley has been sleuthing this out for months, and has included information on the girls below. If you know any of these young moms, feel free to let The Ashley know!

Summer Rewis1. Summer Rewis: A girl from Georgia who married her son, Peyton’s father, DJ, despite his troubled past. Summer and DJ have been together for at least three years and had a small courthouse wedding back in August. Her mother, Katrina, struggles with addiction, and abandoned Summer and her sisters at one point. Katrina is trying to repair their relationship, but Summer is having a hard time forgiving her, especially because Katrina continues to use. Summer has the cutest Southern accent ever.  Click here for more information.

To read The Ashley’s interview with Summer, click here!

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Premiere Date Changed!


“Hurry up in there! MTV needs us to go on now!”

If you’re dying for your next dose of pitocin-filled 16 and Pregnant fun, you won’t have to wait much longer! The show’s fifth season, which was set to premiere on April 29, will be starting even sooner. Today, MTV announced that the Season 5 premiere date has been bumped up to Monday, April 14!

According to several show insiders, the episode featuring Maddy Godsey will be the first episode aired. (That’s really no surprise, being that they used a clip from her episode as the preview.) According to one source, the following episode will likely be Karley Shipley‘s.

The premiere date was apparently changed due to a scheduling contact with another show.

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Myranda Trevino About To Give Birth to Second Child

pregnant again

“We’re havin’ another one y’all!”

It’s about to be a girl (again!) for 16 and Pregnant Season 4 star Myranda Trevino! The reality star, who turns 20 tomorrow, is about to give birth to her second child, a girl she plans to name Ryleigh. Although Myranda was not due until April 26, she is reportedly already dilated and could give birth any time now!

Myranda, who is probably best remembered for being “the girl that moved into the shack” during her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode, is already the mother of two-and-a-half-year-old Kaylee. She has kept a relatively low profile (compared to some of the other girls from the series), and is not active on social media. In November, she quietly married her baby’s father, Eric Kennemer, and hinted that she was pregnant again.

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