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‘The Challenge’ Star Cohutta Grindstaff Arrested for DUI: See His Happy Mugshot!

Maybe the cop told him they were going to Disneyland instead of jail?

Maybe the cop told him they were going to Disneyland instead of jail?

Another MTV reality star has landed themselves behind bars after a night of drinking.

Cohutta Grindstaff, star of MTV’s The Challenge (and previously Real World: Sydney) was arrested last night for DUI in Athens, Georgia. Cohutta, best known for his “aww shucks” personality and thick Southern accent, was picked up by police after he got his dingdang truck stuck on a wall! (Don’t you hate when that happens?)

Police were summoned to the area by the tow truck driver, who knew that something fishy had gone on.

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‘Real World: Austin’ Star Melinda Stolp is Reportedly Being Stalked


Reality TV fame isn’t all glamour and free vacations. Sometimes, it can be downright scary to be famous, as Real World: Austin star Melinda Stolp has learned in recent months. According to Milwaukee news station WISN, Melinda has allegedly been dealing with a very scary stalker, who has not only threatened Melinda’s life but also the lives of her co-workers and even those that work at MTV!

The news station reported that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Michigan woman named Rachel Hill, whom has allegedly been stalking Melinda, despite the fact that she has never met her. According to the news report, Rachel has sent dozens of threatening emails, phone calls and messages to Melinda and to the dental office where Melinda works.

“Laced with profanity, the messages include threats like, ‘I’m going to come into the office and shoot all of you in the head’ and ‘I’m going to go to MTV and burn the building down,’” the report said.

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‘The Real World’ is Coming Back! Bunim-Murray Officially Casting for Season 31

It's happening, people!

It’s happening, people!

Fans of The Real World have been nervously twiddling their thumbs, awaiting an announcement that MTV had renewed its longest-running reality show for a 31st season. The aging reality show, which premiered in 1992 (before many of its fans were even born), has been slumping in the ratings in recent seasons, causing many to fear that MTV would soon cancel it. The network announced months ago that it had renewed ‘Real World’ spin-off The Challenge for another season (click here for details on that), but had remained suspiciously mum on the fate of ‘The Real World.’

Today, a casting director for Bunim-Murray announced that they are currently casting for ‘The Real World 31,’ and, although the network hasn’t released any info on the new season, the fact that they are casting at least confirms that there will be another season after all!

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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Star Tami Roman Announces She’s Pregnant

"We made a baby!"

“We made a baby!”

It’s looks like Reggie Youngblood finally got his way.

Fans have been watching as Reggie and his girlfriend Tami Roman have argued over the topic of having children while on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Reggie is eager to marry Tami and start a family, but Tami had been resisting, stating that she was done with weddings and kids. Things have clearly taken a turn, however, because yesterday Tami announced that she’s currently pregnant with Reggie’s child!

Tami shocked everyone during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta After Party Live on Monday night when she announced her pregnancy.

“I feel as if it’s the perfect place for me to let everybody know that I am granting wishes,” she said. “I am six weeks pregnant!”

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‘The Challenge’ Stars Remember Diem Brown on Her 35th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Diem!

Happy Birthday, Diem!

Diem Brown is on the minds of her friends, family members and former cast mates from MTV’s The Challenge today. June 12 marks what would have been the reality star’s 35th birthday. She passed away on November 14, 2014, after a long, hard battle with ovarian cancer.

Megan Brown, the sister of Diem, wrote a heart-touching tribute to her sister and posted it to her Instagram account this morning.

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Exclusive Details on the Upcoming Season of ‘The Challenge: Bloodlines’– Meet the Cast!

The Challenge

The next season of MTV’s The Challenge is on its way—and this season’s theme will be like none before it! The Ashley can confirm that the cast left the country on their way to film next season’s ‘The Challenge: Bloodlines!’

In what will likely be a rip-off of the Survivor “Blood vs. Water” season, ‘Challenge’ participants will bring a family member with them to compete. It is not yet known whether the family members will compete as a duo, or if they will compete against each other.

The Ashley’s source tells her that Bodrum, Turkey, is the location of this ‘Challenge;’ however the source was unable to confirm that detail.

Calls for casting starting going out in March, the source tells The Ashley, and many regular and long-lost cast members were contacted. However, many of them were not cast because they weren’t able to find a suitable “bloodline” to bring along with them. (The “bloodlines” had to go through the same casting process that the ‘Real World’ folks do—applications, Skype interviews, tests, etc.)

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