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Check Out the Spooky First Trailer for ‘Real World: Skeletons’

Real World SkeletonsIn honor of Halloween, MTV has decided to release the first trailer for the upcoming season of The Real World. The new trailer is extra-spooky, which goes with this season’s unique theme: “Skeletons.” Each week, a new person will show up to the ‘Real World’ loft and bring “skeletons” from the housemates’ past.

From baby-mommas to estranged family members, these people will arrive to the house each week and force the housemates to confront their past, especially after the “skeletons” move into the house with them! After watching the trailer below, it’s obvious that the housemates aren’t exactly happy about this new twist.

“Every other week it’s a different person,” one cast member tells the cameras. “I’ve been ambushed!”

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‘The Challenge’ Star Diem Brown Reveals That Her Cancer Has Spread

Cancer 2014

Diem with her friends during her hospital stay last month.

Diem Brown, star of MTV’s The Challenge, is in the middle of her third battle with cancer and it seems that she just can’t catch a break. After she became unusually silent on social media over the past few weeks, her fans began to worry that Diem’s health had taken a turn for the worse.

Today, the reality star confirmed to People that, unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened. According to Diem, the cancer that is in her stomach and colon has now spread to her liver and lymph nodes.

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Upcoming 30th Season of ‘The Real World’ to Feature Unique Twist

The cast was photographed filming this summer.

The cast was photographed filming this summer.

By Holly Rasmussen

MTV’s The Real World is coming back for its 30th season! (Does that make anyone else feel incredibly old?) To freshen things up a bit, MTV has decided to put a juicy new spin on this season! The network announced today that the upcoming season will be called ‘The Real World: Skeletons.’ Filming for the season has just wrapped up and took place in Chicago. The “seven strangers picked to live in a house” will actually be living in a former-nightclub-turned-loft in the West End area of the Windy City.

So, what makes this season different? For Season 30, the seven house members have skeletons in their closest that will soon come back to haunt them. That’s right; a knock at the door will reveal the last person each house member wants to see, according to information released by MTV on Monday.

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‘The Challenge’ Star Diem Brown Turns to Medical Marijuana to Ease Cancer Pain

Diem BrownDiem Brown, a star of MTV’s The Challenge who is currently battling cancer for the third time, and has found her fight this time around harder than ever before. She is currently hospitalized after facing numerous setbacks, including the discovery of an additional tumor near her kidneys.

In an interview with People, Diem recently opened up about the constant pain she has been suffering lately, and why she decided to try marijuana–for the first time!–to help her deal with it.

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‘The Challenge’ Star CT Tamburello Rushes To His Ex-Girlfriend Diem Brown’s Hospital Bedside

CT and Diem HospitalPeople say that a picture is worth a thousand words and, while The Ashley generally tries not to include cliches and sayings like that in her articles, sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Case in point: On Monday night, Chris “CT” Tamburello emerged from his months-long social media hiatus by posting the photo above to his Instagram account. The photo shows CT sleeping next to the hospital bed of his ex-girlfriend (and former co-star from MTV’s The Challenge) Diem Brown.  The Ashley recently reported that Diem is fighting her third battle with cancer, and was hospitalized last week after a new tumor was found to be blocking her kidneys.

“Sometimes just being there for someone can be the difference between a good and bad day. @DiemBrown could definitely use a few…Please go to her support page,” CT, who dated Diem for several years after they met on ‘The Challenge, captioned the heartwarming photo.

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‘The Challenge’ Star Diem Brown Suffers Another Setback: New Tumor Found Near Kidneys

cancer again

Diem has been surrounded by friends during her hospital stay.

MTV’s The Challenge star Diem Brown just can’t seem to catch a break. Diem, who is in the middle of her third battle with cancer, was rushed to the hospital on Thursday night after her doctors discovered a blockage in her kidneys.

Although she was set to begin chemotherapy on Tuesday, she was only able to get one of the two rounds of chemo scheduled, due to a spike in her kidney levels. The doctors later discovered the blockage was being caused by another tumor.

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