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‘The Challenge’ star Theresa Gonzalez Announces Pregnancy

"Just to clarify-- I am NOT the father!"

“Just to clarify– I am NOT the father!”

Theresa Gonzalez has a good reason not to return for the next season of MTV’s The Challenge: She’s pregnant!

She announced this morning on Instagram that she is currently “with child.”

“In honor of Momma’s Day just around the corner… Just wanna show the world our little bambino’s first photoshoot!! Due Date is Thanksgiving Day! Real Life Butterball #ImGonnaBeAMomma #FitMom #BlessingsOnBlessings,” Theresa posted in the caption of her sonogram photo.

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‘Real World DC’ Star Ashley Lindley Battling Debilitating Illness– Asks Fans for Help to Get Treatment

Ashley during her 'Real World: DC' days...

Ashley during her ‘Real World: DC’ days…

A Real World: DC star is asking the show’s fans to help her get treatment for a debilitating illness.

Ashley Lindley, who starred on the show’s 23rd season in 2009, is suffering from some sort of bacterial infection in her gastrointestinal tract, which has left her bedridden for months and, in her words, “stripped me of my independence and ability to fully care for myself.”

The former reality star, who has never appeared on The Challenge, created a GoFundMe page a few months back in hopes of getting donations from fans who want to help her pay for an expensive medical procedure that may help her. While she has been getting generous donations from fans, unfortunately, her health has not improved.

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Sarah Rice Says “Battle of the Exes II” Will be Her Last ‘Challenge’

"Should I come back...Nah, I'm tired of this crap!"

“Should I come back…Nah, I’m tired of this crap!”

Sarah Rice just committed what was arguably one of the best blindsides ever to take place on The Challenge, but don’t expect her to do it again next season.

In fact, the eight-time show veteran has announced that “Battle of the Exes: II” will be her last season of ‘The Challenge.’

“I’m definitely retired, it’s just a weird thing to say,” she tweeted in February.

Earlier this week, she explained her reasons for ending her ‘Challenge’ career.

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‘Challenge’ Star Ryan Knight’s Death Ruled Accidental Overdose

Ryan KnightMore information has been released regarding the tragic death of Ryan Knight, star of The Real World and current season of The Challenge. Knight was found dead on Thanksgiving morning last year. TMZ broke the story of his death, but had very few details on what caused his demise, other than that Knight had been partying the night before and may have taken “some pills” before lying down on his friend’s couch to go to sleep. He was found dead the next morning, with his own vomit covering him.

Earlier this week, TMZ released more information regarding what caused Knight’s death. An autopsy was done on the 28-year-old reality star, as well as a toxicology report. The results of the toxicology report revealed that Knight had several drugs in his body at the time of his death, including the painkiller Tramadol, cocaine, methadone (a drug often used to treat an opiate addiction), Xanax and a “high level” of alcohol.

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‘The Challenge’ Star Nia Moore Issues Apology After Disqualification

Quit touching other people's no-no's, Nia!

Quit touching other people’s no-no’s, Nia!

Last month, The Ashley tipped you off that a dramatic disqualification was coming on The Challenge, and this week the episode aired, with contestant Nia Moore being sent home after she sexually assaulted her competitor, Jordan Wiseley. She was disqualified from the competition after she unleashed a vicious verbal and physical attack on Jordan and his partner, Sarah Rice. During the attack, Nia pulled down Jordan’s pants, insulted his, um, manhood and called him a gay slur, among other things.

“There is a fine line between calling someone names and then there’s crossing that line and actually physically grabbing and touching somebody and I mean, let’s face it, we can’t touch you. So don’t touch me, at all,” Jordan told the cameras after the groping.

In an emotional message posted to her Instagram account yesterday, Nia expressed her anger and disgust with herself over her actions.

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‘Challenge’ Star Sarah Rice Says Blindside Ruined Her Friendship with Johnny Bananas

Looks like Sarah just got crossed off Johnny's Christmas card list...

Looks like Sarah just got crossed off Johnny’s Christmas card list…

Sarah Rice made one of the biggest moves in the history of The Challenge last week when she blindsided her constant ally and good friend Johnny Bananas by sending him and his partner, Nany Gonzalez into the last elimination before the final. (The Ashley won’t reveal what happened on last night’s episode during the elimination since many of you probably still haven’t watched it).

Anyway, Sarah’s big move may have given her a much better chance of (finally!) winning a ‘Challenge,’ but it came with a price. Throwing Johnny into the elimination cost Sarah her “real life” friendship with him.

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