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Jemmye Carroll Says “Battle of the Exes II” Will Be Her Last ‘Challenge’ Due to Ex Ryan Knight’s Death

battle of the exes ii

This will be the last ‘Challenge’ for Jemmye.

By Holly Rasmussen

Fans of The Real World and The Challenge will be sad to learn that contestant Jemmye Carroll will not be returning to ‘The Challenge’ franchise. The reality star recently announced that she is quitting the show.

This news comes on the heels of the tragic death of Jemmye’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Knight, in November. Jemmye and Knight are featured in the upcoming season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II which is set to air in January.

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Watch the Trailer for ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II”


A brand-new season of MTV’s The Challenge will premiere next month and, due to its “Battle of the Exes” theme, is set to be one of the most powerful seasons yet! Of course, the fact that two of the competitors on the season, Diem Brown and Ryan Knight, have died since the season was taped will make watching the season somewhat heartbreaking. After watching the season’s trailer, which was released by MTV yesterday, it’s obvious that the season will serve as a tribute to both late reality stars.

In the powerful opening segment, Diem is heard making a statement that is somewhat eerie, given that she found out she had ovarian cancer for a third time just weeks after she probably said it.

“Things happen. But you can’t keep on waiting. If you want something, go for it,” she said.

Of course, the season will not only focus on the sad: from the looks of the stunts featured in the trailer, there will also be a lot of adventure and suspense. In fact, the trailer promises that ‘Battle of the Exes II’ will be “the most shocking season yet.”

The ‘Challenge’ vets will be joined by teams of exes from ‘The Real World: EXplosion’ as well as ‘Are You The One?’ (Click here to see what the vets think about these rookies joining the show.)

This season will include a twist never-before-seen on ‘The Challenge.’ Each week, the eliminated team will be sent to a new location and will have a chance to get back in the game. (Think ‘Redemption Island’ on Survivor or ‘Comeback Canyon’ on The Biggest Loser.)

While there is plenty of drama shown in the trailer, The Ashley was very happy to see that Diem’s on-set collapse was not shown or hinted at. (It is not yet known if she collapsed during a time when the cameras were rolling.) While it will definitely be addressed, it appears that MTV and the show’s producers will use some tact while doing so.

To see the complete cast list for ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II” click here!

The new season premieres Tuesday, January 6 on MTV.

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‘The Challenge’ Stars Discuss ‘Are You The One’ Cast Competing Next Season

"Take mercy on us, guys!"

“Take mercy on us, guys!”

Back in 2006, the producers of MTV’s The Challenge turned the game on its head when, for the first time in the show’s history, they brought in contestants that had never appeared on either Road Rules or The Real World. The “Fresh Meat” idea was repeated again in 2010, but since then there has not been another season in which contestants were imported from somewhere else…until 2015 that is.

For the upcoming season of ‘The Challenge,’ cast members from the first season of Are You The One will compete alongside ‘Challenge’ vets, as well as people from the most-recent ‘Real World’ season, “Explosion.”

The ‘Challenge’ vets aren’t exactly welcoming ‘Are You The One’ cast members Adam Kuhn, Brittany Baldassari, JJ Jacobs and Simone Kelly with open arms. In a new clip released by MTV, several ‘Challenge’ stars revealed how they feel about the ‘Are You The One’ folks appearing on the show.

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‘Real World’ Star Davis Mallory Performs Touching Tribute Song to Diem Brown

Diem & Davis in 2006

Diem & Davis in 2006

Get your Kleenex out, guys…

Real World: Denver star Davis Mallory has written and released a beautiful song for his recently deceased Challenge co-star Diem Brown. “Beautiful Girls: Diem’s Song” was written for Diem, who died on November 14 after a long battle with cancer. She and Davis competed on ‘The Duel 2″ in 2008 together, but met before that at an event.

Yesterday, Davis posted the song, as well as an explanation of why he wrote it.

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‘Real World’ & ‘The Challenge’ Star Ryan Knight Found Dead

Ryan Knight The ChallengeThe MTV community has lost another one of its stars. Just weeks after The Challenge star Diem Brown passed away from cancer, yet another cast member from the show has died. Ryan Knight (better known as “Knight”) died yesterday after a night of partying, according to TMZ, who first broke the news.

According to TMZ, who stated that its information came straight from Knight’s friends, the reality star was partying into the wee hours on Wednesday night.

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MTV to Honor the Life of Diem Brown with Upcoming Special

We <3 Diem


MTV will celebrate the beautiful life of The Challenge star Diem Brown in an upcoming special show. The special, which will be called “We <3 Diem,” will show highlights from Diem’s career on the MTV reality show, her relationship with ‘Challenge’ cast member CT Tamburello and her fight against cancer. (Diem died on November 14 during her third battle with the disease.)

“We’ve followed her through her unwavering attempts to win a Challenge and her infamous on/off relationship with longtime love CT, while simultaneously combating her disease off-camera,” ” MTV said in a statement issued to People. “In ‘We <3 Diem’, we look back at Diem’s powerful journey, giving tribute to her perseverance and strength through it all.”

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