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‘Biggest Loser’ Trainers Reveal What They Really Think of Tempation Challenges!


Just say no to whatever is in that pumpkin!

Every season, we watch as the contestants of The Biggest Loser plow through piles of cookies, cakes, candy or some other calorie-filled treat in order to improve their standing in the game. Taking part in these fattening food feasts comes with coveted rewards– from getting a multiple pound advantage at weigh-ins to letters or videos from family members, the producers of the show do their best to make these temptation challenges as enticing as possible.

Last night’s episode featured a Halloween-themed temptation challenge, in which they received everything from cash to immunity for taking part. While it’s hard for viewers to watch the contestants shovel that much food down in a single sitting, it’s even worse for the contestants’ trainers, who told The Ashley that they hate the temptation challenge episodes.

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‘Project Runway’ Winner Dishes on Season 12 Drama

The Season 12 kids sure knew how to catfight!

The Season 12 kids sure knew how to catfight!

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read below if you have not watched the finale!

Last night Philadelphia-based designer Dom Streater was crowned the winner of Project Runway Season 12, after a grueling challenge at New York Fashion Week. The Ashley had a chance to chat with Dom this morning about her big win, and all of the drama that went down during Season 12. (Who could forget Ken‘s epic freakout– while wearing a cleansing face mask?! That was probably one of The Ashley’s top moments in reality TV history!)

“You guys got to see the bulk of the craziness, but it was a lot more dramatic in real life,” Dom told The Ashley. “Those fights lasted a lot longer than you saw on TV. Those things went on for hours!”

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Former ‘True Life’ Star Holley Mangold Competing on New Season of ‘Biggest Loser’

true life

“I’m back!”

Season 15 of The Biggest Loser premiered on Tuesday night, and much attention was paid to the very famous face among the cast: Ruben Studdard, the Season 2 winner of American Idol. However, viewers with a good eye (and an addiction to MTV reality shows) may have recognized another one of the new cast members.

Contestant Holley Mangold is also no stranger to reality television. In 2011, Holley, who is an Olympic weightlifter, starred on an episode of MTV’s True Life called “True Life: I’m the Big Girl.”

During the episode, Holley proclaimed her body to be “360 lbs. of pure lovin’” and discussed how she used to be an offensive lineman for her high school football team. (For those of you that like “the sports,” Holley’s brother is Nick Mangold, who plays for the New York Jets.)

“When I look in the mirror now, I see something that I really like,” Holley said during the “True Life” episode.

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EXCLUSIVE! Meet Maddy Godsey, the Second Confirmed Girl for “16 and Pregnant” Season 5!


Maddy with the father of her baby, Cody.

Last week, The Ashley exclusively introduced you to Karley, a 17 year-old girl that’s pregnant with twins that will be on the upcoming fifth season of 16 and Pregnant. The season, which is currently filming now, will feature an eclectic group of girls, and now The Ashley is excited to introduce you to yet another girl that will featured.

Meet Maddy Godsey! She’s from Tinley Park, Illinois and is expecting a baby girl– tomorrow! She plans to name her daughter Aubrey Lynn.

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‘Biggest Loser’ Trainers Discuss How They Helped with the Season 15 Contestant Casting

"Don't you dare quit!"

“Don’t you dare quit!”

In June, The Ashley got to go to the famous Biggest Loser Ranch in Malibu, California to interview the show’s trainers and upcoming Season 15 contestants! During the interviews, the trainers revealed that this was the first season that they were allowed to be involved in the casting of the contestants.

“In any other reality show, whether they’re helping somebody sing or helping somebody model, the coaches have been able to select who they believe they can help,” Jillian Michaels told The Ashley. “We’re going to help somebody completely overhaul their physique and their self image, and yet for 14 seasons we’ve never had a say!”

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‘Idol’ Star Ruben Studdard on Why He Joined ‘Biggest Loser’: “I’m Fat As Hell!”

American Idol

“I’m here to get my weight loss on!”

Back in June, The Ashley  got the chance to go to the Biggest Loser Ranch in Malibu, California, and interview all of the contestants (and trainers!) that will be featured on the upcoming season. One of the best interviews was with Season 2 American Idol champ, Ruben Studdard, who will be a contestant on the show this season.

Ruben was awesome– very laid back and extremely funny. The first thing he told The Ashley when she asked him why he decided to go on the show? “Because I’m fat as hell, that’s why!”

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