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Are ‘Bachelor’ Couple Jason & Molly Mesnick Having a Boy or a Girl?

PregnancyJason and Molly Mesnick are about to welcome their first child together, with Molly due to give birth in about a month and a half! The baby will be the third child that’s a direct result of the Bachelor franchise. (Trista and Ryan Sutter, who met on the first season of The Bachelorette, have two children.)

Molly who is stepmom to Ty, Jason’s son from a previous relationship, said that she and Jason have decided not to find out the gender of their child until Molly gives birth.

“We haven’t found out if [it’s a] boy or a girl,” Molly told The Ashley earlier this month during a cocktail party at the Bachelor Mansion. “Obviously, it would be really good for Ty to have a brother, but then again, it would be awesome to have a little girl so that I’m not outnumbered in the house!  But honestly whatever it is I’ll be happy.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Sean Lowe Says He Won’t Pursue Hollywood Career After ‘The Bachelor’

BachelorLast weekend, The Ashley had the pleasure of meeting Sean Lowe, the current star of The Bachelor! (She would like to go on record and let y’all know that he is just as nice and wonderful in person as he seems on the TV! Whatever girl ends up snagging him will be one lucky broad!)

Anyway, Sean chatted with The Ashley about his experience on ‘The ‘Bachelor,’ and revealed that, despite having lived a glamorous life during filming, he’s eager to get back to regular life. Unlike many of the people from the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, Sean says he isn’t looking to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

“I still live in Texas and I love Dallas,” he told The Ashley. “I am not pursuing a Hollywood career. I don’t have the acting chops to pull it off!”

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Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Erica Rose: “The Show is Getting More Outrageous”


Former ‘Bachelor’ contestants Erica Rose & Casey Shteamer pose at the Bachelor Mansion.

The Ashley spent a fantastical night at the famous Bachelor Mansion on Friday night and had a chance to meet and talk to many of the former Bachelors and Bachelorettes, as well as several of the show’s most notorious former contestants! The network celebrated the show’s 25th season by throwing a giant cocktail party! The Ashley will be posting more of her interviews and photos throughout the week.

One of the girls that The Ashley chatted with was two-time Bachelor Pad contestant Erica Rose. Erica, who has graduated from law school and gotten a job in a law office since we last saw her on ‘Bachelor Pad 3′, says ‘The Bachelor’ has changed a lot since she made her first appearance during Season 9 in 2006.

“On my original season [with Prince Lorenzo] it was really subdued,” Erica told The Ashley.

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EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Alvarez Answers Questions About His Relationship With ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham

For the past few weeks, Teen Mom viewers have watched as Farrah Abraham embarked on her first relationship in Florida. MTV cameras rolled as Farrah and Daniel Alvarez went on their first date, hung out with Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, and even as Farrah discussed the possibility of getting engaged (as you do with a guy you’ve only known a few weeks!)

Anyway, things seemed to be going well for the couple, leaving fans wondering if Farrah had finally found her Prince Charming.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end up working out for Farrah and Daniel. They split a few months after they began dating. Although The Ashley spoke to Daniel after his breakup with Farrah, she decided to go back and ask him the questions that a lot of ‘Teen Mom’ fans want to know, especially what happened to cause their split!

There have been a lot of negative things written about Daniel (mostly by Farrah), and The Ashley cannot stress enough how inaccurate (and, at times, downright ridiculous) some of the claims against him are.

Here, Daniel answers your frequently asked questions about his relationship–and breakup–with Farrah.

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Reality Show Doing Final Casting for Mothers & Daughters That Are Both Pregnant

Here's your chance to be on the TV!

With three hits under its belt that focus on teen parenthood (Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant) and one on the way (Teen Mom 3), MTV has pretty much dominated when it comes to airing shows dealing with pregnant teens. Fans of these shows know how much drama one pregnant girl can cause…but imagine if you amped the drama up even more by adding another pregnancy to the mix—the girl’s mother!

Casting producers for a new reality docu-series called Pregnant Mothers, Pregnant Daughters are hoping to find their own niche in the maternity television market. The new show will follow mothers and daughters who end up getting pregnant at the same time, said Adam Drucker, the head of casting and talent for the company behind the show.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry On Why She Joined “Beauty is Sizeless” Campaign

teen mom 2Fans of the show Teen Mom 2 have watched as one of the show’s stars, Kail Lowry, has struggled on-screen with relationship problems, baby-daddy drama and the demands of trying to raise a child while working and going to school. Off-screen, however, Kail has struggled privately with problems with her weight.

When photographer Katie Hedrick contacted Kail on Facebook to see if she would like to take part in a photo shoot for Hedrick’s “Beauty is Sizeless” campaign, Kail jumped at the chance for a number of reasons.

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