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EXCLUSIVE! Erica Rose Reveals Why She Won’t Take Part in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise

“No more hot tubs for me, guys, sorry!”

Erica Rose knows a thing or two about the Bachelor franchise. Not only did she compete for the heart of Prince Lorenzo Borghese during the ninth season of The Bachelor, but she also did two stints on Bachelor Pad, making her the perfect person to give The Ashley the scoop on the upcoming ‘Bachelor Pad’ spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise!

The Ashley chatted with Erica on the red carpet of last week’s OK! Magazine So Sexy Party to get the low-down on which former ‘Bachelor’ and Bachelorette contestants we can expect to see creeping up our television screens, island-style, starting this August.

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Adam Levine Plans to Make Good on His Promise to Sign ‘Voice’ Contestant Christina Grimmie

Adam Levine Label

“You meant what you said, right?”

Christina Grimmie may not have come away from last night’s finale of The Voice with the win, but she did get a free car– and a promise of a recording contract from her coach, Adam Levine. Adam, who, at the beginning of the show told Christina “whether you win ‘The Voice’ or not you will have a record deal because I would like to sign you,” later told The Ashley and other reporters at the post-show press conference that he still has full intentions of signing Christina to his label, 222 Records.

“One hundred percent!” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s happening.”

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Giuliana Rancic Defends Decision to Feature Son on Reality Show: ‘It’s Very Different Than Feeling Blindsided’

"Don't be mad because my kid has a better 401K than you do!"

“Don’t be mad because my kid has a better 401K than you do!”

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, as well as many of the entertainment industry’s biggest media outlets, have joined together to promote a “No Kids” policy in the press. The initiative, which was started by actress Kristen Bell, encourages media outlets to not buy paparazzi photos of celebrity kids.

The initiative (which, for the record, The Ashley totally supports because the paps in Los Angeles are craaaaazy) is supported by E! News, which is hosted by reality star Giuliana Rancic. Giuliana, who stars on Giuliana and Bill with her husband Bill Rancic and their son Duke, defended her decision to allow her son to be filmed for their show.

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New Season of ‘America’s Got Talent’ To Feature Judge’s Save & Bra Stealing

America's Got Talent

“Psst…girl, do you have an extra bra I can borrow?”

The new season of America’s Got Talent is coming our way next month and, according to the show’s cast, it will be full of totally unique acts, a new judge’s save and even some bra-snatching fun. Judge Heidi Klum told The Ashley and the other reporters at the NBC Summer Press Tour on Tuesday that she was left, um, exposed during one of this season’s more memorable auditions.

“There was a magician and one minute I was wearing a bra, and then the next minute he was holding my bra and I have no idea how he did that!” she said.

“That was my favorite morning so far on the show,” her fellow judge Howie Mandel said. “The show benefited, the act benefited and I benefited!”

Poor Heidi, however, wasn’t exactly thrilled with the lingerie heist.

“I was left a little droopy!” she exclaimed.

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The Cast of ‘The Voice’: Who’s Staying & Who’s Leaving For Season 7


Blake & Adam are hilarious together, even in “real life.”

There’s been quite the game of musical chairs going on over at The Voice in recent months. In February, coach CeeLo Green announced that he was quitting the show, and only a few weeks later, his co-coach, Christina Aguilera revealed that she was pregnant, causing the show’s fans to wonder if she will be giving up her Big Red Chair permanently to focus on motherhood.

Last week, NBC announced that Pharrell Williams will be joining the coach’s panel, making things even more confusing!

The Ashley chatted with the show’s cast on the red carpet before last night’s episode to get the scoop on who’s staying and who’s leaving for Season 7.

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EXCLUSIVE! Candace Cameron Addresses ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Rumors

"Can Jesse and the Rippers perform on the show?"

“Can Jesse and the Rippers perform on the show?”

The grapevine is buzzing that Full House star Candace Cameron-Bure will be part of the cast for the upcoming eighteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. Although we won’t officially find out who will be tangoing on TV until tomorrow, when the cast is announced on Good Morning AmericaThe Ashley was able to catch up with Candace at Thursday night’s OK! Magazine Pre-Oscar Party and ask her a few questions about the rumors.

For those of you keeping score at home: Yes, The Ashley got to interview DJ Tanner! And yes, that basically made her life! Anyway, Candace wasn’t able to confirm or deny the rumors (which basically tells us that she will, indeed, be on the show). She did say that “if” she is cast, the other contestants will have some stiff competition.

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