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EXCLUSIVE PICS! ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Farrah & Sophia Walk Catwalk in Fashion Show


See how much The Ashley loves ya’ll? She got her lazy behind off of the couch on Sunday afternoon and attended an event that Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom was going to be at, just to get you guys some cool photos. (Sorry some of them came a little strange, there was really odd lighting in the fashion show room.)

Anyway, Farrah and Sophia were at the MomAdvice magazine’s GlamHER event. The Ashley went up there just to creep around and get pics of Farrah, but she actually ended up having a pretty good time.

Farrah and Sophia walked the catwalk during the mother/daughter fashion show. The Ashley can say a lot of things about Farrah but there’s no denying that her body is slamming. The Ashley sat there, wallowing in self hate and jealousy, as she strutted down the runway in skinny jeans. Oh well, at least she has a crappy personality.

Sophia, although she didn’t seem to like the crowd very much, looked like an absolute doll!

Not surprisingly, Farrah did not make an appearance at the event outside of the fashion show. It would have been really cool of her to go mingle with all the other moms but as we all know, our lil’ Farrah doesn’t do that.

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Zooey Deschanel Reveals: “I’m a ‘Real Housewives’ Fan!”

"What? You watch this crap too!"

Zooey Deschanel is the “it” girl of the moment, but The Ashley has loved her for years. (Did you see her singing the National Anthem at the World Series last night? Of course, The Ashley did not because she doesn’t watch the sports or anything with redeeming value, but I did YouTube it this morning…so good!)

Anyway, The Ashley’s been a big fan of Zooey for a long time, so it was extra exciting when The Ashley was able to interview her during a FOX network event last month! (She’s darling and sweet in person, just FYI!)

During our interview, Zooey revealed that even she has guilty pleasures when it comes to reality TV!

“I really like the Bravo shows…I like those Real Housewives shows!” she told The Ashley.

A cute pic I snapped of Zooey at the event!

Also on Zooey’s DVR as a must-record? NOVA, a documentary/science series over on the PBS. (Don’t feel stupid, The Ashley’s never heard of it either, but according to Zooey, it’s really good! It sounds like it has way too much redeeming value for me though.)

Although she enjoys a good ‘Housewives’ episode, she’s not so big on other popular reality shows, especially Jersey Shore.

“They get paid to party for a living and it seems weird,” she said. “It’s fine but I get worried about kids watching it, kind of.”

Anyway, as The Ashley said, Zooey was a delight and if you’re not watching her new show The New Girl, you need to do so! It’s really good. (I know it’s not a reality show but I still watch it….shhh don’t tell!)

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Maci Bookout Speaks About Her Life As a ‘Teen Mom’ at College Campus

Photo: Clarion Call

There’s no doubt about it: Maci Bookout is a full-fledged star, appearing on numerous magazine covers and talk shows. Viewers are dying to get any info they can about their favorite Teen Mom. (She really is the favorite. She trumped the other Moms in The Ashley‘s recent favorite ‘Teen Mom’ star poll. Roundupers love them some Maci!)

Anyway, students at Clarion University in Pennsylvania were treated to some face-to-face time with their favorite ‘Teen Mom’ star on Monday night. Maci gave a lecture to the over 500 students that attended.

Who wasn’t invited? The paparazzi, those photo-hungry hounds who can be seen snapping away at Maci and the other ‘Teen Moms’ on a daily basis. In fact, to prevent this Clarion University posted security on site to keep Maci’s speech private and safe.

According to Tyler Shearer, one of two students who helped organize the event, Maci’s speech sold out in only two days! (See, I told you she was popular!)

“I wanted someone with a clever story who would have a great impact on college students,” Tyler told The Ashley. “I wanted [Maci to speak] because she’s very popular right now…I think [our students] related to her, because Maci was the same age as most of us college students and people look up to her if they are in a similar situation.”

Maci poses with fans after her speech. The Ashley's jealous!

During her speech Maci (who has been doing these speaking engagements off and on for about three years now) told the story about how she told her mother she was pregnant (in a text message!) She also dished about her current life with Kyle King and Bentley.

“She talked a lot about the show and how she and Bentley really have gotten used to it,” Tyler told The Ashley. “She also said that Bentley thinks that having cameras around all the time is normal!”

According to the Clarion Call News, at one point Maci asked the audience if any of them made at least $1,000 a month. When only a few students raised their hands, Maci told them “ya’ll would be screwed [if you were to have a child right now].

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘X-Factor’ Host Steve Jones

X-Factor's host Steve Jones: hot & talented!

X-Factor viewers got their first taste of the singing show during its premiere episodes last week. In addition to the long-awaited dose of Simon Cowell‘s salty, British humor, viewers also got their first glimpse of the show’s Hottie McHotterson host, Steve Jones.

The Ashley was able to sit down with Steve during a FOX network event a few weeks ago. She is happy to report that not only is he super-nice in person, but he’s also extremely easy on the eyes!!

Here are a few random things you probably didn’t know about the host of The ‘X-Factor.’

1. He could kick your ass in a ‘hold-your-breath’ contest.

“I can hold my breath for 3 minutes, I have what they call eliptic lungs ,” he told The Ashley. “The irony is that I hate swimming so these lungs are wasted on me. I don’t like the sea. I’m scared of the stuff that’s in there!”  (The Ashley is too!)

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Boston Rob: “I’ll Never Do ‘Survivor’ Again!”


Raise your hand if you're over 'Survivor!'

If you’ve been holding your breath, waiting to hear if  “Boston” Rob Mariano will ever come back to play the game  of Survivor again, you can go ahead and exhale. It’s not happening.

Rob told The Ashley (and a few other reporters during a recent Q & A session) that there’s no chance his Boston Red Sox hat will ever be seen on another ‘Survivor’ island. (Unless he sells it on eBay and some other contestants buys it and wears it for good luck!)

“I’ve gotten everything I wanted to ever out of Survivor,” he said. “I won the show — that was my ultimate goal — my wife won the show. So as a contestant I won’t be back on Survivor.”

Fans will be able to get their fill of Boston Rob by watching his new show, Around the World in 80 Ways (see what they did there with the title–clever, yes?)  It’s a ten episode series that premieres on HISTORY next Sunday, October 2, at 10 p.m. (You can read more about that show here!)

What else can we expect from Boston Rob in the future?

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Life After ’16 & Pregnant’: Catching Up With Cleondra Carter

Note from The Ashley: This story is the first in a series of ‘Life After 16 & Pregnant’ stories. The Ashley has been working on this project for a while and is very proud to share it with her readers. Cleondra’s strength and maturity impressed The Ashley so much that it was only fitting that the first story be written about her.

Be on the lookout for the next story in the series, and please share if you’ve enjoyed it.

16 & PregnantIt’s been two months since MTV viewers met Mississippi teen mother Cleondra Carter, and nearly a year since her life and pregnancy were filmed for the controversial MTV show “16 & Pregnant.”

As one of 10 girls featured on the show’s third season, Cleondra, now 18, has had to deal with her share of criticism for doing the show and getting pregnant at such a young age; however, the young mom has been so busy trying to succeed she’s hardly had time to notice.

Last Monday was a proud day for the Horn Lake native: it was her first day of college. She’s taking classes to become a nurse.

“I beat the statistics” she told the more than 5,000 fans she has on her Facebook fan page.

Cleondra  has a lot to be proud of: only 40 percent of teen moms who give birth before age 18 finish high school, according to research compiled by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Far fewer ever make it to a college campus.

“I graduated high school [this spring] on the honor roll,” Cleondra said. “[I was an] ‘A’ and ‘B’ student.”

Viewers of ’16 & Pregnant’ watched as Cleondra and her boyfriend, Mario Escovedo, 18, struggled to adjust to teen parenthood, while also dealing with the stresses of school, a sometimes tumultuous home life and trying to maintain their relationship. After their daughter, Kylee, was born on November 29, 2010, Cleondra and Mario struggled to keep their relationship together.

“Mario and I are still together,” she said. “It was rocky but we just had to figure out how to juggle each other and Kylee with us both working full-time jobs, but we’re good now.”

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