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Fans Not Thrilled With ‘Project Runway All Stars’ Winner

There, now you can't complain about spoilers. This photo has all three of them.

There, now you can’t complain about spoilers. This photo has all three of them.

SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned!

The finale of Project Runway All Stars aired last night, and this morning The Ashley had a chance to interview the season’s winner, Seth Aaron Henderson! Seth Aaron, who is the first two-time winner of the franchise, was certainly not the fan favorite: only about 30 percent of the viewers polled said the judges “got it right” by choosing Seth Aaron over fellow designers Korto Momolu and Elena Slivnyak.

Still, Seth Aaron is thrilled with his win.

“You can’t please everyone,” he told The Ashley, adding that this win means more because of the quality of designers he was up against.

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Grandmother of Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Remembers Her Son on 5th Anniversary of His Death: ‘Derek Would Have Been a Great Father’

Farrah Teen Mom

Sophia is the spitting image of her father, Derek Underwood!

While Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is busy Keeking about herself today, her daughter’s grandmother and extended family is mourning the loss of Derek Underwood, the father of Farrah’s daughter, Sophia. Five years ago tomorrow, Derek was killed in a tragic car accident.

On December 27, 2008, Derek left the house he shared with his family to go out with friends. Some time during the early morning hours of December 28, Derek lost control of his car and crashed, killing him and his friend, Zach Mendoza.

Although Sophia never had a chance to meet her father, who died two months before her birth, Derek’s mother, Stormie Clark, tells The Ashley that she often thinks of what could have been had Derek lived to see his daughter.

“If Derek were alive today, Sophia’s life would definitely be different,” Stormie told The Ashley. “She has so many family members that she has never even met.

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EXCLUSIVE! Mario Lopez Talks ‘X Factor’ Renewal & Kardashian Christmas Card

It's Slater!

It’s Slater!

The third season of X Factor will come to an end tonight, when the last three acts: Carlito Olivero, Jeff Gutt and Alex and Sierra, will battle it out to see who will be crowned the champ. While last night’s performance finale managed to pull decent ratings, this season has struggled to gain the following it had in the previous two seasons.

Although Simon Cowell has promised that the show will return for a fourth season, news just broke that two-time judge Demi Lovato is leaving the show.

With the show’s future uncertain, and shakeups happening seemingly every day, what does the man behind the mic, host Mario Lopez, think of it all? The Ashley caught up with Mario (who appeared on The Ashley’s all-time favorite show, Saved by the Bell….and wore these pants) at the Nescafe Dolce Gusto tree-lighting event in Los Angeles last weekend to find out!

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‘Biggest Loser’ Contestant Craig Arrington Speaks Out on Elimination: ‘It Was Actually Fair’

biggest loser

“I wasn’t sacrificed!”

Craig Arrington was eliminated on last week’s scandal-tastic episode of The Biggest Loser  amid rumors of cheating—and a possible scam by production that helped bring  eliminated player (and fan favorite) Ruben Studdard back to the Ranch. While many viewers took to their social media accounts to argue that Craig was “traded in” for the more-famous Ruben, Craig is insisting that everything was on the up-and-up in regard to his elimination.

“It was actually fair,” he said on this morning’s Today Show. “”Production wanted to ensure that all contestants were handled fairly. So it was fair to have a one-pound penalty for each of us.”

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Life After “16 and Pregnant”: Danielle Cunningham Talks MTV & Taking Care of Two Babies

16 and pregnant 2013

A recent photo of Danielle and her family.

A lot has happened since Danielle Cunningham appeared on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. We first met the Ohio native in 2011 during the third season of the controversial reality show, which she was 16 and pregnant with her first child, Jamie Jr.

Her episode, which dealt with the drama between her and her baby’s father, Jamie Alderman, was one of the most intense to date.

Since we last saw her on our televisions, Danielle, now 19, has had her share of ups and downs. The young mom has dealt with drug addiction, conflict with both her mother, Casey, and her baby-daddy Jamie, and even been arrested for assault. In June, she welcomed her second child, a daughter named Jayleigh. While life with two young children has been very hard for Danielle, she says that she has finally managed to get her life back together.

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‘Biggest Loser’ Trainers Reveal What They Really Think of Tempation Challenges!


Just say no to whatever is in that pumpkin!

Every season, we watch as the contestants of The Biggest Loser plow through piles of cookies, cakes, candy or some other calorie-filled treat in order to improve their standing in the game. Taking part in these fattening food feasts comes with coveted rewards– from getting a multiple pound advantage at weigh-ins to letters or videos from family members, the producers of the show do their best to make these temptation challenges as enticing as possible.

Last night’s episode featured a Halloween-themed temptation challenge, in which they received everything from cash to immunity for taking part. While it’s hard for viewers to watch the contestants shovel that much food down in a single sitting, it’s even worse for the contestants’ trainers, who told The Ashley that they hate the temptation challenge episodes.

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