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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry On Why She Joined “Beauty is Sizeless” Campaign

teen mom 2Fans of the show Teen Mom 2 have watched as one of the show’s stars, Kail Lowry, has struggled on-screen with relationship problems, baby-daddy drama and the demands of trying to raise a child while working and going to school. Off-screen, however, Kail has struggled privately with problems with her weight.

When photographer Katie Hedrick contacted Kail on Facebook to see if she would like to take part in a photo shoot for Hedrick’s “Beauty is Sizeless” campaign, Kail jumped at the chance for a number of reasons.

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The Ashley Talks ’16 & Pregnant’ With the New York Post!

Check out The Ashley‘s interview with The New York Post, in print and online today!

Moving on up:MTV wants more affluent ‘16 & Pregnant’ girls


MTV is revamping its controversial docu-series 16 & Pregnant.

The show’s fourth season — which begins later this month — will feature teen moms from more affluent backgrounds, The Post has learned.

“I think in the past, they were so concerned with getting drama that they chose a lot of girls that were complete train wrecks,” says The Ashley, editor of, which covers the show extensively.

“16 & Pregnant” was among the network’s highest-rated shows, averaging 2 million viewers last year. And it is certainly one of its most-talked about.

But since their episodes aired, “at least two of the girls have gotten pregnant again,” The Ashley notes. “And nearly all of them have been in trouble with the law — as have most of their baby daddies.”

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New Reality Show to Follow Mothers & Daughters That Are Both Pregnant

16 & Pregnant

"Hey look, ma! We match!"

Watch out, MTV! VH-1 is gearing up to present its own show about pregnant teenage girls…only for this show, the girls are bringing their [also pregnant] mamas!

Pregnant Mothers, Pregnant Daughters is currently casting mother and daughters who are both pregnant! The show, which is set to air this fall, will follow the teen moms and their moms as they go through pregnancy, labor and delivery and what happens afterward.

“The show will be from both the mother’s and the daughter’s point-of-view,” Sandra Philippeaux, the show’s casting director, said in an exclusive interview with The Ashley. “We are looking for all kinds of stories.”

The show is the brain-child of Ellen Rakieten, a former producer of the ‘Oprah’ show who also executive-produced NBC’s The Marriage Ref.

“I was reading an article that daughters of teenage moms are 66 percent more likely to become teenage moms themselves,” she said. “I kept thinking that there’s got to be some correlation—how fascinating [it would be] to take on the whole phenomenon of teenage pregnancy and throw in pregnant mothers.”

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Being Moved Out of Her Home!


So long, super fancy "apartment!"

The Ashley just found out that troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is being moved out of her Anderson, Indiana, home right now! Amber is currently in county jail (and according to several sources, is being bullied and is on suicide watch.)

According to my Amber source (who wants to remain annonymous but, trust me, it’s a great source), movers have been at Amber’s house for the last three days, moving all of her stuff out. (I’ll bet it took them one full day just to remove all of the self-tanner bottles from the house!)

The source told The Ashley:

“Amber’s lawyer and prosecutor are making deals and trying to get her [on] house arrest. In order to get on house arrest, she has to live with family.”

According to the Daily Mail, Amber’s mother, Tonya, is currently trying to work with MTV to get Amber out of her ‘Teen Mom’ contract. Amber is apparently adamant about quitting the show but is currently under contract with MTV and filming the fourth season of the show.

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EXCLUSIVE: Laura Bruce Says ‘Downsized’ Won’t Return For Third Season

"So long, faithful viewers!"

Say it ain’t so! The Ashley just got word that WeTV has not picked up Downsized for a third season. One of the stars of the show, Laura Bruce, informed The Ashley of this yesterday.

Laura also posted the following message on the family’s official Facebook fanpage:

“Downsized just got official word that WEtv has decided to discontinue our show. Thank you so much for your support and we wish you all the very best! Blessings always.”

The Ashley is sad to see the show go. It was a very real portrayal of a very real (and very large!) family. She will miss seeing the Bruce family on her TV.

Since we were left in somewhat of a cliff hanger last season, The Ashley will try to tell you what ended up happening. Rex did not end up moving away (he had contemplated moving to a relative’s house in another state to have a better chance at getting a college scholarship).

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Behind the Scenes of ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Kail Lowry’s NOH8 Photo Shoot!

Kail Lowry and her friend Toni Ziegler have joined the 13,000 people who have participated in the NOH8 campaign for equality. In case you haven’t heard of this campaign, it’s basically a silent protest (via photo) against California Prop 8, which passed in California in 2008, banning same sex marriage in the state of California.It was a sad day for The Ashley and a lot of Californians who believe everyone has the right to marry who they love.

Read more about the NOH8 campaign here. (Wanna see the sexiest celeb NOH8 photo ever? Click here.)

“The whole point of the campaign supports what I believe in, that all people are equal and nobody should be judged for who they love,” said Kail.

Kail’s journey to be a part of the campaign started well before the actual photo shoot last Wednesday.

“Its something we both wanted to do, so we kind of went on a Twitter campaign to get them to notice Kail,” said Toni.

After sending them some messages via The Twitter, the photographers behind the campaign, Jeff Parshley and Adam Bouska, worked with Kail and set up the photoshoot. It was only natural that Toni would accompany Kail to the shoot.

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