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‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Honor Thy Douche Bag Husband

If only that were a real gun, Christine...

If only that were a real gun, Christine…

By Holly Rasmussen

This week on Sister WivesKody and Christine are celebrating 21 years of  wedded bliss tolerating each other. In celebration of their anniversary, Kody is taking Christine on a trip to Galveston, Texas. In true Kody Brown style, though, he has decided that, even on an anniversary trip, he should bring more than one woman. Kody invites not one but two of the family’s therapists to go along on the trip. 

Before they can go on the trip, Kody, Christine and the other wives must deal with a more serious issue.

The wives are always enthralled whenever Kody speaks.

The wives are always enthralled whenever Kody speaks.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Robyn and Kody are in the midst of a legal battle with Robyn’s ex-husband, David Preston Jessop, for custody of Robyn’s kids from her first marriage. Last year Meri divorced Kody so that Robyn could legally marry him, in hopes that it would be easier for Kody to adopt Robyn’s three children. There’s just one problem with that, however: Robyn’s ex-husband has not signed over his rights to the children.

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‘Sister Wives’ Star Maddie Brown Announces Her Engagement to Much-Older Man

Second and third wives need not apply.

Second and third wives need not apply.

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

The Brown family of TLC’s Sister Wives is preparing for yet another wedding—but this time, it’s not Kody Brown who is getting hitched again. (Four wives are enough for him…for now.)

Maddie Brown, the 19-year-old daughter of Kody and his second wife, Janelle has announced her engagement to 28-year-old Caleb Brush. Unlike Maddie’s polygamous parents, however, Maddie and Caleb have no plans to add more wives to their family.

“We are not living plural marriage,” Caleb told People. “We support Maddie’s family with their choice of living plural marriage and they support us with our choice in just marrying each other.”

The Ashley did some digging and it appears that Maddie left her college in Salt Lake City, Utah, after her freshman year and moved to Montana where Caleb lives. (Let’s hope we get to see that play out on ‘Sister Wives!’)

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TLC Releases Premiere Date for ‘Sister Wives’ Season 6– Is Meri Brown Returning to Show?

Did Meri escape the family?!

Did Meri escape the family?!

The Brown family is coming back to our TVs starting this September…well, at least some of them anyway.

TLC has just announced that the sixth season of the family’s show, Sister Wives, will premiere on Sunday, September 13. Judging from the network’s description of the season (and the exclusive sneak peek video that the network gave to The Wrap), we’re in for a wild ride!

The season picks up right where we left off with the Browns. Meri Brown, the first (and only legal) wife of Kody, had just gotten word that their divorce is final, and discusses whether or not she will attend fourth wife Robyn‘s legal wedding to Kody. As we learned last season, Kody wants to adopt Robyn’s three kids from her previous marriage, but since Robyn was not legally married to Kody, they had encountered some issues. Meri seems to have moved on from the pain she felt over having to divorce Kody.

“I feel like I’ve dealt with it enough that I can see the bigger picture,” she says in the clip.

While that may be the case, the Season 6 description hints at something much more juicy happening in the family.

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‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown is Pregnant with Kody Brown’s 18th Child

"Keep 'em coming!"

“Keep ‘em coming!”

With all the hubbub surrounding the Duggar family lately, we’ve almost forgotten about that other controversial family featured on TLC– the Browns! The Sister Wives stars announced today that Robyn Brown is pregnant with the family’s 18th child.

Robyn and Kody, who became legally married last year after Kody divorced his first (and only legal) wife, Meri, already have one son together, three-year-old Solomon. Robyn has three children from her previous marriage (who, in the upcoming season, Kody may try to legally adopt). Kody has one other child with Meri and six with each of his other wives, Janelle and Christine.

“We are so happy to announce an eagerly expected new member of the Brown family!” the family told People.

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More Details about David Preston Jessop, Ex-Husband of ‘Sister Wives’ star Robyn Brown

"Oh no, not that guy again!"

“Oh no, not that guy again!”

After the suspenseful season finale of Sister Wives aired, viewers were left with more questions than answers. In particular, viewers seemed to want to know about Robyn Brown‘s custody arrangement with her ex-husband, David Preston Jessop, since Robyn’s current (and now legal) husband, Kody Brown, is hoping to adopt the three kids Robyn has with David. The possibility of the adoption was the reason the Browns gave for having Meri and Kody get divorced and Robyn and Kody get legally married.

Of course, The Ashley wanted to know more about the mysterious David Preston Jessop, so she did an intense sleuth session on him!

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8 Things We Learned From ‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown’s Twitter Q & A Session

"Come at us, Twitter!"

“Come at us, Twitter!”

Robyn Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives stars happily live-tweet each episode of their show. However, in the past, they have been reluctant—or even flat-out refused— to answer any questions their fans have had that deal with negative or unfavorable behavior.

Over the past few days, however, Robyn decided to step out of her safe box and challenge her fans (and critics) to ask her real questions and, shockingly, she answered most of them! From questions about her legal marriage to Kody, her ex and even that enormous Victoria’s Secret debt she rang up during her first marriage, Robyn answered them all.

“[I’m] just facing the situation head on,” she told one fan, who asked her why she was answering these questions. “Trying something new.” She encouraged another critic to “Call me out.”

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