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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown Hides Baby Bump in New Photos

Sister Wives Baby

Robyn, photographed yesterday with fans…

Last month’s Sister Wives season finale left fans wondering if Robyn Brown, the fourth wife of Kody Brown, was once again impregnated with The Spawn of Kody. While the family played it coy, with Robyn getting a mysterious phone call before the episode ended, they did not reveal whether or not Robyn was expecting. The Ashley, however, has discovered very recent photos of Robyn–taken yesterday by fans at a hardware store–that show Robyn attempting to hide her growing baby bump with a baggy top and, in one photo, her hands.

It’s the same pose she did throughout most of the “RV Episode.”

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Another ‘Sister Wives’ Baby? Kody Brown Hints That Wife Robyn is Pregnant Again


“Back to maternity wear!”

The Ashley is convinced the producers of Sister Wives are just cruel people. Last night’s season finale left us all in suspense, with fourth wife Robyn Brown making a huge deal about having a “big announcement” to make. Fans eagerly waited as Robyn prepared to spill the secret to her family, only to have the announcement cut off to create the ultimate cliffhanger for next season.

Of course, everyone assumes that Robyn’s “secret” is baby-related. (Raise your hand if you were secretly hoping Robyn’s “secret” was that she suddenly realized what a tool her husband, Kody, is and that she was leaving because she was tired of watching Meri cry?)

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‘My Five Wives’ Father Brady Williams Is Broke, Files for Bankruptcy

my five wives

“Can I borrow a dollar….or $400,000?”

To all the fans that watch this show and continuously ask themselves “How does this guy afford all those kids?!”…well, we finally have an answer.

He doesn’t.

TMZ broke the story this morning that Brady Williams, the patriarch of the family featured on TLC’s polygamy reality show My Five Wives, has filed for bankruptcy, claiming that he has less than four dollars in his savings account– and 30 people to take care of.

Anyway, TMZ reports that Brady, who has five wives and 24 children, has about $402,000 in debt to his name.

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New Season of ‘Sister Wives’ to Focus on Brown Family’s Money Issues

season 5

“Do you have any spare change?”

The upcoming fifth season of Sister Wives may finally answer the question the show’s fans have been wondering for years: How the heck do these people afford everything?

According to a new press release distributed by TLC, the fifth season will focus on the Brown family‘s money issues. Over the past four years, we’ve watched Kody Brown and his wives build four brand-new houses, invest in random business opportunities (who could forget the “let’s open a gym” fiasco?) and seemingly support five adults and 17 children without ever going to an actual job.

While each of the Browns makes a sizable income from their participation on ‘Sister Wives,’ it appears that their reality TV salaries just aren’t hacking it these days, and the money problems are causing turmoil in the family.

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Mother’s Day Special: 5 Great Reality TV Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day, The Ashley wanted to recognize some of her favorite mothers on reality television. There are quite a few examples of less-than-stellar mothers appearing on our television screens these days, so The Ashley wanted to make a point to recognize some of the reality TV moms that are doing a great job. Although The Ashley pokes fun at many of these stars, she does realize how hard it is to be a mother, especially a mother whose parenting decisions are being watched–and judged–by millions of viewers.

Here are five reality TV mothers who seem to be doing things right when it comes to their kids!

Janelle Brown sister wives5. Janelle Brown (Sister Wives)

Janelle is, in The Ashley’s opinion, the only voice of reason in the entire crazy Brown family. Each week, we ‘Sister Wives’ fans watch as the other adults in the Brown family throw tantrums (over wetbars) and sometimes act like children, all while Janelle sits back from the drama and instead focuses on keeping her children happy and the family’s bank accounts full. (The woman has six kids– just that fact alone makes her worthy of some sort of award!) She is a calm island in a sea of crazy. For this reason, Janelle lands a spot on the Best Reality TV Moms list.

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New Episodes of ‘My Five Wives’ Ordered by TLC

season 2

“We’ll be back!”

Last week, The Ashley reported that a brand-new season of Sister Wives will premiere next month. If that’s not enough to quench your thirst for polygamy-themed reality shows, you’re in luck! TLC has ordered new episodes of its other multi-spouse show, My Five Wives.

In a press release, the network said that eight new episodes of the show, which focuses on the lives of Brady Williams, his five wives and their bushel of children, will air this fall. The mid-season finale of the show’s first season will air this Sunday. (It is not a real episode, however. Basically, it will be a “Tell All” episode in which Brady and all the wives will sit down with Tamron Hall of NBC and talk about what happened behind the scenes of the show. The Brown family did one of these last season.)

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