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‘Sister Wives’ By the Numbers

Sister Wives Cast

The fourth season of Sister Wives ended last month and, so far, TLC has not released any new information as to whether or not the show will be renewed for a fifth season. (The Ashley has no doubt the show will be picked up, though. The ratings are good and people continue to be fascinated by polygamy!)

‘Sister Wives’ premiered in September 2010, and, since then, we’ve learned a lot about the members of the Brown family. Here, The Ashley breaks down the show using only numbers!

1 Number of wetbars in Meri Brown’s new home

1 Number of dates it took Kody to tell Robyn he loved her.

(According to the family’s book, Kody said the “L” word the very first time he went out with Robyn alone.)

2 Number of ex-husbands the Sister Wives have

(Jenelle and Robyn were each married before they married Kody).

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Take a Sneak Peek at TLC’s New Show “My Five Wives”

Sister Wives fans, rejoice! We’re about to get a super-sized dose of polygamy with the new TLC show, My Five Wives! The show, which follows the lives of the Williams family, a polygamous family with one husband, five wives and 24 children, is about to premiere and we are now getting our first look at what to expect with two sneak peek clips!

The clip starts with “The Husband,” Brady, in bed with his wife Paulie. The couple has no time for sexy time, however, because one of Brady’ s other four wives is blowing up his phone telling him to hustle his ass over to her house to “say good morning.” (We can use our imaginations as to what that is code for.)

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TLC To Turn ‘My Five Wives’ Special Into Full-Blown TV Series

"We bring more polygamy for your buck, TLC!"

“We bring more polygamy for your buck, TLC!”

TLC is about to deliver Sister Wives 2.0!

The network announced yesterday that it will be turning My Five Wives, a special that aired this past fall that starred Brady Williams, his five wives and their 24 children, into a television series. Judging from the success of the network’s other show that focuses on a polygamous family, this isn’t exactly shocking news. After four seasons (five, if you count the new set of episodes that will air soon), the Brown family of ‘Sister Wives’ is getting a bit long in the tooth, so it’s no surprise TLC wants to keep the polygamy fun flowing with a new family!

The new series will run in the same one-hour episode format as ‘Sister Wives’ and will make its debut in March 2014, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the story. Nine episodes have been ordered.

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New Episodes of ‘Sister Wives’ to Air This Month

Kody, his wives and his mullet will be coming back very soon!

Kody, his wives and his mullet will be coming back very soon!

Get ready for more polygamy hi-jinks! Kody Brown and his four wives–Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn– are set to return to our television screens later this month!

According to a press release distributed by TLC, Sister Wives will be back on TV starting on December 29, and from the looks of it, the new episodes will contain some pretty heavy stuff!

The eight new episodes aren’t officially being called a new season for some reason. The fourth season, which ended in September, saw the wives moving into their new cul-de-sac homes (except for Meri, who was probably still whining that she didn’t get her damn wet bar!) This season, there will be a plethora of new drama!

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Before They Were Reality Stars: Guess Who?

childhood photos

“Who am I?”

Recognize this little cutie? Back in the 1970s, she liked to rock some pretty “groovy” outfits, judging from this school photo. These days, she tends to dress a little more conservatively and is busy taking care of her family. While she is still rocking a similar hair color, people tend to be more interested in her husband’s hair than hers.

Can you guess which reality TV star this little girl grew up to be?

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Meet the Polygamist “Brady” Bunch! TLC to Air Special on Man with Five Wives & 24 Kids

TLC Show

He has more wives—and better hair–than Kody Brown.

Here’s the story of a man named Brady who was busy with…five wives of his own?!

TLC, the network that brought us Sister Wives, has announced that it will air a one-hour special featuring  Brady William and his five wives—Rosemary, Robyn, Rhonda, Nonie and Paulie. The polygamist family, which has a combined total of 24 children, will take viewers inside their family compound in Salt Lake City, and even discuss some of the taboo issues (Sex schedules! Bedroom details!) that the Brown family of “Sister Wives” has refused to talk about.

The one-hour “My Five Wives” special will also touch on issues such as jealousy between the wives (two of which are cousins) and the reasons behind their jump to polygamy from the mainstream Mormon Church. According to The Wrap, who broke the story, the family has received a fair share of hostility from people that don’t understand their unique lifestyle.

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