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Loose Lips Cost One ‘Survivor’ Their Spot in the Game


“Bitch, don’t be telling our secrets!”

Warning: SPOILER ALERT! (The Ashley is about to get all up in last night’s episode of Survivor!)

The ladies of the Galang tribe love them some Vytas! On last night’s episode of ‘Survivor,’ the four remaining women of the tribe were falling all over themselves for Vytas– Tina Wesson was considering trying to convince him to drag her daughter Katie into a cave and knock her up so that Tina could get some grandbabies. (Nope, nothing creepy or sexist about that at all!)

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See the Most Powerful ‘Survivor’ Moments– In Under Four Minutes!

Survivor is currently in its 26th season. Although The Ashley hasn’t been tuning in this season due to lack of time, this is one of her all-time favorite reality shows. It’s one of the longest-running reality shows, and every year it delivers lots ‘o’ drama and excitement.

Some genius kid over on The YouTube decided to gather all of the show’s most dramatic and powerful moments and make them into a handy-dandy video. (Seriously, the quality of this video editing is amazing. The Ashley needs to get this kid to work for her!)

If you want even more ‘Survivor’ fun, be sure to click here to read The Ashley’s “Answers to Your Frequently Asked ‘Survivor’ Questions!”

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Winter Premiere Dates for Your Favorite Reality Shows!

While us reality TV lovers certainly have enough shows to keep us entertained at the moment, there is a whole plethora of shows that are returning for their next season in the next few months! There are also a few new shows (MTV’s Buckwild for one) that have everyone curious and wanting to tune in.

The Ashley will do her best to update this post so that you have all the winter season premiere dates all in one spot! Which shows are you most excited to watch?!

Here are all the premiere dates The Ashley has gathered so far:

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Answers to Your Frequently Asked ‘Survivor’ Questions!

This photo makes me laugh so hard.

After 25 season, Survivor still manages to dominate in ratings (Wednesday’s premiere brought in 10.98 million viewers for CBS!) The Ashley has been a faithful viewer of the show almost from the beginning, and, over the years, has come to wonder how certain things work on the show. (Do these people really smell as bad as they look?)

Because she loves to investigate this kind of crap, The Ashley set out to answer some of the questions she’s always had regarding the show.

What The Ashley would look like if she was on ‘Survivor.’

How do the women on the show manage to stay hairless the whole time they’re on the island? Are they given razors?


The Ashley has always wondered this! If she were chilling in the outback, she would probably be shot because she would be so hairy that she’d be mistaken for some sort of wild animal!

Anyway, Jeff Probst answered this question during a conference call with reporters back in 2008, telling them, “There is absolutely nothing, nothing. They are given exactly what we say they have.

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10 Couples That Fell In Love Because of Reality TV

For all the criticism that reality television gets, it does actually does do (a little) good in the world, other than bringing train wreck entertainment for you to watch and The Ashley to write about. There are many couples that are now enjoying marital (or almost marital) bliss, after meeting on a reality television show.

Ironically, there have been more successful marriages that have come out of shows that are not romance-based than shows, like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, that are. As we all well know, only two couples from either of those shows have ended up actually walking down the aisle (Jason and Molly Mesnik of ‘The Bachelor’ and Ryan and Trisa Sutter of ‘The Bachelorette.’) The rest of the couples from the shows have pretty much crashed and burned, save for the most recent specimens.

Anyway, just for fun, The Ashley brings you 10 couples that never would have met (and fallen in love) had it not been for reality television. Obviously, there are many more reality TV couples, but The Ashley only included those that met on non-romance-themed shows, and that got married (or engaged) because of it.

1. Holly Durst & Blake Julian (Bachelor Pad 2)

If ‘The Bachelor’ is grandfather of romantic reality shows, ‘Bachelor Pad’ is the horny little brother. Although it’s not exactly a place that anyone would expect to find true love (or even a relationship that lasts longer than it takes to finish a few bottle of Patron), Holly Durst and Blake Julian did just that in 2011, when they met, fell in love and got engaged during ‘Bachelor Pad 2.’ During the finale special of the show, Blake and Holly revealed their engagement (much to the dismay of Holly’s ex-fiance, Michael Stagliano, who was still pining for her). They married in June 2012. (Click here to see their adorable wedding video!)

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We Haven’t Seen the Last of ‘Survivor’ Villain Russell Hantz…

"Aaah, yes....more reality TV fame!"

The Ashley is sorry to report that Survivor star Russell Hantz will once again be infecting our television screens, come February 2012.

Don’t worry; he’s not scheduled to do another season of ‘Survivor’ (yet). The creepy lil’ ‘Survivor’ leprechaun has landed himself a brand new series on A&E called Flipped Off.

Basically, the camera will follow Russell as he goes around Houston buying house on the cheap and then reselling them for profit. Although that sounds risky, given the current economy, Russell’s confident that he’ll be the best house-flipper ever. (Of course he will.)

“There are tons of reality TV stars sitting on their couches and twiddling their thumbs because they haven’t created anything else,” Russell said earlier this year. “I expect to be one of the biggest house flippers in Houston and I am here to bring Houston’s economy back on its feet.”

He knows that if he doesn’t sell a house he can’t use an immunity idol to get out of bankruptcy, right?

Anyway, Russell won’t be the only Hantz gracing our TV screens. The show will also star Russell’s brother (and Brandon‘s father) Shawn Hantz, who we met during the family week on this season of ‘Survivor.’

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