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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 5B Episode 9: Custody Battles & Bad Mom Hair

That shirt isn't exactly helping either. Just sayin...

That shirt isn’t exactly helping either. Just sayin…

Welcome to another episode of Teen Mom 2! The Ashley is a bit behind in watching these episodes (obviously), but from what she has seen on The Internet, there should be enough bad parenting in this episode to make Dr. Drew throw his hands up in the hair and yell, “EFF this!” and walk away from doing those reunion specials.

Anyway, on with the show!

We start things off with Kail, who is Isaac-less because he’s at Jo‘s for the weekend. (They do a quick shot of Jo and Isaac eating dinner to prove that Jo is still alive. We haven’t seen him for a few episodes. )

Shouldn't the waiter have carded them, being that they're on a show called 'Teen Mom 2?'

Shouldn’t the waiter have carded them, being that they’re on a show called ‘Teen Mom 2?’

Anyway, Kail and Javi head out on a date to celebrate Javi’s homecoming. They go to a fancy restaurant (i.e. no sawdust on the floor and no entrees that have a name starting with “Rootin’ Tootin.’”)

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Calvert Reveals Details About Her Child Support Deal with Ex Corey Simms

season 5

“He don’t pay for his youngins, y’all!”

Since divorcing in 2011, Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Calvert and Corey Simms have been able to get along and effectively co-parent their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. On the current season of the show, however, fans have watched as their co-parenting plan has fallen apart, and relations between Corey and Leah, as well as their spouses, Miranda Simms and Jeremy Calvert, have become strained, due to disagreements over Ali’s medical bills and care, and child support. On this week’s episode (recap coming soon!) things came to a head for Leah and Corey. Cameras rolled as the exes screamed and cussed at each other over Ali’s wheelchair situation.

Leah took a lot of criticism for demanding more money from Corey for the girls. On Thursday, she used her official Facebook page to explain to her fans what was really going on between her and her ex. She started the post by admitting it was wrong for her to use profanity in front of the girls.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 5B Episode 8 Recap: Fishing For More Child Support

South Dakota FishingWelcome back, my lil trash-TV-lovin’ pals! Let’s settle in and get down to business. There are illegitimate babies to be born, husbands to be Skype’d in, and soccer moms to be tanned!

We kick things off in North Carolina at Casa de Babs. Our gal Barbara is “pullin’ heh hair out!” because she’s so stressed. This may be because her entire house has essentially been turned into a makeshift Chuck E. Cheese, with grandkids, toys and the occasional oversized rodent running amok in her kitchen. The mothers of these children are nowhere to be found, as per usual, so Barb is forced to try to wrangle them all.

"Should I  set fire to the garage, or go play video games? Hmmm..."

“Should I set fire to the garage, or go play video games? Hmmm…”

Eventually Jenelle and her still-fresh-from-the-slammer beau, Nathan arrive. Things have been tense between Babs and Nathan since their big fight a few weeks back, but they attempt to make amends. Next, Barb explains that Jace has basically turned into the Spawn of Satan.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 5B Episode 7 Recap: Brawling with Barbara & Bad Roots

"Let me tan you!"

“Let me tan you!”

Gather your youngins, ’cause it’s time for another episode of Teen Mom 2, where many of the adults are unstable and many of the kids are, well, unbathed! Last week’s episode was quite the doozy– what with the return of Kail‘s mother, Smirnoff Suzi and the random appearance by a Buckwild cast member.

This week’s episode promises to be almost as much fun, however! We kick things off with an arrest, which tells us that we’re in for a whole bunch of LOLs. If someone isn’t pregnant and/or behind bars on this show, I’m just not that interested in watching. Luckily, there hasn’t been an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2′ that didn’t include someone  being arrested or being pregnant, so we’re good.

Anyway, the mischief-maker this time around is Chelsea‘s good-for-nothing-but-impregnating-young-girls baby daddy, Adam. Once again, he has gotten behind the wheel despite the fact that he has a suspended license. He was caught and thrown in the clink. (I’m fairly certain the guards and his regular cellmates, Bubba and BigDog, threw him a “Welcome Home” party upon his arrival.)

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 5B Episode 6 Recap: Cornfield Softball & The Return of Smirnoff Suzi

"I'm back, bio-tches!"

“I’m back, bio-tches!”

The Ashley didn’t have a chance to recap last week’s crapisode of Teen Mom 2. In fact, she didn’t even have time to watch it (because she’s over here livin’ la vida loca and all…and by that I mean watching episodes of The Golden Girls and eating her weight in Goldfish crackers on the regular). The good news is that she’s back to give you a play-by-play of this week’s drama, so let’s get started!

"Hello, Insurance? It's Leah. Why's y'all not givin' my youngin' her wheelchair?"

“Hello, Insurance? It’s Leah. Why’s y’all not givin’ my youngin’ her wheelchair?”

First, let’s do a mini-cap of what we missed last week. Basically Leah decided to take on The Insurance and prove that Ali was old enough to use a wheelchair. To do this, she filmed a video of Ali navigating the chair and sent it to them, along with a note that surely reads, “Ali Can Do Chair.”

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 5B Episode 4: Mysterious Headsets & Money Problems

Season 5

“Our ding dang wusher went out!”

Grab your child support check, and do a shot of pitocin because it’s time for another episode of Teen Mom 2! Last week’s episode was a true gem. With people all drugged out on “the pills,” and people preppin’ for jail time, it’s going to be quite a task topping the steaming pile of crap we were served last week, but let’s try!

We start things off with Chelsea, who is still unlicensed and unemployed. She had Lawyer Craig Thompson fire off a scathing letter to the Tanning Board people, but has yet to hear back from them as to whether or not she will be able to orange-up the soccer moms of South Dakota.

Teen Mom 2 Red Hair

“Seriously kid? I invented that game!”

She picks up Aubree, who gleefully squeals that she was driven around by Adam during her most-recent visit. When Aubree realizes she’s gotten her father into trouble she tries to lie for Adam but Chelsea, who basically invented the lie-to-cover-Adam’s-sorry-ass game, can see right through it and knows that Adam was driving Aubree, even though he’s not allowed to.

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