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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Chelsea Houska Reveals Wedding Plans & Engagement Details in New Facebook Q & A Session

"And to think, I could be married to Adam right now."

“We just stepped out of a Target ad to do this Facebook chat with you!”

It’s been a big week for Chelsea Houska! The Teen Mom 2 star recently announced that her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, had proposed to her and she had accepted. (Click here to read all about the adorable proposal and see photos of Chelsea’s ring!) 

Today, Chelsea took to the official ‘Teen Mom 2′ Facebook page to do a Q & A session with her fans. Many of the show’s fans simply sent their best wishes to Chelsea, Cole and Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree, but others asked questions about Chelsea’s upcoming wedding and other things we are dying to know!

Back in September, Chelsea did another Facebook Q & A session, revealing her hopes that she would one day marry Cole. A lot has changed in her life since that session, obviously, so she decided to do another one to give her fans an update.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Chelsea Houska Announces She’s Engaged to Cole DeBoer

Congrats to Chelsea and Cole!

Congrats to Chelsea and Cole!

It’s official– Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are getting hitched! 

The Teen Mom 2 stars announced on Wednesday afternoon that they are engaged to be married. Chelsea, who has been dating Cole for over a year, posted several photos to her Instagram account in celebration of the happy news.

“He’s stuck now!” Chelsea captioned a photo of herself showing off her giant ring.

She captioned a close-up shot of the ring by reflecting on how happy she is to have Cole in her life.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ News: Corey Simms’ Father Gives Update on Corey’s Premature Daughter Remi

Corey's father reported that Remi is doing well despite her early arrival.

Corey’s father reported that Remi is doing well despite her early arrival.

Teen Mom 2 stars Corey and Miranda Simms got an unexpected surprise last week when Miranda went into labor with their daughter, Remington, two months before her due date. Baby Remi was born last Sunday, November 8, weighing in at a tiny 4 lbs. 11 oz. at birth, and measuring 17.5 inches.

Since Remi’s birth, ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans have awaited news on the premature baby, who was supposedly due on January 1. This weekend, Corey’s father, Jeff Simms, finally gave fans an update on Baby Remi via social media. (Corey recently deleted his Twitter account, while Miranda’s has been untouched since Remi’s arrival.)

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This Week’s ‘Teen Mom 2′ Rumors: What’s True & What’s False?

"We're all up in the news!"

“We’re all up in the news!”

This has been quite the week for Teen Mom 2 news. Numerous media outlets have been on a post-binge, writing stories about the cast of the MTV hit reality show.

The problem?

Most of these stories aren’t true.

The Ashley decided to do her best to debunk the latest ‘Teen Mom 2′ rumors (and confirm the ones that are true) for y’all because wading through the muck of stories can be exhausting. As faithful readers of The Roundup know, The Ashley does her own research and consults with her very good ‘TM2′ sources before posting her stories, so rest assured that her info is accurate.

Let’s get started!

Rumor #1: Kail & Javi are getting a divorce.

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UPDATE: ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Corey Simms NOT Taking Leah Messer to Court for Taking Twins’ Money, Despite Report

Leah and Corey are heading back to court!

Leah and Corey are heading back to court!

UPDATE: The Ashley has just confirmed via a very good Teen Mom 2 source that this story is mostly FALSE. The Ashley’s source tells her that Corey has not filed anything in court against Leah in regard to the twins’ missing money. 

“Corey has not taken any action at all against Leah,” The Ashley’s source tells her exclusively. “He has no idea where this story came from and does not have a court date set up to discuss the issue.”

The source tells The Ashley that the story may have a few specks of truth in it, however, in regard to the twins’ missing money.

“Currently, Corey doesn’t know where that money is,” the source said. “He has not been able to locate it yet.”

In case you missed the original story posted earlier today:

Last December, In Touch Weekly released a story that stated that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer had allegedly been caught taking money out of the trust fund that had been set up for her daughter Ali. According to the magazine, Leah had taken thousands of dollars out of Ali’s bank account. (It can be assumed that the trust fund was made up of money that Ali has received from MTV for appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Each child is paid individually for appearing on the show.)

“The account was totally drained,” a source reportedly told In Touch. “The money is supposed to go to college tuition, or in Ali’s case, medical needs. But Leah took all of it.”

At the time, In Touch stated that Ali’s father (and Leah’s ex-husband) Corey Simms, was furious when he found out what Leah had allegedly done. Today, the magazine claims that he’s finally doing something about it, after finding out that Leah allegedly took an additional $10,000 from the account belonging to her other daughter, Aleeah.

“Corey is taking Leah to court,” the magazine’s source said. “He is furious that she took that money. That was the girls’ money — not Leah’s. Corey’s going to do whatever he can to make sure it’s put back.”

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Adam Lind Shows Off Tattoo of Chelsea Houska Lookalike

"Cute, Adam, real cute..."

“Cute, Adam, real cute…”

File this under “we shouldn’t care but we kind of do…”

Adam Lind got some new ink over the weekend, and one of the tattoos garnered him a lot of feedback from Teen Mom 2 fans!

Adam proudly showed off his new three tattoos in a series of Instagram posts on Sunday night. Two of the tattoos– a leg design and Grim Reaper portrait– garnered positive comments but the third tattoo, which showed a zombie girl eating a heart (as you do) spurred quite the comment frenzy from ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans.

The reason? The tattoo depicted a redheaded girl who looked a lot like Adam’s ex, Chelsea Houska!

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