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MTV Announces Premiere Date for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7: Here’s What We’ll See on Upcoming Season

This is how every 'Teen Mom 2' cast photo should look.

This is how every ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast photo should look.

Teen Mom 2 fans rejoice! Barbara Evans (and the rest of those girls) are coming back to our TV screens next month!

Today, MTV released a (kind of weird) mini-video on Facebook to let the show’s fans know that ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 will premiere on Monday, March 21. The video, which simply shows two baby bottles being filled with what we can assume is pumped breast milk, did not show any of the actual cast members. (It’s strange that MTV chose to use a video like this to promote ‘Teen Mom 2,’ considering that none of the show’s stars are currently breastfeeding. And, of course, everyone knows this show is more about custody, boyfriends and vacations than anything else at this point anyway…)

Season 7 is shaping up to be a doozie, so The Ashley decided to put together a list of what we can likely expect to see covered on the upcoming season!

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Exclusive Details: Did ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Really Regain Custody of Her Twins?

"Can I have the kids back?" "Um...ok."

“Can I have the kids back?” “Um…ok.”

Earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 stars Corey Simms and Leah Messer headed to court for the latest hearing in their bitter battle for custody of their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. Leah, who had custody of the twins stripped from her in October, has been fighting to get the girls back ever since. She even claimed that the twins were very unhappy at Corey’s house. (Click here to read what she wrote on her private Facebook earlier this month about how the twins have changed since being at Corey’s.)

Anyway, Leah and Corey had their hearing a few days ago, and afterward Us Weekly posted a story stating that Leah had regained partial custody of the twins. According to the magazine, Leah “will now have the girls on Thursdays through Sundays, and will deliver them to their dad…on Mondays. He’ll have them for the remainder of the week.”

The Ashley didn’t report on the custody switch right away, as she needed to check with her sources to make sure it was legit.

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Jenelle Evans “Throws Shade” at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Kail Lowry Over Plastic Surgery

"Was it something I said?"

“Was it something I said?”

Jenelle Evans says she’s not getting a chin job–or any other plastic surgery– from Dr. Miami like she had previously planned. In fact, the Teen Mom 2 star is screaming from the rooftops that she’s against the plastic surgery procedures that her co-star, Kail Lowry, just got from the Good Doctor, and her comments have royally pissed off Kail, who’s still in Miami recovering from her recent tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift.

Jenelle seemed to be eager to take advantage of the slick deal that Dr. Miami gave Kail and Teen Mom 3 stars Briana and Brittany DeJesus (free surgery in exchange for letting him post it to his SnapChat), but Dr. Miami turned Jenelle down for her requested chin job, stating that the extensive surgery would require a chin specialist.

After Jenelle realized that didn’t want to have to pay for get the chin job she was seeking last week, she took to her Instagram and Twitter accounts to tout her new position on plastic surgery.

“Anyone can work hard enough to get the body they deserve if they work hard enough for it,” she posted to her Instagram today. “Honestly to everyone out there, I backed out [of the surgery]. I’m staying the way I am.”

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Chelsea Houska Reveals if Her Upcoming Wedding Will Be Shown on ‘Teen Mom 2’

"We're getting hitched-- and you're not invited!"

“We’re getting hitched– and you’re not invited!”

Teen Mom fans were able to watch the wedding of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra on last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG. Judging by the social media reaction, the wedding episode was definitely a big hit with fans who loved watching the couple’s special day.

With so many ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars currently engagedMaci Bookout and Taylor McKinney, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, and Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer–fans can’t help but wonder if there will be more televised ‘Teen Mom’ wedding specials in the near future.

Chelsea has previously spoken out on what type of wedding she wants, and she recently revealed whether or not her nuptials would be filmed by MTV.

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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Gets Consultation for Chin Job from Dr. Miami

"Fix my chin!"

“Fix my chin!”

The Teen Mom world has gone plastic-surgery-crazy!

Jenelle Evans is the latest of the franchise’s stars to consider going under the knife in the name of beauty. Less than a week after Teen Mom 3 star Briana  Jesus and Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-star, Kail Lowry got complete mommy makeovers, courtesy of Dr. Miami, Jenelle has scurried down to Florida to have her own consultation with the doctor, who is known for posting videos of his surgeries to SnapChat.

Jenelle met up with Dr. Miami this afternoon to get a consultation to have a chin augmentation. (Who knew you could even get a chin job? But, hey, if Briana get her lady parts augmented, anything is possible!)

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Rumor Patrol! Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Really Back with Ex-Wife Leah Messer? (Exclusive)

" thanks!"

“Um…no thanks!”

Are the banjos in the backwoods of West Virginia once again playing a love song for Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert?

Earlier this week, Radar Online posted a story stating that Leah and Jeremy are getting back together, and that Leah was caught by her boyfriend, T.R. Dues, having a steamy text exchange with Jeremy. The site reports that T.R. saw texts in which Leah told Jeremy that she loved him, and that Jeremy and Leah have been texting each other “non-stop.”

While this story may make fans who are still holding out hope for a Leah/Jeremy reunion feel happy, The Ashley can confirm that it is completely untrue– and The Ashley has all the real details of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ stars’ love lives!

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