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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Drug Use Denial & the Dramastically Cute Pig



It’s time for another episode of Teen Mom 2! While it will be nearly impossible for this episode to top the previous one– Nathan screaming “Jennnnnnnelle!” in the back of a police car is now permanently etched into The Ashley‘s brain– but let’s give it a shot.

The episode kicks off in South Dakota, where Chelsea and Cole are about to paint a room in Chelsea’s cabin. For some reason, the room has no windows and appears to have cinder block walls. Um…why does Chelsea have a jail cell in her home? Perhaps the judge just figured it would be easier for Chelsea to house Adam inside her home when he doesn’t pay child support, rather than have the state deal with him? She can just lock him in there for a few days and deprive him of protein shakes until he pays up. Maybe South Dee-ko-tah Mary can be the prison guard?

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Corey Simms Defends His Actions Against Leah Messer After She Denies Drug Problem on ‘Teen Mom 2′

"I ain't playin' around here, Leah Dawn!"

“I ain’t playin’ around here, Leah Dawn!”

Corey Simms doesn’t say much on social media, but when he does speak out, he usually holds nothing back. (Would could forget his infamous ‘Life After Leah’ tweet?)

On Friday morning, Corey aired his feelings out on Twitter after being criticzed for his behavior toward his ex-wife, Leah Messer on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

During the episode, Corey and his wife, Miranda, confronted Leah about her alleged drug problem. Although Leah denied having any sort of addiction, she did decide to go to a rehab facility therapy center to get help. Corey pushed Leah to admit that she does, indeed, have a dependency to medication (as The Ashley told you months ago), but Leah refused.

Corey defended his actions by tweeting that there’s much more to Leah’s alleged problem than what is shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Episode 7: Toliet Wrestlin’ & Dramastically Bad Days



Get ready for a very special episode of Teen Mom 2, y’all! MTV is bound to be splattering those “If you or someone you know…” messages all over this dingdang episode! With domestic violence, arrests, and an illegitimate pregnancy this episode is basically just one big PSA of what not to do with your life. As per usual.

The episode jumps right into a Very Special Situation. We start with a black screen, along with the audio of a 911 call being made (by the MTV producers, BTW) about a couple that’s fighting. The police are needed to breakup whatever trashbag brawl is happening. Of course, it’s Nathan and Jenelle who are brawling inside their home. The police head out there to break these two knuckleheads apart and get to the bottom of what happened.

The next thing we see is Jenelle, standing for photos. Since Jenelle’s quite used to having her mugshot taken, she poses with perfect prison poise, even though she’s not actually the one being arrested this time. She’s simply showing off her injuries to the police. She signs a statement that says she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her roid-ragin’ fiance thing, Nathan.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Barbara Evans Addresses Nathan Griffith, Plastic Surgery & Farrah Abraham

"Finally! It's my name in lights instead of Juh-nelle's!"

“Finally! It’s my name in lights instead of Juh-nelle’s!”

MTV has dropped a little bit of heaven off for The Ashley today! The network gifted us with a plethora of Barbara Evans in the form of a “Babs Breaks it Down” webseries! The nine new videos are just precious and feature only Babs! Babs! Babs! (No Kieffa or that “bitch of a daughta” of hers, Jenelle Evans, to muck things up!)

In the new videos, Barbara does household chores (because someone’s gotta wash the baby’s clothes!) while giving us her opinion on a variety of topics, including her daughter’s ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, and Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-star Farrah Abraham!

In case you’re at work and unable to watch the videos without your boss finding out what a creepy ‘Teen Mom’ fan you are, The Ashley has attempted to summarize a few of her favorite Babs videos. However, she highly encourages you to watch the videos if you can, to get the maximum Babs experience.

What follows are Babs’ take on a few hot topics…

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Released from Jail: See Her Newest Mugshot!

Orange is the New Jenelle!

Orange is the New Jenelle!


Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans Jenelle has been released from jail on a $500 bond after spending the night in a South Carolina jail cell following an arrest yesterday for assaulting Jessica Henry, the girlfriend of Jenelle’s ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith..

According to Starcasm, it was Jenelle’s ex-boss (and former mortal enemy) James Duffy who got Jenelle out of jail! (Yes, this is the same guy who, years ago, released nude photos he had taken of Jenelle.) James documented his “Jenelle jail break” on his Twitter account and even posted a photo of Jenelle and Nathan‘s son Kaiser, who apparently came to the courthouse. He had been staying with a friend of Jenelle’s while his mom was in jail.

“Yes, [Jenelle] has custody of Kaiser at the moment. There’s going to be issues with the exchange now for visitation,” James tweeted. “The judge told Jenelle no digital, verbal or physical contact with Jessica.”

Jenelle’s lawyer, Amy S. Lawrence, spoke to Us Weekly regarding the actual glass-throwing altercation. It was simply a matter of momentum, y’all! 

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Exclusive Info! ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Arrested for Assault on Nathan Griffith’s New Girlfriend!

Did Jenelle commit a glass attack!?

Did Jenelle commit a glass attack?!

UPDATE #2: Jenelle was released from jail on Friday afternoon on a $500 bond. The charges against her have not been dropped, however.

UPDATE: The Ashley spoke to Jenelle’s rep, Johnny Donovan, who provided some more insight as to what happened. Johnny tells The Ashley that Jenelle is still behind bars and will be until tomorrow morning.

The incident between Jenelle, Nathan and his girlfriend went down at about 2:30 p.m. (EST) today, so it’s very fresh! It took place at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, home that Jenelle and Nathan used to share. Jenelle was moving out of the house today, according to a source.

See below for Johnny’s statement on the so-called glass attack!

Well Juh-nelle! We see ya in jail– AGAIN!

It’s a story that The Ashley has written many a time: Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been arrested (again) for assault (again).

TMZ just broke the story that Jenelle was arrested after allegedly attacking the new girlfriend of Jenelle’s ex, Nathan Griffith, with  a glass. (As you do.)

The site reports that Nathan returned to the home he used to share with Jenelle in South Carolina and brought his new galpal, Jessica Henry, with him. That, of course, angered Jenelle and she “came charging out of the house and threw a glass at the girl, striking her in the head,” according to TMZ.

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