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Leah Calvert Announces She’s Quit ‘Teen Mom 2′: What’s Really Going On?

"So long, y'all!"

“So long, y’all!”

A few days ago, The Ashley broke the news that the producers and cast of Teen Mom 2 were preparing to start filming the show’s sixth season. She also told you that while Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska and Kail Lowry had all signed on for Season 6, Leah Calvert had not yet turned in her production contract. Earlier this week, a show source told The Ashley that MTV planned to go on with Season 6 with or without Leah.

Well, it looks like it will be without Leah.

Last night, Leah confirmed The Ashley’s reports by telling a fan that she would not be doing Season 6. She added that she wishes her co-stars well.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jeremy Calvert Allegedly Flirting with Girls; Admits He’s ‘Going Through a Divorce’

teen mom 2 divorce

“Hey guuurl, wanna share my wings?”

Earlier today, The Ashley updated y’all on the latest relationship drama between Teen Mom 2 stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert. While some fans have been refusing to believe that Leah’s tweet about “failure” was in regard to her failing marriage to Jeremy, The Ashley has received much more damning evidence that indicates Leah and Jeremy’s marriage is definitely done!

On Monday, Leah tweeted, “Failure does not mean that you’ll never get what you want, sometimes failure means that you have to fight harder for something better.”

That same night Jeremy, who has been on the road working recently, headed out with co-workers to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio. While he and his buddies “winged it up” and drank, due to being rained out of their job for the night, Jeremy was allegedly trying to pick up on a girl there!

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‘Teen Mom’ Leah Calvert Tweets of “Failure” as her Husband Jeremy Disappears From Social Media

teen mom 2 divorce

“Oh helllll no! We do not delete Twitter in this family!”

The relationship saga of Teen Mom 2 stars Jeremy and Leah Calvert has taken another strange turn…and, as always, it’s via social media.

Earlier this week, Leah took to her Twitter and Facebook to give her followers some insight on what’s been going on in her life lately. Leah, as per usual, did so by posting cryptic tweets and Facebook messages that hinted she was “making big decisions.”

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jeremy Calvert Says His Relationship with Wife Leah Calvert is “Complicated”

"We're a complicated mess, y'all!"

“We’re a complicated mess, y’all!”

The Jeremy and Leah Calvert relationship saga continues, y’all!

For weeks, Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert has made it quite clear that he is done with his wife, Leah. After accusing her of cheating on him with Robbie Kidd (her ex-boyfriend and frequent diddle partner during her marriage to Corey Simms).

Jeremy called Leah a bunch of names, unfollowed her on all social media and basically ignored her online proclamations of love and devotion toward him. According to all of The Ashley‘s source, Jeremy was done with Leah and was preparing to divorce her.

Until yesterday, that is…

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Robbie Kidd Goes On Radio Show, Talks About His Alleged Affair with ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Calvert

"I'll tell y'all!"

“I’ll tell y’all!”

Robbie Kidd, the man that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert was accused of having an affair with a few weeks ago, has finally told his side of the story. Robbie, who, as ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans know, was the person Leah had an affair during her relationship with ex-husband, Corey Simms, went on a blog talk radio program on Thursday night to set the record straight on what happened between him and Leah.

As you may remember, Leah’s own husband, Jeremy Calvert, tweeted last month that his wife had been caught cheating on him with Robbie. Since then he has made no mention of his wife, except to post tweets that were seemingly designed to taunt her.

Anyway, Robbie went on the radio show to tell his side of how things went down between him and Leah. A few days ago, he resurfaced on Twitter, and has been happy to chat about the alleged affair ever since.

Here’s how Robbie answered fans’ most-asked questions regarding him and Leah:

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Robbie Kidd Returns to Twitter, Talks About ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Calvert

"We like Twitter, y'all!"

“We like Twitter, y’all!”

All has been quiet over the last few days in regard to the alleged cheating scandal involving Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert, her husband Jeremy Calvert and Leah’s ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. While Leah has been busy tweeting her love for Jeremy and totally ignoring the fact that her husband accused her on Twitter of screwing Robbie, Jeremy has been tweeting about how much he wants to go party in Vegas. He has also posted tweets that were taunting Leah about her alleged Robbie hook-up.

Robbie decided to get in on the tweeting fun on Tuesday, resurfacing on his Twitter account after being absent for over a year. He seemed eager to address the rumors that he and Leah had been hooking up. When asked whether or not he had spoken to Leah lately, Robbie answered.

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