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Corey Simms’ Wife Miranda Responds to Leah Calvert’s ‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion Cheating Bombshell

"Thanks a lot, Leah!"

“Thanks a lot, Leah!”

Leah Calvert shocked the Teen Mom 2 world on last night’s Reunion special when she revealed that her ex-husband, Corey Simms has had a hard time keeping it in his pants, even though he’s been married to his second wife, Miranda, since June of last year! Leah told the audience and everyone’s favorite silver fox, Dr. Drew, that Corey was trying to get her back right up until she walked down the aisle for the second time!

“A week before we got married he kept texting me and texting me and he’s like ‘I miss my family’” Leah said. “And he told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda.”

That “stuff”, according to Leah, included details on how Corey would cheat on Miranda early on their relationship.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Episode 12 Recap: A Baby is Born & A Bonehead is Tased

kail and javi babyBefore we start, The Ashley needs to apologize to her trash-TV-lovin’ pals for not doing a recap of last week’s episode. We missed some big moments (Jenelle announced her pregnancy to Jace, and Smirnoff Suzi made her return!) but hopefully this recap will make up for it, because, according to my DVR guide, a new Teen Mom 2 cast member will be born on this episode, and one of these creepgoblins is going to get tased! Babies being born and bolts of electricity going through someone’s body?! This is like The Ashley’s Christmas, y’all!

Anyway, the episode kicks off in Delaware, where Javi and a very pregnant Kail are trying to get their baby’s room ready because he is due next week. Although at this point they don’t know it’s a boy (Oh, um, spoiler alert?) they choose to paint the baby’s room a dark shade of blue. Apparently, Javi’s lacking in the painting skills department, which Kail says is surprising, being that his family works over at the Sherwin-Williams. Javi just looks at her and refrains from commenting back while she chides him over his piss-poor painting skills. You can tell that he’s cutting her some slack because she’s about to push his firstborn through her hoo-ha.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Episode 10 Recap: Wedding Bells & Jailbird Jenelle


“Just married…again!”

Although it is going to be hard to top all of the meat slappin’ fun we had on last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, this week’s episode brings some big moments: a wedding, a graduation and, hopefully, plenty of Barbara appearances, so let’s get started!

The episode kicks off in Philadelphia, where Kail and Javi are about to say “I do” (Well, technically it’s “I still do” but I digress…) It’s the day of the wedding and the boys and girls are remaining segregated so that it’s extra special when Kail and Javi see each other at the ceremony.

Javi’s pal, Pocahontas, and the rest of the groomsmen are holed up in a hotel room waiting until 10 minutes before the ceremony starts to get ready because, let’s face it, men just have to shower and shave and they’re ready to go. (Except for Pocahontas, of course, who has likely spent the morning pruning his braids to perfection.)

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Episode 9 Recap: How To Slap Your Spouse With a Processed Meat Product

teen mom 2


The Ashley wasn’t going to recap this episode of Teen Mom 2, due to the fact that she waited so long that the next episode is about to air. However, when she found out that one of the girls get bitch-slapped with bacon, there was no way she could resist! I mean, there aren’t too many times in a writer’s life that she has an opportunity to write about an assault via processed meat product.

Teen Mom 2

“How would we even know which motel to send Suzi’s invitation to?”

The episode starts in Delaware, where Kail and Javi are doing the final preparations for their wedding, which is only one week away. Kail’s excited about her big day but nervous that her bitchy bridesmaids will go all “Jerry Springer” at the reception because they are still upset about the damn purple earrings.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Episode 8 Recap: Brawling with Babs & Baby Daddy Drama

"Ya dirty hustla!"

“Ya dirty hustla!”

Strap on your poorly colored hair extensions and shellac yourself in some self-tanner from The Wal-Mart because it’s time for yet another episode of Teen Mom 2. Last week, the girls had themselves all wrapped up in assorted hi-jinks, so The Ashley can’t wait to see what they’re fixin’ to get into this week!

The episode starts in West Virginia, where Leah is preparing Ali for her very first day of school. Leah gets her youngin’ all scrubbed up and shiny, and then they all head out to Ali’s school. No one seems to be worried about where Aleeah and the baby are at this point (except for Ali, who at least mentions that her sister was left behind.) Hopefully a sound guy was willing to stay behind and keep an eye on the other kids.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Cancelled Despite Filming Still Taking Place? Here’s the Real Deal…

If you think the girls look less-than-thrilled, you should hear what the crew thinks!

If you think the girls look less-than-thrilled, you should hear what the crew thinks!

Teen Mom 2 is currently in the middle of its fifth season, and today, Radar Online ran an article stating that the show had been cancelled. According to an insider, “There is no season 6 of Teen Mom 2. Season 5 is the girls’ last season.”

Of course, this story is a bit confusing, as the girls of ‘Teen Mom 2′ have been posting photos to their social media accounts that clearly show members of the show’s film crew in the background. Why, if the show is being cancelled after the existing episodes air, would there still be camera crews following Chelsea Houska, Kail Lowry, Jenelle Evans and Leah Calvert?

Because Radar only got it half correct.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal what the hell is really going on with ‘Teen Mom 2.’ She reached out to a member of the show’s crew to get the low-down on whether or not the show will continue.

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