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Kirsten Cooper, Former Girlfriend of ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards to Appear on New ‘Are You The One?’ Season

"I'm the star now, Ry!"

“I’m the star now, Ry!”

The third season of Are You The One? premieres tonight on MTV! The new cast of the dating reality show looks entertaining to say the least, but one person from the cast may look familiar to MTV reality show fans with a keen eye. Cast member Kirsten “Kiki” Cooper actually has ties to that other popular MTV reality show, Teen Mom!

Back in 2013, Kirsten, who goes by “Kiki” now, dated Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards. He dated the model/former Hooters waitress after his breakup with Dalis Connell and before his relationship with on/off girlfriend Shelby Woods.

According to a 2013 Starcasm story, Ryan’s relationship with Kirsten ended badly when she came to Tennessee from her native Virginia to visit him.

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Farrah Abraham Threatens to Kill Her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Housemates

"Don't break my flipflops!"

“Don’t break my flipflops!”

It was only a matter of time before The Ashley figured she’d have to write this story. We all kind of knew that there would come a day in which Teen Mom OG (and Celebrity Big Brother) star Farrah Abraham would start making death threats toward people.

Farrah has been causing trouble in the ‘CBB’ house ever since she arrived last month, but last night she took things to a new level when she went on an F-bomb-filled tirade while in the “Diary Room.” Farrah, angry after getting into an altercation with UK singer Natasha Hamilton, stormed into the confessional area, breaking her flip flop sandal on the way in. Or something.

The broken footwear added to Farrah’s anger, and she soon went on a long rant in which she threatened to “f**king obliterate the f**king scum” living in the house with her.

Is anyone else kind of surprised that Farrah actually used the word “obliterate” in the correct context? That Hooked on Phonics must be doing wonders for our Backdoor Teen Mom!

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Farrah Abraham’s Father Michael is Writing a ‘Teen Mom’ Tell-All Book



By Holly Rasmussen

Another Teen Mom tell-all book is about to hit the shelves! Michael Abraham, father of Teen Mom: OG star Farrah Abraham, is releasing his own book, according to a new interview he did with OK! magazine.

“It’ll be a unique book regarding ‘Teen Mom.’ It’ll be a lot of info that has never been put out,” Michael said. “I’m not under a nondisclosure like my daughter is.”

It sounds like Michael is ready to dish out some dirty behind-the-scenes details about Farrah’s ‘Teen Mom’ cast mates.

“It’s an opportunity for people to face the music involving the past season,” he told OK!

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Farrah Abraham Appearing on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Already Getting in Fights

Farrah Abraham is taking her bad attitude (and plastic body parts) international.

The Teen Mom OG star is currently in the UK appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. It was officially announced this week, although it’s been the worst-kept secret of the summer that Farrah would be appearing on the show. Farrah will be representing the United States, as this season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has a “US vs. UK” theme.

Really? You have to judge us by one of our worst specimens?!

Anyway, Farrah had only been in the ‘CBB’ house a few hours when she got into her first argument. After UK star Natasha Hamilton chose not to include Farrah in a cast party because “she’s a sore loser,” Farrah became angry.

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Special Wedding Moment: ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Dance with Daughter Carly

Tyler dances with Carly during his wedding.

Tyler dances with Carly during his wedding.

These photos even warm the cold, cold heart of The Ashley!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra hosted over 150 guests at their wedding this weekend, but one guest was a bit more special than the rest. The couple was delighted that their oldest daughter, Carly, was able to attend the wedding! Brandon and Teresa Davis, her adoptive parents, were also there.

The couple even shared a special moment on the dance floor with Carly and her parents.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Are Married! Get all the Wedding Details!

First photo!

First photo!

After over a decade of dating, two kids and a TV show, Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell  and Tyler Baltierra are finally married! The couple just tied the knot today at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan– and The Ashley has all the details!

Catelynn and Tyler, who met in seventh grade and have basically been in a relationship ever since, have been eagerly awaiting their big day, often sharing some of their wedding planning with ‘Teen Mom’ fans.

Catelynn in her wedding dress!

Catelynn in her wedding dress!

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