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PHOTOS: Catelynn Lowell’s Baby Shower Filmed for ‘Teen Mom’: See What They’re Naming the Baby!

Sunday was a happy day for Tyler and Catelynn.

Sunday was a happy day for Tyler and Catelynn.

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their daughter! On Sunday the couple’s friends and family threw them a baby shower to help them prepare for their baby girl– and an MTV camera crew was there to film it all for the upcoming fifth season of ‘Teen Mom!’

In the photos below, the camera crew is clearly visible in many of the shots. While the MTV crew attended the shower, several other important people in Catelynn and Tyler’s lives did not. Their ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood were not there, nor were Brandon and Teresa, the adoptive parents of Tyler and Catelynn’s first daughter, Carly. (Cate and Ty did, however, just visit with Carly and her parents. Brandon and Teresa gifted the couple with a few items they had saved from when Carly was a baby!)

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EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Abraham’s Mother Debra Danielson Opens Up About ‘Teen Mom’, Her Granddaughter & Her New Book

debra danielson 2014Over the past year-and-a-half, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has released two adult films, been booted from ‘Teen Mom’, appeared on Couples Therapy (solo), hawked a line of sex toys, and been criticized for not taking care of her daughter, among other things. It’s certainly hard for fans to keep up with, but what’s it like for her own mother, Debra Danielson, to hear the negative comments?

The Ashley went straight to the source to find out! In this exclusive interview, Debra talks about what’s really going on with her granddaughter Sophia, the status of her relationship with Farrah, and her brand-new book, which is set to be released very soon! The last time we heard from Debra was when she appeared alongside Farrah on Couples Therapy last year. During filming, Farrah informed her cast mates that Debra had been scammed out of about $250,000 by a boyfriend/business partner. Debra was, indeed, scammed and has written a book about the events that took place.

“This book is a memoir of last year of my life,” Debra told The Ashley. “It spans from January-December 2013 and it’s a self-help book. The bottom line is that it will help anybody— any teenager, as well as men and women of any age or demographic.”

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‘Teen Mom’ Star Gary Shirley Accuses Ex Amber Portwood of Lying in Her Book About Their Relationship

The Battle of Amber & Gary: Round 315

The Battle of Amber & Gary: Round 315

“There’s a storm a-brewing!”

That’s what Teen Mom star Gary Shirley wrote on his Facebook page on October 5, just days before his ex-fiance, Amber Portwood was featured on the “Ask the Moms” special, talking about how Gary “played her” while she was in prison, “cheating” on her with a new girl, Kristina Anderson, while telling Amber that they would be together following her prison release.

“They deserve each other,” Amber said of Gary and his new girlfriend. “You’ll see.”

Five days later, on October 10, Gary took to his Facebook page again to clear the air about what Amber had said on the special. He also revealed that Amber’s new book, Never Too Late, contains things that he claims are fabricated just to sell books!

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Check Out ‘Teen Mom’ Star Catelynn Lowell’s Baby Shower Invite & Registry!

"We need baby stuff!"

“We need baby stuff!”

Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell‘s due date is fast approaching! The reality star is currently six months pregnant with her second child, and she and her fiance Tyler Baltierra are doing their best to get ready for their baby’s arrival. Catelynn, who is pregnant with a little girl, is due on January 11. Her friends and family have planned a baby shower for her, which will be held on November 9!

Wanna see her shower invite? Click here!

The Ashley took a peek at one of Catelynn’s baby registries (because, as her readers know, there’s nothing The Ashley loves more than creeping on other people’s registries!) What will Baby Baltierra be wearing when she arrives in January? Judging from the items that Catelynn registered for, a whole lot of pink! From pink ruffle shorts, to pink gowns and onesies, Catelynn is definitely keeping things girlie for her little one!

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7 Things We Learned From the ‘Teen Mom’ Ask The Moms Special

"Ask us anything!"

“Ask us anything!”

Last night’s “Ask the Moms” special marked the first time the casts of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 came together on one stage to meet and talk about their experiences on the shows. The girls had a chance to talk about what it’s really like to have your personal life feasted on by millions of viewers, and how they feel about each other.

The girls got surprisingly candid, discussing everything from Farrah Abraham‘s absence to how they feel about their baby-daddies dating new girls. Here, The Ashley has put together a list of things we learned from–or had confirmed on–last night’s “Ask the Moms” special.

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‘Blowin’ Smoke: Farrah Abraham Lip-Syncs Through First Singing Performance– Exclusive Details & Video

Teen Mom Abraham

Farrah “singing” her song…

Farrah Abraham was to make her singing debut on Saturday night at the 340 Nightclub in Pomona, California, so, because The Ashley loves y’all so much, she scurried her little trainwreck-loving butt down there to watch the performance unfold. Farrah did her best to get the word out about her performance, touting it as the very first time she would be performing her song “Blowin’” in public.

(In case you’ve forgotten the horrorfest that is “Blowin,” click here.)

The Ashley arrived early because she wanted to be sure to watch the beginning of the show, because Farrah was hosting. The show, an all-male strip revue was raunchy, to say the least, with guys simulating sex acts on other guys from the audience. (Farrah, of course, seemed unfazed as one of the strippers simulated “back door sex” on someone. As we know, she’s all too familiar with the act, so it probably seemed old-hat to her at this point.)

Check out the video of Farrah addressing the crowd:

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