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Farrah Abraham Says Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Star Maci Bookout Has a ‘Lying Problem’

The one-sided feud continues!

The one-sided feud continues!

File this one under: “Pot calling the kettle black.”

A week after her post-episode Twitter assault on her Teen Mom OG co-stars, Farrah Abraham continues to throw verbal daggers at Maci Bookout. This time, however, Farrah decided to use the tabloids to sling insults at Maci.

“Maci has a lying problem,” Farrah told In Touch Weekly recently. “Maybe she thinks there’s so much attention on me that she needs some.”

I just…can’t….

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Episode 8 Recap: Fake Friends & Fighting in New York City

"Truthfully, I think you're both nuts!"

“Truthfully, I think you’re both nuts!”

Howdy, kids! This is the recap y’all have been asking The Ashley for all week! On this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, basically Maci Bookout talks a big game and seems to want to rip Farrah Abraham a new a**hole (aside from the one James Deen decimated)…until, of course, she actually comes face-to-plastic-face with Farrah and then she gets all scared. The Ashley is not here to debate whether Maci or Farrah was right because, frankly, she doesn’t care. She really just wanted to watch them rip each other’s faces off. And that didn’t happen so…let’s get started!

The episode kicks off at Catelynn and Tyler‘s house, where they are packing for their upcoming trip to New York City to do press for ‘Teen Mom.’ Tyler can’t believe how much stuff they have to pack to bring Nova on the trip. (After all, when they used to bring Butch, they’d only have to bring something to cut off his court-ordered ankle bracelet! Oh, and a couple hundred packs of ciggies, of course.)

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Farrah Abraham Attacks Maci Bookout on Twitter: See the Reactions of Other ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars

I've got 10 bucks on Maci; she's small but seems scrappy.

I’ve got 10 bucks on Maci; she’s small but seems scrappy.

Last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG got extremely heated when Farrah Abraham confronted her co-star Maci Bookout about the escalating tension between them. While the onscreen exchange ended with Maci getting up and leaving the room, Farrah’s verbal assault of Maci continued last night on Twitter– and it had the whole ‘Teen Mom’ gang commenting.

(Think of it as a Jerry Springer Show episode with a grossly overpaid cast of characters!)

Below are some of Farrah’s more aggressive tweets toward Maci.(The Ashley has kept the misspellings intact to preserve the “Farrah” aspect of them, and added her own comments in italics!)

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5 Clues that ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout is Currently Engaged

"I can't tell y'all!, but here's a big hint!"

“I can’t tell y’all, but here’s a big hint!!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Maci Bookout has made her quest for an engagement ring from boyfriend Taylor McKinney well-known during this season of Teen Mom OG. The redhead, who is currently expecting her second child, is not shy about wanting to lock down a commitment but has yet to announce that Taylor has proposed.  Maci set the rumors in motion when she showed up to her baby shower for baby girl Jayde with a suspicious diamond on her ring finger.

So, is she engaged? Maci and Taylor have yet to confirm or deny the rumors. Taylor said on a recent After Show that we would “just have to watch and see,” but we have 5 clues leading us to believe the couple may be ready to walk down the aisle.

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‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Announces Release Date for “Bulletproof” Book, Fans Rush to Pre-order It

teen mom book

This will be the cover of Maci’s book.

Years ago, Maci Bookout was slated to be the first Teen Mom star to release a book. As early as 2010, Maci began telling her fans that she was working on a memoir about her life behind the scenes of the MTV reality show. Years passed, however, and her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars began to release their books (and The Ashley released her book about the show, Teen Mom Confidential, in 2013), but Maci still hadn’t released her book.

Fans who have waited for years to get their hands on Maci’s writings will finally have their chance. Maci announced yesterday that her long-awaited autobiography, Bulletproof, will be released on July 21. Less than 24 hours after she announced the book, there were already a ton of pre-orders for it. Maci retweeted a news tweet about it on Friday that claimed Bulletproof had moved up 69,347 spots on Amazon in the last 24 hours.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Episode 7 Recap: Surprise Engagements & the Second Coming of Maci Bookout

I'm making this into a wall hanging, BTW.

I’m making this into a wall hanging, BTW.

The Ashley had some downtime, so she decided to tackle recapping the latest episode of Teen Mom OG now instead of waiting until the end of the week. On last week’s episode, Maci quit the show (for like a day), Farrah managed to treat everyone that came in contact with her like crap, and Amber got a new man, fell in love and moved in with him. Oh, yeah, and Catelynn crapped out a kid. So…business as usual in the ‘Teen Mom’ world!

This episode kicks off at the International House of Amber, where pancakes are being served and Amber’s new dude is trying to convince Amber’s daughter, Leah, that it’s perfectly normal that he met, moved in with and is considering marrying her mother, all in about a month. “Where did you come from?” Leah asks him. (Kid, that’s what we’re all saying too!)

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