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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Reveals Fiance Matt Baier Cheated on Her

There's trouble in 'Teen Mom OG' paradise...

Trouble in ‘Teen Mom OG’ paradise?!

Amber Portwood took to Twitter on Thursday to report that she’s hit a snag in her relationship with fiance Matt Baier. The Teen Mom OG star, who became engaged to Matt in November, basically told her 149,000 Twitter followers that her fiance cheated on her.

“Every man I give my heart to uses me and cheats on me @mattbEPT,” she tweeted.

Amber, who recently said that she and Matt started out as friends before getting into a relationship, was shown plenty of support from her fans, who tweeted her encouraging messages.

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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars to Appear at MTV Music Awards for First Time Ever

Will Farrah's backdoor be given an extra seat? Just curious...

Will Farrah’s backdoor be given an extra seat? Just curious…

The fourth wall is down on the new season of Teen Mom OG, which means MTV is finally acknowledging that the show’s stars are full-fledged celebrities. This has opened the door for the girls to have many more opportunities, including one The Ashley can exclusively reveal!

For the first time ever, some of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls and guys will be attending the MTV Movie Awards this weekend! Before this season, none of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars had ever appeared at any of the MTV awards shows. (The closest any of them came was back in 2012 when Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell attended MTV’s “Restore the Shore” charity event.)

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Episode 3 Recap: Book Tours, Birth Parent Drama & Bedridden Baby-Daddies

This is probably the best quote ever spoken on this show.

This is probably the best quote ever spoken on this show.

This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG is entitled “Old Wounds.” A name like that evokes so many ideas as to what this episode could be about! Will we be discussing Butch‘s prison shank wounds? Will the episode cover the emotional scars that Amber has after her daughter chose a bag of Cheetos over talking to her last episode? Will Maci accidentally cut herself on a beer bottle while trying to open it too fast?! So many possibilities!

Anyway, the episode starts off with Amber, who has gone down to ol’ Rascal’s Fun Zone (You know there’s a lot of fun to be had at a place called Rascal’s!). She’s brought along Cousin Krystle’s, who’s always down to drive go-karts, get a pedicure or eat a meal, as long as it’s on MTV’s dime. (Hell, if she gets Amber to really “open up” on camera, they may even spring for Krystle to get a Rascal Dog and fries from the snack shack!)

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Happy Easter From The Ashley & Easter Bunny Gary Shirley

You know you're a boss when you drive through town dressed as the Easter Bunny...

You know you’re a boss when you drive through town dressed as the Easter Bunny…

Happy Easter to all of you faithful Roundup readers! The Ashley loves you all!

Easter would not be complete without warm wishes from Easter Bunny Gary Shirley. Who could forget the episode of Teen Mom where Gary dressed up as a bunny for his daughter’s first Easter?!

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Episode 2 Recap: Mail from Butch & Man-Handling Your Ex

Gary puts his paws on Amber to show affection.

Gary puts his paws on Amber to show affection.

Welcome back, crappy TV lovers! This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG is entitled “Back to School.” This seems to be an odd choice, as nearly all of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars have chucked the idea of going to school in favor of reality TV stardom. Maci Bookout, for instance, can’t go “back to school” because, well, she’s been in school for about nine years, working toward that gosh dern Associate’s degree. #CollegeIsHardY’all

Anyway, the episode kicks off where we left off last week, with Catelynn and Tyler being pregnant, Ryan being a bag ‘o’ dicks and Amber and Gary being coy about getting back together. Farrah was not in the episode, as she was surely spinning around some stripper pole in Texas or hawking her plastic butts or something. We are not sure if she will be making an appearance in this episode.

We start in Indiana, where Gary invites Amber to go with him and Leah to buy Leah’s school supplies. Gary picks her up and immediately starts putting his meaty paws all over Amber, tickling her until she squeals.

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EXCLUSIVE! Fathers of ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Farrah Abraham & Catelynn Lowell Brawl Over Behind-the-Scenes Drama!

"Ohhh no you did NOT!"

“Ohhh no you did NOT!”

Farrah Abraham recently retweeted her way back into a feud with her Teen Mom OG co-stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, and now the girls’ fathers are jumping into the brawl! Although Catelynn and Farrah hugged it out and made amends last summer while filming the Couples Therapy “All-Star Reunion,” their feud is back on after Farrah retweeted some mean comments about Cate and Ty, and called Catelynn “white trash” on this week’s aftershow.

The Ashley can reveal that there was additional drama on-set while the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls were in New York City last weekend filming the Season 5 reunion. It appears that Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham may have made some  not-so-kind remarks to Cate and Tyler while on set.

It is not known (yet) what Michael allegedly said but it certainly angered Catelynn’s father, David Lowell!

In a series of Instagram posts (that have since been deleted) David expressed his unhappiness with Farrah’s father.

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