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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Begs for a Date for the ESPY Awards

"Date me!"

“Date me!”

Farrah Abraham has hit a new low. The Ashley didn’t actually think that was possible, given that just weeks ago the Teen Mom OG star was hawking vials of her DNA. (No, seriously.) Today, Farrah managed to find a new (and even lower) limb of the desparation tree to land on.

Our favorite “Backdoor Teen Mom” just posted Instagram and Twitter videos in which she literally begs her fans to help her find a date to the upcoming ESPY Awards. As you may have heard, Farrah recently split with her boyfriend, Simon Saran, so she doesn’t have anyone to take to the sports awards show. Naturally, she took to Instagram to find someone. (Don’t worry, guys, she already has the dress! Now she just has to find someone who’s willing to take her.)

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Makes Surprising Decision About Her Upcoming Wedding

Maybe Amber can get one of the blow-up dolls to represent Farrah?

Maybe Amber can get one of the blow-up dolls to represent Farrah?

Amber Portwood is taking her time in planning her wedding to fiancé Matt Bauer, and although the Teen Mom OG couple has yet to set a date, Amber already has her wedding party picked out! In a recent interview with MTV News, Amber revealed who she wants to have standing next to her at the altar.

“I know for sure my cousin Krystal would be the maid of honor at the wedding,” Amber said. “She’s the closest person to me. She’s like my best friend.”

Krystle made plenty of appearances on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ so it’s no surprise that Amber would choose her. However, Amber’s choices of bridesmaids are somewhat shocking.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Selling Vials of Her DNA

"Grow your own Backdoor Teen Mom!"

“Grow your own Backdoor Teen Mom!”

You can already buy replicas of Farrah Abraham‘s private parts and, um, backdoor, but if you’re looking to get even more up close and personal with the Teen Mom OG star, you’re in luck!

TMZ broke the news today that Farrah has partnered with the company Celebrity Gene, which basically extracts the DNA of notable people–usually via a lock of their hair– bottles it and sells it to that person’s [very creepy] fans.

“Buying a limited edition product that has the DNA of a famous person alive or dead is the ultimate in celebrity memorabilia and provides an undeniable personal connection to that individual,” the company’s website reads.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Part One Recap: The Adventures of Maci & Amber

The gang's all here!

The gang’s all here!

The “OG” season of Teen Mom is about to come to an end, but not before the gals sit down with Dr. Drew on a tacky pink set to talk about their daddy issues and basically regurgitate all the crap we watched all season! It’s reunion time, y’all!

The Ashley typically doesn’t recap reunions but since she skipped the finale recap, she figures she owes you guys one.

The cast arrives to the set for the reunion. Dr. Drew has a strong cup of coffee in-hand, Tyler and Catelynn have brought Nova and Farrah has brought her backdoor (and bad attitude!) so it’s almost time to get started. Oh, and Maci and Amber are there too.

Farrah seems to have brought her own pom-poms to cheer for…well, herself. As you do.

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‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Gives Birth to Second Child

Maci's about to birth a baby, y'all!

Another child has sprung from Macis’ loins, y’all!

This story has been updated.

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout her boyfriend Taylor McKinney have welcomed their second child today!

The reality star confirmed her daughter’s birth on her Twitter account on Friday night, stating that she and the baby are doing great!

“Jayde made her grand entrance at 1:59pm today. She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. at birth. She is beautiful and as healthy as can be!” Maci tweeted.

The Ashley was the first to report that Maci was reportedly in labor earlier this afternoon.

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Mackenzie McKee Explains Plastic Surgery Fundraiser After Farrah Abraham Rips Into Her

There are a lot of men who would pay to see them catfight. Just sayin'...

There are a lot of men who would pay to see them catfight. Just sayin’…

By Holly Rasmussen and The Ashley

Another week, another Teen Mom catfight! Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham just can’t seem to stop picking fights with other stars from the MTV franchise. This time, her victim was former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee and it involved two of Farrah’s favorite things: plastic surgery and money!

At the OK! Magazine So Sexy party last Thursday night (which The Ashley attended), a reporter for TMZ asked Farrah for her thoughts on Mackenzie recently starting an online fundraiser to raise money for breast implants.

Farrah, who is no stranger to plastic surgery, said Mackenzie should shell out the money herself. In an interview today, however, Mackenzie stated that the fundraiser was “sort of a misunderstanding,” but Mackenzie’s explanation came after Farrah ripped into her for begging fans for boobs!

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