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Maci Bookout Talks ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Marrying Taylor McKinney & Future Plans

"Y'all got questions for me?"

“Y’all got questions for me?”

By Holly Rasmussen

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout took over WetPaint’s Facebook page yesterday to answer questions from the her fans. Maci, who recently completed filming on the new ‘Teen Mom’ season, filled us in on what’s been happening in her life since we last saw her on our televisions.

In the Facebook Q & A session, Maci tackled questions about her life with longtime boyfriend Taylor McKinney, and revealed what she hopes teen girls learn from her.

(Chelsea Houska recently did one of these Facebook Q& A sessions as well. Click here to read what Chelsea revealed during that session!)

Maci, like Chelsea, was very honest when answering her fans’ burning questions.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast to Film Season 6 Reunion Next Month: What Will We See This Season?

Everyone cross your fingers that there's a brawl this time!

Everyone cross your fingers that there’s a brawl this time!

MTV hasn’t officially announced that a new season of Teen Mom OG is heading our way in 2016, but luckily The Ashley confirmed that for you months ago. The season has been filmed and last week, WetPaint  revealed that the ‘Teen Mom OG’ gals will all be heading to New York City next month to film the Season 6 After Show Reunion!

Maci BookoutFarrah Abraham (and her backdoor), Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell will be sitting down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to discuss what’s happened in their lives over the past six months or so. (The gals started filming this season in late spring, according to The Ashley’s sources.) WetPaint reports that the After Show will be taped on December 12.

Of course, that date is important because it helps us figure out when the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ will likely air. Normally, the reunions are filmed about three months before they air. If MTV follows this schedule for the new ‘Teen Mom OG’ season, we will likely see the new episodes start airing around late March 2016.

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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Announces Her Plans to Adopt a Child

"Gimme a baby!"

“Gimme a baby!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Get ready for another Teen Mom baby! “Back Door Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham is planning to add another child to her life. No, she’s not pregnant. (You can’t get pregnant by having sex the “Farrah” way, after all.) Farrah has announced that she is planning to adopt a baby.

The reality star took to her Instagram account on Monday to let the world know of her plans to add another little one to her crazy life.

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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Gary Shirley Has Secretly Married Kristina Anderson

"Wanna get hitched?" "Um...OK!"

“Wanna get hitched?” “Um…OK!”

Amber Portwood seemed to be the next Teen Mom OG star in line to get married– but it appears that her ex, Gary Shirley has beat her to the altar!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Gary and his longtime girlfriend, Kristina Anderson, quietly filed for a marriage license at the end of September, and it appears that the two have since tied the knot! From what The Ashley can tell, Gary and Kristina were married on September 28, 2015.

Gary and Kristina have not made any mention of the wedding on their social media accounts. In fact, they never even announced that they were engaged! Their wedding, however, will almost certainly be featured on the upcoming fifth season of ‘Teen Mom,’ which is currently being filmed. The season will also feature the August wedding of ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

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Farrah Abraham Confirms She’s Getting A Third Breast Augmentation

"New boobies, please!"

“New boobies, please!”

Farrah Abraham is going back under the plastic surgeon’s knife yet again! The Teen Mom OG star, who has been hacked, whacked, plumped and nipped countless times over the past five years, has confirmed that she is about to get another breast augmentation. For those of you counting along at home, this will be Farrah’s third boob job!

In addition to her two previous breast surgeries, Farrah has reportedly had rhinoplasty, a chin implant inserted (and then removed), cheek filler injections, a horribly botched lip implant surgery attempt and lip filler injections. She told Daily Mail that she is getting her third breast augmentation in hopes that it will relieve some scar tissue pain caused by her previous surgeries, and help fix her cleavage.

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Farrah Abraham’s Father Reflects on His Daughter’s Adult Movie Past: ‘She is a Survivor’

You've got to give it to Farrah's parents: They really do support her in whatever she does...

You’ve got to give it to Farrah’s parents: They really do support her in whatever she does…

Farrah Abraham may have starred in two very successful adult movies….er, “leaked sex tapes,” but that doesn’t make her a p0rn star, according to her father, Michael Abraham.

After Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska joked during this week’s “Unseen Moments” episode that a good p0rn star name would be “Farrah,” Michael responded to the comment in a new interview with Real Mr. Housewife

“Farrah is not a p0rn star,” Michael told the site. “A p0rn star is a person that has made countless adult movies and works and invests major time in that industry to make more and more movies.”

Sorry, fans, but there will apparently be no more “Backdoor” Farrah films to look forward to…

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