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‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Episode 6 Recap: The One Where Everyone Ditches Their Kids

If someone doesn't put this image on a T-shirt I will be very disappointed...

If someone doesn’t put this image on a T-shirt I will be very disappointed…

Welcome back to TeenMom-ville, where the MTV money is flowin’ and the drama keeps growin’ by the episode! This week’s episode will be a doozie– what with all the court papers, medical issues and baby-daddy drama that MTV has managed to pack into one hour. Let’s get this party started!

The episode starts off in Michigan, where Baby Nova is screaming and Catelynn is searching for someone to deal with it. Catelynn’s mom, April, agrees to watch the kid, much to Catelynn’s relief. Catelynn tells us that April has been watching Nova a lot because Catelynn’s been busy “adjusting to life after her wedding.”

Wait…what? That makes no sense at all, MTV. Whoever is writing these voice-overs is slacking Matt-and-Amber style because this explanation is ridiculous. Catelynn and Tyler already lived together, so it’s not like they are busy moving into their newlywed nest. They already had a baby before getting married so…what is there to adjust to? She’s literally just wearing a new ring. Oh, and she has to put all the loot from her wedding away. That’s about it.

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Former Associate of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Matt Baier Comes Forward to Warn Amber Portwood of “Wrath of Matt” (Exclusive Interview)

Judy (left corner) and Matt Baier during a trip they took in 2008.

Judy (left corner) and Matt Baier during a trip they took in 2008.

Note: To see how Amber has responded to this story, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Earlier this week, The Ashley brought you an exclusive interview with Kelli Nunn, a former fiance of Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier. Kelli, who claims to have given birth to Matt’s daughter eight years ago (if you’re counting that makes at least eight alleged kids fathered by Matt), told the story of how Matt allegedly came into her life, got her pregnant and then left her broken in 2007.

Monday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom’ featured scenes in which the seven child support cases pending against Matt (confirmed by The Ashley in December) were exposed. After it aired, yet another woman who says she had a bizarre encounter with Matt back in 2008 and has come forward.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Judy Cornett, founder of Safety Zone Advocacy, a non-profit that works to prevent child sexual abuse, tells the story of how Matt randomly came into her life, and why she thinks his famous fiance, Amber Portwood, needs to beware of what she calls “the wrath of Matt.”

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Exclusive Interview! Matt Baier’s Baby-Mama Reveals All: Why She Fears for ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood & What MTV is Planning to Do

"My advice to Amber is to RUN!" says Kelli.

“My advice to Amber is to RUN!” says Kelli.

In December, The Ashley broke the news that Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier really does have seven child support cases currently filed against him. On tonight’s episode, Matt’s litter of children will be addressed, and his fiance, ‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood, will learn that at least seven women have filed child support cases against Matt. (The Ashley confirmed this and provided more information on each of Matt’s alleged children. You can read that report here.)

Amber has previously denied that The Ashley’s report was true. She later changed her story, stating that she would stay with him “even if he had 20 children!”

Well, according to Kelly Nunn, that number may not be too far from the truth. Kelly, who says she was once engaged to Matt, tells The Ashley that Matt is also the father of her eight-year-old daughter. Shockingly, that little girl (whom The Ashley will call “A” for privacy reasons) is not one of the seven children who Matt has support filings for already. She is an additional child, bringing the number of offspring allegedly fathered by Matt to (at least) eight!

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Kelly explains how she was shocked last year when she saw Matt appear on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and even more surprised when she watched the episode in which he proposed to Amber.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Episode 5 Recap: Weird T-Shirts, Whining & The Wedding



Welcome back, Teen Momers! As you may have noticed, The Ashley took last week off from recapping “The OG” but now she’s rejuvenated and ready to tackle this week’s 90-MINUTE wedding episode! Yes, kids, after 10 years, two kids, a disastrous season on Couples Therapy, and countless staged conversations about their relationship, Catelynn and Tyler are finally tying the knot– and MTV was there to capture it all! This recap is long– but so was the episode– so let’s get started!

We start things off with Catelynn, who is just days away from saying “I do.” She and Tyler, along with every member of their families (and possibly each family member’s parole officer) are crammed in a house that is near the wedding site. Everyone is staying in the house except Butch, who is currently shacking up at the nearest campground (as you do), so he doesn’t have to hear the screams of passion of his ex-wife April and her new husband, who are also at the house.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Butch Baltierra Answers Questions About Sobriety, His Ex-Wife April & That Wedding Speech

"Ladies-- I'm single and ready to mingle!"

“Ladies– I’m single and ready to mingle!”

MTV has finally come through and given Teen Mom OG star Butch Baltierra his own Facebook Q&A session with fans! Every week, another one of the show’s stars answers questions asked by fans on the official ‘Teen Mom’ Facebook page. This week, MTV gave The Ashley a very special treat by giving Butch his own time on the ‘Teen Mom’ Interwebs!

Of course, Butch isn’t much for the writin’ and such, so he answered questions via a webcam instead of typing them out like the rest of the cast has done. However, he was able to tackle some major topics in his session, including how he feels about his ex-wife, April, how he’s managing to stay sober, and what really went down between him and his granddaughter Carly (and her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa) at Catelynn and Tyler‘s wedding.

Here are Butch’s answers to the questions asked by fans….

On his relationship with his ex-wife, April:

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Taylor McKinney Discusses Pressure to Propose to Maci Bookout, Filming ‘Teen Mom OG’ & Wedding Plans in Q &A Session

"Ask me questions!"

“Ask me questions!”

Maci Bookout‘s new fiance, Taylor McKinney, tackled tough questions from Teen Mom OG fans yesterday during a  Q&A session on the show’s official Facebook page.

Taylor had been badgered relentlessly by the show’s producers and fans (and sometimes even Maci herself) about when he was planning to propose. He finally popped the question last weekend, so the proposal (and his reluctance to ask Maci to marry him), were big topics of discussion during the Q&A session.

Fans held nothing back when asking Taylor questions; they even made him address why he and Maci are always shown drinking on the show, and why he and Maci decided to have a baby before getting married. Taylor took it like a champ and answered the hard questions!

As always, The Ashley has pulled out all of “the good stuff” from the Q&A session and placed it here on The Roundup for you to devour.

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