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“16 and Pregnant” Star Autumn Crittendon Asks Fans To Help Improve Her Family’s Dire Living Conditions

autumn 16 and pregnantA 16 and Pregnant Season 5 star is reaching out to the show’s fans in hopes that they will be able to help her family get through a rough time.

Autumn Crittendon, who starred on the most-recent season of the show, set up a page to help raise money to improve the dire living conditions she, as well as her son Drake and the rest of her family, have been living in recently. On the page, Autumn explained that they are currently living in a home with no heat, a leaky roof and other damage.

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Recap: Parenting in Autumn’s Camouflage-Covered World

"I need a smoke break after all this baby holdin'!"

“I need a smoke break after all this baby holdin’!”

Matching camo outfits. Taking drug tests in a fast food restaurant bathroom. Deciding whether to buy diapers or pot. From what The Ashley has heard about the latest episode of 16 and Pregnant, it’s got all the makings for the best recap ever! Let’s not wait another moment to get this hick parade started!

16 and pregnant

“It’s not everyday you find a mattress this fine behind the grocery store!”

On this episode of ’16 and Pregnant,’ we meet Autumn, a Richmond, Virginia, girl that loves to party. (And by ‘party,’ she means she likes to go on down to Bubba’s daddy’s backyard and drink Natty Ice while her guy friends are fixin’ to light stuff on fire.) Autumn also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Dustin.

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Autumn, the Third Confirmed Girl From “16 and Pregnant” Season 5

season 5

Meet Autumn!

The Ashley was going to save this until after the holidays, but she figured why not  bring you some early underage pregnancy joy right now!?

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that she has discovered the third girl that will be featured on 16 and Pregnant Season 5: Meet Autumn, a 16 year old girl that just gave birth to her son, Drake, on December 17. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces.

She will have one of the more interesting story lines this season for sure.

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