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“16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Myranda Trevino About To Give Birth to Second Child

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“We’re havin’ another one y’all!”

It’s about to be a girl (again!) for 16 and Pregnant Season 4 star Myranda Trevino! The reality star, who turns 20 tomorrow, is about to give birth to her second child, a girl she plans to name Ryleigh. Although Myranda was not due until April 26, she is reportedly already dilated and could give birth any time now!

Myranda, who is probably best remembered for being “the girl that moved into the shack” during her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode, is already the mother of two-and-a-half-year-old Kaylee. She has kept a relatively low profile (compared to some of the other girls from the series), and is not active on social media. In November, she quietly married her baby’s father, Eric Kennemer, and hinted that she was pregnant again.

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“16 and Pregnant” Star Ashley Salazar Announces Second Pregnancy: ‘This Wasn’t An Accident’

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“Call us, MTV!”

Yet another girl from 16 and Pregnant is pregnant with her second child. Ashley Salazar, who, during Season 2 chose to place her daughter, Callie, for adoption, told Radar Online that she is once again sperminated by her boyfriend (and baby daddy), Justin Lane.

“I’m really excited about the baby,” said Ashley, who is now 22 years old and about to graduate from college.

Ashley and Justin are now living together in Texas and say they plan to parent the baby Ashley is carrying. Their daughter Callie currently lives with Ashley’s aunt and uncle, who formally adopted her shortly after her birth in 2010.

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Jordan Howard Gives Birth to Second Child

season 4

It’s a girl!

It’s a girl for 16 and Pregnant Season 4 star Jordan Howard and her fiance Tyler Zeplin! The 20 year-old gave birth to her second baby last night at a Pennsylvania hospital! She was induced because the baby was nine days overdue.

The baby girl, who weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz., was named Skylar Aris by her parents.

Jordan and Tyler are already the parents of almost-three-year-old Chase, whom Jordan gave birth to during her episode of ’16 and Pregnant.’

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 1 Star Whitney Purvis Announces Second Pregnancy

16 and pregnant season 1

“We like to make babies, y’all!”

Whitney Purvis and her boyfriend, Weston Gosa are back together–and procreating again! Whitney, who starred on the very first season of 16 and Pregnant back in 2009, announced today that she is pregnant with her second child. Whitney and Weston are already the parents of Weston Jr., who turns five in April.

Whitney shared the news in a Facebook status this morning: Weston is being promoted to big brother this Halloween.

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“16 and Pregnant” Dad Weston Gosa Arrested, Delivers Another Classic Mugshot!

16 and pregnant whitney

Another fine offering, Weston.

There are mugshots, and then there are Weston Gosa mugshots.

The 16 and Pregnant Season 1 star never lets us down when it comes to delivering classic mugs. Weston, who is baby-daddy to Whitney Purvis, was arrested on charges of speeding and driving on a suspended license.

TMZ broke the story this morning but The Ashley has called up her Floyd County pals and they tell her that Weston’s arrest happened a little while back, on December 19.

The “feds” tell The Ashley that, in addition to the speeding and suspended license reported by TMZ, Weston allegedly was also picked up because he had an outstanding warrant!

This mugshot features an annoyed-looking Weston mugging for the camera underneath a pile of greasy bangs. That’s hot!

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“16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Jordan Howard Announces Second Pregnancy

pregnant again tylerAnother 16 and Pregnant star has announced that is pregnant again! Season 4 star Jordan Howard took to her social media accounts yesterday to reveal that she and her fiance Tyler are expecting their second child right after Christmas!

Jordan’s episode of ’16 and Pregnant’ caused quit a stir, due to interracial tension between Jordan’s mom and her baby-daddy.

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