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It’s a Boy for ‘Bachelor’ & ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Alum Melissa Rycroft

"Thanks, Easter Bunny!"

“Thanks, Easter Bunny!”

The stork had a little help from the Easter Bunny yesterday, apparently! Former Bachelor star (and Dancing with the Stars winner) Melissa Rycroft gave birth to her second child on Easter Sunday. Melissa and her husband, Ty Strickland, named the baby boy Beckett Thomas. He was born in the afternoon of April 20 and weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz.

“This little guy has been teasing us about his arrival for the last month so it is only fitting that he surprise us with his arrival on Easter Sunday,” Melissa said in a statement to People.

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Buy a Date with Former ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik!

Dating again

This could be you!

Have you always dreamed of going on one of those dream dates featured on The Bachelor? If spending the afternoon with one of the men featured on the show sounds like a great time to you (and you have an extra $2,500 burning a hole in your pocket), now is your chance to make your dream of dating a ‘Bachelor’ come true.

Unfortunately, it’s Ben “The Bore” Flajnik. But still.

For only $2,500, you can buy yourself a date with Ben in his hometown of San Francisco. Ben, who is a guest curator for the site, will spend the entire afternoon with you (one-on-one), showing you around town and taking you to his favorite local spots.

“It’s up to Ben what you do during your time together,” the site says. “After getting lunch or dinner at one of favorite restaurants, you might help him walk his dog on the beach, explore his San Francisco neighborhood, or chat over a cup of coffee.”

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The Ladies That Have Won ‘The Bachelor’: Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now

NOTE: This story was updated and all information is current as of July 2014!

Many of you Roundupers were curious to know what’s become of the “winners” of ‘The Bachelor’ (i.e. the women that these men chose as “the love of their lives” at the end of their seasons).

Because The Ashley loves a good “Where Are They Now” article, she decided to try to find out what’s happened to these women since the cameras turned off and rose wilted. (That was so cheesy but I just couldn’t resist. I think I should write for the show, yes?)

Anyway, here’s what The Ashley came up with…

(Season 1 Alex) : Amanda Marsh

Bachelor WinnerTHEN: Original ‘Bachelor’ Alex Michel chose Amanda Marsh at the end of the first season of ‘The Bachelor;’ however he didn’t propose. The couple split after a few months. After the ‘Bachelor’ hype died down, Amanda pretty much left the public eye, except for a brief stint as a DJ at a Kansas City radio station. In 2005, she got engaged to a salesman but they broke up before they could get married.

TODAY: Today she is a registered nurse and is married to a man named Jay. She lives in Kansas and gave birth to a daughter, Chloe, in March of 2010.

(Photo: ABC)

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. Dating Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Selma Alameri


"Why am I dating Selma? I can give you two good reasons!"

Arie Luyendyk Jr., the kissing Casanova that first appeared on The Bachelorette during Emily Maynard‘s season, seems to be making his way through a sea of ‘Bachelor’ franchise rejects!

In Touch magazine has just broken the news that Arie, who was dating Ben Flajnik‘s former fiance from the show, Courtney Robinson until last month, is now getting freaky with Selma Alameri, who got the boot from Sean Lowe earlier this season.

Selma, who you may remember is the former Muslim that didn’t want to kiss Sean on camera, has apparently visited Arie in his home state of Arizona.

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Former ‘Bachelors’: Where Are They Now?

It’s Bachelor time again! Forget cleaning, going out with friends or doing something respectable on Monday nights; from now until the day ‘Bachelor’ Ben drops to his knobby knee and nervously asked some giggly, fame-hungry girl to be his wife, consider The Ashley‘s Mondays booked!

In honor of the new season starting tonight (click here to read all about the new gals), The Ashley decided to find out what’s happened to the other guys who once handed out red roses as ‘The Bachelor.’ We all know that none of the couples that met on the show are still together, but what are these people up to today? The Ashley investigated…..

Alex Michel (Season 1):

THEN: In 2002, management consultant Alex Michel became the first ever ‘Bachelor.’ He chose youngin’ Amanda Marsh over Trista Rehn (who would go on to become the first ‘Bachelorette’ and one half of the sickening sweet ‘Bachelor’ success couple, Trista and Ryan.)

TODAY:After dating Amanda for a year (he didn’t propose), the couple broke up. Afterwards, Alex tried to get his foot further into the entertainment door, doing various appearances and reality TV commentary. After that fell flat, Alex became a spokesman for (take a guess) and is now a relationship expert and spokesperson for Princess Cruises. Here’s a good interview in which Alex talks about how he got on the ‘Bachelor’ and what it was like. As far as I can tell, he is still not married (but is in a serious relationship).

Aaron Buerge (Season 2):

THEN: Banker Aaron became the second ‘Bachelor’ in 2002. He chose Helene Eksterowicz at the end of his season and proposed. However, they only lasted a few weeks.

TODAY: Aaron is now married to a woman named Angye, who he met in a sports bar in his hometown of Missouri. The couple married in 2009 and now have a two-year-old daughter.

While his home life seems to be going well, things are um…less than rosy for Aaron financially. In early 2011, Aaron filed for personal bankruptcy after a loan he got for his chain of “Trolley” restaurants went kaput. In February his debt was listed as $9.3 million, however, according to this article, he is in control of the situation and working it off.

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‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Premiere: Three Hours of Drama & Brain Decay

I hope they drained the pool afterwards....and bleached it.

Well kids, here’s the good news: The Ashley survived the 95-hour long premiere of the Bachelor Pad 2. The bad news? Part of my brain is still numb from watching this crapfest, so bear with me.

Since there is no way any sane person can recap three hours of this nonsense, The Ashley has chosen to summarize the best (and by ‘best’ I mean worst, obviously) parts of the episode, so there may be some holes.

I'd honestly rather stare at this photo for three hours than watch 'Bachelor Pad' again.

The episode starts with the introductions of some of the cast (just the good ones, of course. The “fillers” don’t get a special ‘remember me’ montage). First up is Justin, aka “The Wrestler,” aka “Rated R” aka “the guy with the girlfriend” from Ali‘s season of ‘The Bachelorette.’ He’s obviously relishing in the fact that he will fill the ‘Bachelor Pad’ bad boy slot previously occupied by Cowboy Creepcrooner, Wes.

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