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‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Arrested (Again)! See Her New Mugshot!

Another mugshot for Babs to hang on her fridge!

Another mugshot for Babs to hang on her fridge!

Adam Lind still holds the record for most driving offenses (and arrests) of any Teen Mom 2 cast member, but it looks like Jenelle Evans is trying to give him a run for his (bond) money! Jenelle was picked up by Horry County cops last night. (Before we move forward, let’s all just take a moment to appreciation that somewhere in South Carolina, there’s a county called “Horry.”)

Anyway, Jenelle was pulled over while driving last night. When the officer discovered that she did not have a valid driver’s license (hers had been suspended), she was arrested and hauled down to the county jail. She was booked, mugshotted and eventually released on her own recognizance, after paying the $237.50 bond.

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Update on Troubled “16 and Pregnant” Star Valerie Fairman

Valerie is currently behind bars.

Valerie is currently behind bars.

Last week, 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star Valerie Fairman made headlines when she was picked up in Delaware for prostitution. The Ashley gave you the full, tragic story of what’s happened to Valerie since she taped her episode of the show in 2009. (Click here to read the full report.)

The Ashley wanted to provide a quick update on what’s happened to Valerie since her arrest. This is not a complete update; however. The Ashley will have some more information very soon, and you will definitely want to check back for that. (Trust me!)

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EXCLUSIVE: “16 and Pregnant” Star Valerie Fairman Caught Prostituting–The Real Story

16 and pregnant 2015 mugshot

The latest epic mugshot from Valerie…

The Ashley has been waiting for a good time to post this story. She has known about the, um, sexual hijinks of 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star Valerie Fairman for months now, but has tried to be respectful and not publish anything about it. However, since Val was just arrested for prostitution, The Ashley is posting everything she knows. Multiple sources have been informing The Ashley for nearly a year that Valerie was working the streets, and things finally came to a head today.

TMZ reported that Valerie, who gave birth to daughter Nevaeh on the show in 2009, was one of eight women arrested for prostitution in a recent sting.

“Valerie allegedly agreed to perform a sexual act for cash,” the site reported.

To find out the full scoop, The Ashley spoke with David Pryce, a former boyfriend of Valerie’s who just happens to be the uncle of Valerie’s baby-daddy, Matt. (Got all that?) Matt has also confirmed to The Ashley that the details posted below are correct.

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EXCLUSIVE! Leah Calvert’s Business Partner Responds to Claims Their Business is Being Investigated

"It's not illegal, y'all!"

“It’s not illegal, y’all!”

This morning, Radar Online broke the “news” that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert‘s new business was being investigated by the West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.

As you may remember, The Ashley recently told you back in December that Leah, started a salon called Gloss. Customers can get their makeup done, or be styled for a beauty pageant or photoshoot by Leah and her team. According to Radar‘s story, Leah’s salon is illegal, because Leah and the two other girls working there are not licensed to do the services they are providing.

“This business is very much illegal,” an spokesperson reportedly told Radar. “We will be launching an investigation.”

The Ashley reached out to Leah’s business partner, Leslee Pannell, to find out more information. Leslee shot down Radar‘s story about Gloss being under investigation.

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“16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Arrested–See Her Mugshot!

"I knew taking all those selfies would pay off eventually!"

“I knew taking all those selfies would pay off eventually!”

Nikkole Paulun has a growing pregnant belly–and apparently, sticky fingers!

The 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star, who is about 16 weeks into her second pregnancy, was arrested last night in her hometown of Monroe, Michigan! The blog Wrapped Up With Reality broke the news that Nikkole and her friend were picked up for “Third Degree Retail Fraud” last night. The Ashley has verified that Nikkole was, indeed, arrested and has since been released from jail.

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Second Ex-Girlfriend Accuses ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Adam Lind of Domestic Abuse

The pride of South Dakota...

The pride of South Dakota…

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind has been been released from jail, after being arrested on Sunday night for domestic stalking. Adam spent at least 24 hours behind bars for the charge, and, according to the Minnehaha County spokesperson that The Ashley spoke with, he is due to be back in court next week to face the charge.

While he may be out of jail, Adam’s problems are far from over. Last night, Radar Online reported that Adam’s ex-girlfriend, Brooke Beaton, not only charged Adam with domestic stalking, but has also filed a restraining order against him, claiming he’s “violent” and “has a bad temper.” She plans to take down Adam, and The Ashley can exclusively report that Brooke may be getting some help from another one of Adam’s (many) ex-girlfriends!

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