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‘Real World: Key West’ Star Svetlana Shusterman Claims She’s Being Stalked By Incubus Singer

"I'm being stalked!"

“I’m being stalked!”

File this one under: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

Svetlana Shusterman, who starred on Real World: Key West in 2006 and later on The Challenge: The Duel, recently filed a restraining order against Incubus singer Brandon Boyd. The ‘Real World’ hottie, who finished in second place on ‘The Duel,’ claims that Brandon has been “stalking her for years” and recently began threatening her life.

According to TMZ, Svetlana told police that Brandon followed her while she was driving onto the freeway and yelled that he was going to kill her. She has been staying at a friend’s house since the incident, but Svetlana says that Brandon has hunted her down and that she is terrified every day.

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“16 and Pregnant” Dad Weston Gosa Arrested, Delivers Another Classic Mugshot!

16 and pregnant whitney

Another fine offering, Weston.

There are mugshots, and then there are Weston Gosa mugshots.

The 16 and Pregnant Season 1 star never lets us down when it comes to delivering classic mugs. Weston, who is baby-daddy to Whitney Purvis, was arrested on charges of speeding and driving on a suspended license.

TMZ broke the story this morning but The Ashley has called up her Floyd County pals and they tell her that Weston’s arrest happened a little while back, on December 19.

The “feds” tell The Ashley that, in addition to the speeding and suspended license reported by TMZ, Weston allegedly was also picked up because he had an outstanding warrant!

This mugshot features an annoyed-looking Weston mugging for the camera underneath a pile of greasy bangs. That’s hot!

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Pregnant ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Arrested….Again

teen mom 2

The latest mug.


(Boy if I had a dollar for every time I started a story with that phrase…oh, wait, I kind of do…)

Anyway, while The Ashley was on a self-imposed two-day sabbatical,  Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested. (Well Juh-nelle, ya can’t even let The Ashley relax for a day without gettin’ arrested!?) Jenelle, who recently confessed that she is pregnant with her second child, seems to be having a bit of trouble in paradise with her boyfriend (and future baby-daddy) Nathan Griffith.

According to county jail records, Jenelle was booked into Horry (too easy) County Jail around 5 p.m. yesterday evening. In Touch Weekly broke the story yesterday that the ‘Teen Mom 2′ star was arrested, and is now reporting that police had to come to the South Carolina home that Jenelle shares with Nathan twice yesterday, both times to respond to reports of the couple arguing loudly.

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Two ‘Buckwild’ Cast Members Arrested This Month

Anna Davis Tyler Mugshots

It’s a ‘Buckwild’ party in the West Virginia county jail!

The show may be cancelled, but the stars of MTV’s Buckwild are determined to stay, well, buckwild!

Cast member Anna Davis was arrested early this morning for aggravated DUI, according to one of The Ashley‘s favorite sites, (You should really check it out; it’s truly hillbilly mugshot heaven!) Anna is looking sporty in her mugshot, wearing a fashionable gray shirt and some seriously large bags under her eyes!

Anna was released shortly after her arrest, but is due to appear back at the Kanawha County courthouse soon. After her release, she took to her Twitter to discuss her arrest.

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EXCLUSIVE! MTV Filming Special About Amber Portwood’s Release From Prison.

Teen Mom Jail

Amber’s a free woman!

It’s official– Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been released from the Indiana prison where she’s spent the last year. Chief Communications Officer of the Indiana Department of Correction Douglas S. Garrison confirmed her release to

While it’s certainly surprising that Amber, who was sentenced to five years behind bars for violating her probation and being in possession of a controlled substance, was released four years early, The Ashley has learned some even juicier news!

The Ashley can exclusively report that an MTV camera crew touched down in Indiana a few days ago and are currently filming for a special about Amber’s release! Multiple sources have confirmed to The Ashley that MTV is, indeed, in town, and filmed segments with Gary Shirley and his daughter, Leah, yesterday!

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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood to be Released From Prison in November!

teen mom

Amber’s about to be released!

The Ashley is thrilled to break this story!

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is about to be released from prison, The Ashley can exclusively reveal! Amber, who entered the Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana in June of 2012, after being convicted of domestic battery on baby-daddy Gary Shirley, as well as possession of a controlled substance, is going to be released a lot earlier than it was originally thought.

The Ashley was tipped off by a source that Amber is scheduled for release on or very close to November 6, 2013. (It may even be a few days earlier, the source says.) She was originally sentenced to five years in the state prison, but Amber has been working hard to get out of prison early.

Another source very close to Amber has confirmed to The Ashley that this is true.

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