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Person Who Catfished ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Claims to Have a Book Deal

"Oh HELL no!"

“Oh HELL no!”

Meri Brown‘s catfish nightmare seems to be never-ending! The Sister Wives star, who earlier this year engaged in an emotional relationship with a person she believed to be a man named Sam Cooper, has admitted that she was catfished by a woman named Jackie Overton who was pretending to be “Sam” for months. Although Meri is no longer falling for Jackie’s game of pretend, the catfish is still insisting that Sam is, indeed a real person.

On a blog kept by “Sam,” a new post states that “he” has been offered a book deal to discuss what happened between “him” and Meri during the months of their affair. (According to Meri, and by all accounts, she never actually met or Skyped with “Sam.” Jackie was able to change her voice to sound like a male, which is how Meri was able to be fooled into thinking she was “dating” a guy.)

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‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Releases Statement After Being Catfished by a Woman

"Well this is embarrassing..."

“Well this is embarrassing…”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

Back in August, The Ashley told you that Meri Brown had been a victim of catfishing. Now the Sister Wives star has come forward to confirm the news and discuss what happened.

Meri, who is no longer legally married to her spiritual husband, Kody Brown, thought she was having an online relationship with a man named Sam, but the person she was speaking with during that time  turned out to be a woman!

In a statement to Us Weekly, Meri admitted to the online affair.

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New Season 4B ‘Catfish’ Trailer Reveals Episodes Involving Perverts & Potential Murder

This is awesome.

This is awesome.

By Holly Rasmussen

Get your popcorn ready, folks! The second half of the fourth season of Catfish: The TV Show is coming our way! Over the past three-and-a-half seasons of the show we’ve seen some crazy stuff. The show has featured everything from people who are lying about illnesses, marriages, deaths and sexual orientation, to engagements [and even a few people who were actually telling the truth about who they are!]

The 10 new episodes of the fourth season will get even crazier. The Season 4B trailer shows stars Nev Schulman and Max Joseph contacting some pretty dangerous people.

“This is a 50-year-old pervert. That is the picture of who you fear you’re talking to on the Internet,” Max says of one catfisher in a clip from an episode.

In another clip, Nev talks to a guy who thinks he may have been an on the phone with his Catfisher as she was being attacked. Nev asks incredulously, “You were on the phone with someone as they may have been being murdered?!”

The trailer even shows Nev discovering one potential Catfisher could be catfishing from jail, a first for the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, other episode storylines will include a man who starts an online relationship to escape his unhappy marriage, and a woman who has her life nearly ruined when someone steals her name and photos.

Audiences have a lot in store for them this season: cops, potential murder, reputations ruined, and maybe even true love!

The new ‘Catfish’ episodes begin airing on MTV on July 8. Watch the new trailer below:

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‘Catfish’ Star Nev Schulman Auctioning Chest Hair for Charity

"But I grew it myself!"

“But I grew it myself!”

It’s not every day that you get to write a headline like that, is it?

Catfish star Nev Schulman is selling off his infamous chest hairs, all in the name of sweet (and slightly strange) charity. Nev’s hairy chest is almost as popular as his sidekick, Max Joseph— after all, the chest hair has its own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

(Seriously, what is wrong with you people?!)

To help raise funds for the organization Leave Out Violence, Nev is auctioning his chest hair (along with other cool ‘Catfish’-related goodies.) The chest hair, however, is one of the top prizes. One “lucky” winner will receive Max’s fur (no word on how many hairs will be included).

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The Ashley Presents: Reality TV-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2014

Happy Halloween, Roundupers! This is one of The Ashley‘s favorite holidays because, well, she’s naturally creepy. Anyway, each year, The Ashley does her best to help you guys come up with some last-minute reality-TV-inspired costumes. If you’re tired of trying to jam your candy-corn-stuffed body into one of those expensive Leg Avenue costumes from the party shop (the ones that leave your entire butt hanging out the bottom and have names like, “Sexy Triceratops” or something), then The Ashley has you covered!

Here, The Ashley presents several new reality TV costume ideas…

I get to be Jessa!

I get to be Jessa!

Pregnant Duggars

This makes for a great costume for a group of girlfriends, or actual sisters! Inspired by the oldest Duggar daughters from the show 19 Kids and Counting, these costumes are sure to be a hit! Although only one Duggar is currently pregnant (Jill), her sister Jessa is getting married tomorrow, so she’ll be knocked up by Tuesday.

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‘Catfish’ Meets ‘Saved By The Bell’…And Brilliance Occurs

screech catfishAnyone that has followed The Roundup knows that The Ashley is completely obsessed with Saved by the Bell. (No she didn’t watch the stupid TV movie nor will she, out of protest!) Obviously, The Ashley also loves reality TV, so when anyone puts these two great things together, it warrants a post on The Roundup.

The brilliant folks at VKMTV Studios imagined what it would have been like had the crew from Catfish been around to help one of Bayside High’s geekiest students find love. Of course, Screech was pining for “Bambi” (who was actually just Zack dressed in a really bad Halloween wig) long before the days of the Internet, but the mashup of clips from the ‘Saved by the Bell’ episode and a ‘Catfish’ episode are, well, brilliant.

Check it out!

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