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‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Dolvett Quince to Diabetic Rob Kardashian: ‘I Want to Help You’ Get Fit!

"I want to!"

“I want to pump…you..up!”

Earlier this week, Rob Kardashian was hospitalized and diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, according to TMZ, who broke the news yesterday. Rob, the only son of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, apparently had no clue he was diabetic and, according to TMZ’s latest report, was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition that could have put Rob into a diabetic coma, had it been untreated.

Rob, who has struggled on-and-off with his weight for years, has not been seen in public since June, when he was photographed at an In & Out Burgers restaurant. The formerly svelte reality star has become somewhat of a hermit in recent months.

Last year, it was rumored that Rob was trying to get himself on The Biggest Loser, but that turned out to be untrue. Still, one of the weight loss reality show’s trainers, Dolvett Quince, is offering his services to Rob in hopes that he will get healthy in 2016!

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‘Biggest Loser’ Cast Changes! Bob Harper Returning as Host, Jessie Pavelka is Out

Who's in, who's out?!

Who’s in, who’s out?!

More big changes are hitting The Biggest Loser

Longtime host Alison Sweeney recently announced that she was leaving the show and would not be returning for its upcoming 17th season. Today, Bob Harper announced via People magazine that he would be taking Alison’s gig as host for Season 17.

“I’m super excited,” Bob told the magazine of his new role. “I know all of the ins and outs [of the show]. And let me tell you, the weigh-in room is going to be a completely different ballgame with me at the steering wheel.”

Last season, Bob headed up the new “Comeback Canyon” feature of the show, which gave eliminated contestants a chance to train with Bob to get back in the game. He has been with the show as a trainer since it premiered in 2004.

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EXCLUSIVE: Will New Trainers Jen Widerstrom & Jessie Pavelka Return to ‘The Biggest Loser?’

"Call us!"

“Call us!”

Tonight, another season of The Biggest Loser came to an end, as one contestant was crowned the show’s 16th winner. (The Ashley will not post who won, as to not spoil it for those of you who haven’t watched the finale yet.)

This season was unlike any season before it. Dolvett Quince became the senior trainer on the Ranch, as longtime trainer Bob Harper moved to a new role coaching “Comeback Canyon.” Two new trainers– Jen Widerstrom and Jessie Pavelka— replaced Jillian Michaels.

The new coaches proved to be popular this season, but so far NBC has not given the officially word that Jen and Jessie will be part of Season 17. In an exclusive interview with The Ashley last month, however, Jen and Jessie talked about their desire to return to the show.

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Will the ‘Biggest Loser’ Rules Change Due To Last Season’s Weight Loss Controversy?

Too Thin

Will there be another “Rachel” this season?

The finale of the most-recent season of The Biggest Loser spurred a big controversy when the season’s eventual winner, Rachel Frederickson, shocked everyone by losing nearly 60 percent of her previous body weight. Rachel’s frail appearance caused many of the show’s fans to demand that the rules of the show be amended to prevent future contestants from going into “unsafe” weight loss territory. (The Ashley attended the finale that night and interviewed Rachel. You can read her personal observations of Rachel here.)

The next season of ‘The Biggest Loser’ is rapidly approaching. With a Season 16 premiere date set for September 11, a whole new crop of contestants has already been sweating it out at the Biggest Loser Ranch for over two months now. The Ashley was lucky enough to be invited to go to the Ranch back in June to interview the show’s contestants and trainers.

She was also able to interview the show’s creator and executive producer, David Broome, and ask the question that nearly all fans of ‘The Biggest Loser’ are wondering: What is being done to prevent more contestants from ending up in an “extreme weight loss” situation?

To see what he told me, as well as what Rachel’s trainer, Dolvett Quince, thinks about the situation, click here!

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‘Biggest Loser’ Adds Two New Trainers Following Jillian Michaels’ Departure

New trainers Jessie and Jen-- they kinda look like Bob and Jillian, no? (Photo: Chris Haston/NBC)

New trainers Jessie and Jen– they kinda look like Bob and Jillian, no? (Photo: Chris Haston/NBC)

Last week, Biggest Loser fans were shocked to hear that fan-favorite trainer Jillian Michaels had left the show and would not appear in the upcoming sixteenth season.

Today, NBC announced that two new trainers, Jessie Pavelka (No, there is no relation to former Bachelor Jake Pavelka!) and Jennifer Widerstrom, have joined the cast for Season 16, which started taping last week at the Biggest Loser Ranch.

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‘Biggest Loser’ Winner Rachel Frederickson Admits She Went Too Far With Weight Loss

(Right) Rachel at the finale after party.

(Right) Rachel at the finale after party.

It’s been just over a week since Rachel Frederickson was crowned the Season 15 Biggest Loser winner after losing a staggering 155 lbs. She weighed in at 105 lbs. at the finale, and caused a wave of controversy after fans and critics called her too thin.

Rachel is finally speaking out about the issue. In a new cover story with People magazine, she admits she may have went too far losing weight for the finale.

The Ashley actually has a lot of inside scoop on this whole controversy. First of all, she was at the finale last Tuesday and actually interviewed Rachel. The Ashley also participated in a conference call the next day in which Rachel did some pretty…interesting things.  The Ashley has yet to discuss this situation at length, but has been peppered with questions about it.

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