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Exclusive Interview: “16 and Pregnant” Star Jamie Mckay Welcomes Second Baby

16 and pregnant

Jamie, Ryan and their two children Miah and Mason

Jamie McKay, who starred on the third season of 16 and Pregnant, surprised her social media followers today when she revealed that she and her longtime boyfriend Ryan McElrath recently welcomed their second child! While the couple was very public about Jamie’s first pregnancy with their four-year-old daughter Miah (she had the baby on national TV, after all!), they decided to keep the second pregnancy very quiet. In fact, Jamie never even announced on her social media accounts that she was pregnant!

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Two “16 & Pregnant” Season 3 Girls Reveal They Got Pregnant Again!

16 and pregnant

"Looks like we better get out the maternity clothes!"

In the past week, two more girls from MTV’s 16 & Pregnant have revealed that they have gotten pregnant again after appearing on the show. Danielle Cunningham of Season 3 took to her Facebook page a few days ago to share her big news with fans of the show.

“Yes, I’m almost four weeks [pregnant]” Danielle confirmed to The Ashley. She found out when she went to the doctor to go get birth control. (So much for that!) She is due at the beginning of July.

Jamie Alderman, the father of Danielle’s first child, Jamie Jr., is the father of this baby, Danielle’s mother, Casey, told The Ashley. Still, Casey is shocked to say the least.

“We have known but needed time to process it…I guess I cant change anything so I will be happy,” she told The Ashley. (Click here to read more about Danielle’s second pregnancy.)

In other “Girls From ’16 & Pregnant’ That Got Pregnant Again” news, Danielle’s Season 3 cast mate, Jamie McKay announced her own big news last night.

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Catching Up With “16 & Pregnant” Season 3 Star Jamie McKay

Jamie is back to being a blond!

Perhaps no episode shown during Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant caused viewers to yell “Oh heeelll no!” at their television screens as much as Jamie McKay‘s. Viewers watched as poor Jamie struggled as a new mom to baby Miah, all while her boyfriend Ryan was being a general creep-muppet to her. (Who could forget him showing up late–and hungover–to his daughter’s birth?)

When we last heard from Jamie and Ryan on the “Where Are They Now?” special, Ryan seemed to be attempting to be a better dad to Miah, and he and Jamie were working on their relationship. So what’s happened since then?

A lot, according to Jamie!

“Ryan and I are great!” she said in an exclusive interview with The Ashley. “He spoils me rotten. We are together and very happy.”

It seems like Ryan  has made a complete 180! Not only is he sober now (he was using and selling drugs when we saw him on ’16 & Pregnant’), he has also stepped up to his responsibilities towards his daughter, making Jamie consider a long-term future with him.

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’16 & Pregnant’ Season 3 Girls: Where Are They Now?

Note: The Ashley recently updated this story, which was first published in June of last year. The girls’ lives have changed a lot since we last saw them. MTV will air the Season 3 “Where Are They Now?” Special tomorrow night!

The Ashley has spent the last few months covering the very dramatic third season of 16 & Pregnant. Between the domestic violence, the crack-addict mothers and the verbally abusive baby-daddies, this season was jam-packed with TMZ-esque drama. (A few of the girls even made their way onto the gossip site! Congrats, gals!)

That being said, a lot has changed since the MTV camera crews left the homes of these girls.

Where Are They Now?

Jordan Ward:

The Ashley recently gave you guys an update on what’s changed for Jordan since her episode was filmed. (Click here to read it!) Jordan’s life has changed even more since that update. She moved to California to live with her husband on base and gave birth to her second child in November, a girl named Ari Monroe.


Jennifer Del Rio:

Oh, Jennifer. Of all the girls from Season 3, Jennifer  received the most attention from TMZ (an honor I’m sure she’s thrilled about.) She and her baby-daddy Josh went from engaged to beating each other up on her episode. They’ve each been arrested since the show, and Jennifer took the couple’s twins and went into hiding for months, not telling Josh where they were.

It was later discovered that Jennifer was in Illinois, which is where she and the twins have been living for the past year. She’s currently enrolled in her first semester of college.

According to her personal blog, Jennifer is often asked if she is still with her baby-daddy, Josh, to which she says, “No, Josh and I are not together. We are civil and happy the way we are. Just because I was on TV and in the media doesn’t mean that the world has to know everything. So, I will not mention why Josh and I decided to go our separate ways and I will not discuss if we are seeing other people.”

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