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Engaged ‘Catfish’ Stars Lauren & Derek Have Split


Is anyone else irrationally sad about this?!

Say it ain’t so! The only couple to ever find a happy ending on the reality show Catfish has called it quits!

Only weeks ago Lauren Meler and Derek Schullenbarger, who met on the second season of the show, shared their engagement photos with People magazine. The engaged couple had been living together in Derek’s home state of Maryland (Lauren is from Texas). According to the photographer that took their engagement photos, they seemed to be extremely happy together, which makes the split even more shocking.

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‘Catfish’ Couple Lauren & Derek Suffers Miscarriage

Sad news for our favorite 'Catfish' couple.

Sad news for our favorite ‘Catfish’ couple.

Catfish fans have been obsessed with Lauren Meller and Derek Shullenbarger ever since their episode aired earlier this season. (In case you’ve forgotten, they are basically the only couple to come out of that show that ended up staying together. Theirs was the episode that “featured” The Ashley‘s favorite ‘Catfish’ character ever, Levourne.)

Anyway, a little while ago, The Ashley gave you an update on how the couple has been doing since the show. They are still very much together!

Things have been going great for Lauren and Derek, but recently Lauren starting hinting that we would be let in on a very big surprise when their reunion special airs.

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‘Catfish’ Couple Lauren & Derek: Where Are They Now?

Where are they now 2013

Are they still together? Have they had a threesome with LeVourne yet?!

Catfish fans were shocked when, on the fourth episode of Season 2, the unexpected happened: the guy didn’t turn out to be a creepy 15 year old girl! When pretty Texas girl Lauren Meler finally met her MySpace boo of many years, Derek Shullenbarger, he turned out to be exactly who he said he was and the couple ended the episode in love. (The footage was shot in April, by the way.)

But where are they now? Get ready for another shock: they’re actually still together!

Lauren and Derek are not only still in love but they have actually moved in together! Lauren has made her way to Maryland to live with Derek and recently secured a job and a car in town.

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