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“16 and Pregnant” Star Markai Durham Regrets Abortion, Hints at Being Pregnant Again

16 and pregnant

Is there a bun in the oven!?

We watched her give birth to her daughter, Za’karia, during the second season of 16 and Pregnant. Later that year, in a “Very Special Episode” of the show, we watched as Markai revealed that she had gotten pregnant again shortly after her show aired and went through getting an abortion. (The “16 and Pregnant: No Easy Decision” special was deemed so controversial that MTV only aired it one time!)

And now? Markai may be pregnant….again!

Markai, who will turn 22 in December, recently hinted that she is once again “with child” and, this time around, plans to keep the baby. Apparently, she deeply regrets her decision to have an abortion back in 2010.

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Today in ’16 & Pregnant’ News….Rehab & Baby-Daddy Breakups!

Despite the fact that most of them were only featured on one episode of the MTV show, the girls of 16 & Pregnant still continue to intrigue us! This week has been especially full of ’16 & Pregnant’ news!

The Ashley has broken it all down into one neat lil’ post for ya’ll. Here’s what’s happening in the ’16 & Pregnant’ world:

16 & Pregnant

Back to rehab!

As Star/Radar Online told us this morning, Ebony Rendon-Jackson of Season 1 has checked herself into rehab. Of course, this is only a few months after her baby was taken away and she was arrested for the big “poop on the floor” unsafe living conditions scandal. Drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in their house at the time of arrest.

According to the article, she spent a week in rehab for depression following the arrest.

“They put her on medication and released her, and I didn’t feel you can give her help in a week’s time and then she’s better,” Ebony’s dad told Star. “She needs to continue getting help.”

Josh and Ebony have been able to see their daughter, Jocelyn, through supervised visitation. They were supposed to appear in court today to see if a custody arrangement could be worked out.

16 & Pregnant

“Really? You’re still trying to pull off those white-boy dreads?”

In other news, Markai Durham of Season 2 has announced that she and her baby-daddy James have split. (‘Member James? He was the white boy with dreadlocks that basically mumbled throughout the entire episode so they had to use subtitles so that we could understand him!)

“Its true [that] me and James are not together…we broke up without [any] bad blood or animosity towards one another. We are just both getting our life together is all. We have a lot to accomplish. He is still apart of [daughter Zakaria’s] everyday life as if we were together,” she told her Facebook fans.

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