I hope the Internet fan girls don't harpoon him. Seriously.

I hope the Internet fan girls don’t harpoon him. Seriously.

Yes, The Ashley is aware that Jenna Marbles is a YouTube star and not a reality TV star but…The Ashley likes her and predicts that we will soon be seeing her in some sort of reality show in the near future, so she’s going to write about her.

Anyway, if you’re like most 20-something girls in this country you have a secret obsession of watching YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles’ videos. The Ashley’s a big fan of Jenna (and especially her canine pals, Marbles and Kermit!) She’s a funny broad with a witty sense of humor. Plus, her videos are great to watch when you want to procrastinate from working, cleaning, getting out of bed, or just living life in general.

If you’re a big Jenna fan, you know that she was dating a guy known as Max “No Sleeves” Weisz for years. He lived with her and was a constant fixture in her videos. In December, the seemingly perfect couple announced that they had split, causing millions of teeny-boppers to cry over their computer keyboards. Neither would say the reason for the split, but it seemed like they had been able to remain friends. Jenna even appeared to support Max’s YouTube Channel.

Until now…

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