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‘Sister Wives’ Stars Claim Meri Brown Wants Kody to Take a Fifth Wife

I want to make this into a T-shirt.

I want to make this into a T-shirt.

Will there be a new wife added to the Brown family when the sixth season of Sister Wives premieres next month? After watching a new sneak peek clip of the new season, it sure seems like Meri Brown, the first wife of family patriarch Kody, is hoping that will be the case.

As for Kody and his other three wives—Janelle, Christine and Robyn? They think Meri and her match-making need to be stopped—pronto!

In the clip, Meri appears to be smitten with a woman named Natalie. No, friends, Meri is not turning to the same sex. She actually has her eye on Natalie for her husband, Kody. She tells her husband that she thinks Natalie is cute, implying that perhaps he should feel the same way. When Meri’s sister wives get a glimpse of the clip, it seems to give them a serious case of déjà vu.

“Oh my laws, again!?” Christine yells. “She has got to be reigned in! That woman’s insane!”

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New Season of ‘Sister Wives’ to Premiere in January 2015: Dayton’s Health to Be Discussed

SIster Wives

This family photo was taken on November 29, according to Christine’s Twitter account.

America’s favorite polygamous family, The Browns, are coming back next month! While we’ve been getting a decent dose of multi-wife hijinks thanks to My Five Wives, viewers are thrilled to hear that a new season of Sister Wives is on its way. TLC, the network behind both shows, announced today via TheWrap that the next season of ‘Sister Wives’ will premiere on Sunday, January 4. The first episode will bring two hours of Brown family fun.

“Kody and the Sister Wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – have settled into life in the cul-de-sac, but life is anything but easygoing for the family,” the network said in a statement. “The family prepares for two of their daughters, Mykelti and Madison, to graduate high school bringing a flurry of mixed emotions.

That’s not all that will be happening this season; it seems they are finally going to address what the heck is going on with Dayton, Robyn’s son.

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New Season of ‘Sister Wives’ to Focus on Brown Family’s Money Issues

season 5

“Do you have any spare change?”

The upcoming fifth season of Sister Wives may finally answer the question the show’s fans have been wondering for years: How the heck do these people afford everything?

According to a new press release distributed by TLC, the fifth season will focus on the Brown family‘s money issues. Over the past four years, we’ve watched Kody Brown and his wives build four brand-new houses, invest in random business opportunities (who could forget the “let’s open a gym” fiasco?) and seemingly support five adults and 17 children without ever going to an actual job.

While each of the Browns makes a sizable income from their participation on ‘Sister Wives,’ it appears that their reality TV salaries just aren’t hacking it these days, and the money problems are causing turmoil in the family.

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Take a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Fifth Season of ‘Sister Wives’

cody season 5

“I’ll be back…literally.”

Last week, The Ashley reported that the stars of Sister Wives had been spotted filming at various spots around Utah. At the time, TLC had yet to officially announce whether or not the show would be returning for a fifth season, but yesterday the network confirmed that the Brown family is, indeed, coming back!

According to a post on the show’s official Facebook page, the fifth season of ‘Sister Wives’ will premiere on Sunday, June 8, at 9/8c on TLC! The new season will apparently focus heavily on the Brown teens, many of which are already in college or heading off in the next few months.

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‘Sister Wives’ Cast Spotted Filming for Season 5!

"We're coming back!"

“We’re coming back!”

If My Five Wives just isn’t satisfying your craving for polygamous hi-jinks, you’re in luck: it looks like the original polyg-themed reality show, Sister Wives, is coming back for a fifth season!

Although TLC has yet to officially announce that a fifth season of the show is on its way, multiple sources have told The Ashley that the Brown family is busy filming the new season. A source says that Kody and Meri were filming in Utah earlier this week. (Perhaps visiting their daughter Mariah, who is attending college there?) The source said that everyone was extremely friendly.

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‘Sister Wives’ By the Numbers

Sister Wives Cast

The fourth season of Sister Wives ended last month and, so far, TLC has not released any new information as to whether or not the show will be renewed for a fifth season. (The Ashley has no doubt the show will be picked up, though. The ratings are good and people continue to be fascinated by polygamy!)

‘Sister Wives’ premiered in September 2010, and, since then, we’ve learned a lot about the members of the Brown family. Here, The Ashley breaks down the show using only numbers!

1 Number of wetbars in Meri Brown’s new home

1 Number of dates it took Kody to tell Robyn he loved her.

(According to the family’s book, Kody said the “L” word the very first time he went out with Robyn alone.)

2 Number of ex-husbands the Sister Wives have

(Jenelle and Robyn were each married before they married Kody).

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