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‘Sister Wives’ By the Numbers

Sister Wives Cast

The fourth season of Sister Wives ended last month and, so far, TLC has not released any new information as to whether or not the show will be renewed for a fifth season. (The Ashley has no doubt the show will be picked up, though. The ratings are good and people continue to be fascinated by polygamy!)

‘Sister Wives’ premiered in September 2010, and, since then, we’ve learned a lot about the members of the Brown family. Here, The Ashley breaks down the show using only numbers!

1 Number of wetbars in Meri Brown’s new home

1 Number of dates it took Kody to tell Robyn he loved her.

(According to the family’s book, Kody said the “L” word the very first time he went out with Robyn alone.)

2 Number of ex-husbands the Sister Wives have

(Jenelle and Robyn were each married before they married Kody).

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New Episodes of ‘Sister Wives’ to Air This Month

Kody, his wives and his mullet will be coming back very soon!

Kody, his wives and his mullet will be coming back very soon!

Get ready for more polygamy hi-jinks! Kody Brown and his four wives–Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn– are set to return to our television screens later this month!

According to a press release distributed by TLC, Sister Wives will be back on TV starting on December 29, and from the looks of it, the new episodes will contain some pretty heavy stuff!

The eight new episodes aren’t officially being called a new season for some reason. The fourth season, which ended in September, saw the wives moving into their new cul-de-sac homes (except for Meri, who was probably still whining that she didn’t get her damn wet bar!) This season, there will be a plethora of new drama!

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‘Sister Wives’ Returning for Fourth Season Later This Month! What Will We See?

Kody Brown Family

“We’re coming back!”

If you can’t get enough of the polygamy hi-jinks of the Brown Family, you’re in luck! TLC has finally announced a premiere date for the fourth season of Sister Wives! Kody (and his hair), Meri, Robyn, Christine and Janelle will be returning to our TV screens on Sunday, July 21!

A lot has happened since we last saw the Browns. They’ve moved into their four new houses, but one big question still remains: did Meri get her wetbar?! I have been holding my breath for months, and I just can’t stand it anymore! And…was she forced to put a (gasp!) sliding glass door in her house instead of the French doors she wanted? Oh, the horrors!

According to a press release from TLC, we will finally get answers to some of the other questions we were left with at the end of Season 3. Meri will finally decide whether or not she’s going to take Robyn up on her offer to surrogate a child for her and Kody. (Does anyone else ever feel like this whole show is basically about Kody, Meri and Robyn? Janelle and Christine always seem like background players to me. In fact, I think Janelle checked out of this whole mess about three years ago and is just there to collect a paycheck!)

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Answers to More of Your Frequently Asked ‘Sister Wives’ Questions

Although The Ashley doesn’t write about it as often as she’d like, she’s a big fan of the show Sister Wives on TLC. Every time The Ashley watches an episode of the show, however, she’s left with a ton of burning questions about the way these people live and um, love, (if you know what I mean).

A while back, The Ashley dug up the answers to some of the questions she had about the Brown family (you can read that article here).

In this installment, The Ashley provides answers to some of the other frequently asked questions about the ‘Sister Wives.’

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Answers to Your Frequently Asked ‘Sister Wives’ Questions!


“We’re just like your family…only different.”


The Ashley is totally addicted to the show Sister Wives! However, watching this show always leaves me with a ton of questions regarding the Brown family, their finances and relationships. (How do these women manage not to claw each other’s eyes out on the regular?)

She did her best to track down answers to some of these burning ‘Sister Wives’ questions!

Q: How does the Brown family have enough money to afford all those houses, kids and vacations when none of the adults seem to have jobs?

A: Kody and his wives have mentioned their employment from time to time on the show. We know that Meri got fired from her job in Utah after the family went public as polygamists, and Janelle had trouble finding a job after the family moved to Vegas. So where do these people get enough money to support their lifestyle (and loads of kids?)

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‘Sister Wives’ to Release Tell-All Book This Spring!

Holy cow! Janelle looks so great, right?!

Fans of the show Sister Wives will finally be able to get answers to all their plural marriage questions when the show’s stars release their first book in May. If you’re anything like The Ashley, you probably watch the show and have a ton of questions swimming around in your head regarding the show.

I want to know how these women don’t lose their minds since they are essentially married not only to a husband, but three other women. That’s way too many feelings to consider!

Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage was written by Kody Brown and his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin and promises to answer all the creepy questions people ask them in regards to their unusual marriage(s).

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