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Source Says ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s DUI Explanation is a Lie!

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“It’s not my fault…ever!”

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made national headlines after getting busted for DUI in Omaha on the night of St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, Farrah ran straight for the tabloids to tell “her side of the story.” (Hey, she’s got to make a few bucks off of every opportunity she can, now that those MTV paychecks aren’t flowing in anymore).

However, according a very good source that The Ashley spoke with for a story she helped with for Today’s “The Clicker,” Farrah’s explanation is a bunch of crap! According to the source, Farrah tried to blame anyone should could for her own bad decision.

Let’s start at the beginning….

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Brother of ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Defends His Sister After Her Arrest

December 2011

Again with the tarantula eyelashes?!

Oops, she did it again! Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is once again behind bars.

Amber was arrested at her house yesterday. According to E! Online, the cops came to Casa de Amber because she missed her latest parole hearing. While at the house, they discovered some mystery pills in Amber’s purse that she did not have a prescription for. Because of this, the cops slapped the cuffs on her and hauled her downtown to the clink.

This comes just days after it was revealed that Amber had violated at least five of her probation terms (which stemmed from her on-air beatdown of baby-daddy Gary Shirley).

However, he always-outspoken brother, Shawn Portwood (who is affectionately known as “Bubby” by Amber) wanted to make it clear that not everything we’ve heard about Amber’s troubles are true. He took to his blog to defend his sister and rebut the claims that she’s violated her probation.

“I want to debunk some of the outrageous claims,” he wrote this morning.

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Back to Jail for ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans?

What would Barbara say about this?

Oh, Jenelle…just when us Teen Mom 2 fans were really starting to believe that you wanted to turn your life around, you pull a fast one on us.

As all ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Jenelle Evans has had her share of run-ins with the law, and is currently on probation after pleading guilty to drug charges for crimes committed back in October of last year. Part of the terms of her probation required her to submit to monthly drugs and alcohol testing, as well as pay court costs.

She was also required to do some community service, which she did. (Click here to see the photos of her sporting a dazzling community service orange vest and working the  trash-picker-upper claw.)

Seems like Jenelle has blown off both of these rules. According to Radar Online, who broke the story, Jenelle is not only behind on her court and probation supervision fees (by $320!) but she has also failed to complete the required aftercare program, following her stint in rehab. (I guess it was court-mandated after all!)

More importantly, Jenelle failed this month’s drug test, testing positive for THC (which is found in pot) on July 13!

In true Jenelle fashion, she celebrated the failed drug test by–what else?– smoking some more wacky tobaccy! She even posed for photos with the pot two days after failing the drug test. Naturally, TMZ got their mitts on those photos and was kind enough to share them with us. 

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Champ Hines Ward Busted For DUI

"I should have taken the bus!"

Pittsburgh Steeler and the most recent Dancing With the Stars champion, Hines Ward, was arrested yesterday for “The DUI” in Georgia.

Oh, Hines. If you really were driving drunk, you’ve disappointed us…we thought you were one of the good ones. Besides, did you forget that you have million of dollars? If The Ashley can afford to take a cab home from a bar after a night of too many Cabo Wabo shots, so can you.

Anyway, it appears Hines had quite the busy evening on the night of the arrest. He visited a few high-quality establishments, including the Oasis Gentleman’s Club. Perhaps he was just there to provide the ladies with his ‘Dancing With the Stars’ expertise?

Despite the arrest, Hines is sticking to his story that he was not driving drunk. According to TMZ, he may be telling the truth. In fact, TMZ spoke with several people that were at the places Hines was on the night of his arrest and all of them state he only had a few drinks.

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It’s Mugshot Time for ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gary Shirley!

TMZ always gets the mugshot!

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley was arrested yesterday! Apparently, he was feeling left out, what with all the other 16 & Pregnant stars getting their mugshots posted on TMZ, and yearned to have a mugshot of his own on the site– mission accomplished, GarBear!

So what happened?

According to the official arrest report (and the corresponding Starcasm story) an officer approached Gary’s car around 1:30 a.m. after he noticed a man and woman fighting. (Any guesses as to who that woman was? I’ll give you hint: she has an orange face and a record of domestic violence!) The officer asked for identification, which Gary handed over.

Unfortunately for GarBear, he was driving on a suspended license, which means Gary got an all expenses paid trip to the Madison County, Indiana jail! His license had been revoked in November due to too many unpaid parking tickets (at least that’s what Gary has said.)

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Surprise Surprise! Another “16 & Pregnant” Star Arrested for Assault

Look, she already has her hands ready for handcuffs! (Photo: MTV)

16 & Pregnant Season 2 alum, Valerie Fairman, is the latest gal from the show to be arrested for assault.

According to her local newspaper, Valerie is facing charges in Juvenile Court for assaulting her mother during a fight at the family’s home earlier this month, according to authorities. She was detained at the county Youth Center (is that like jail for kids?) for several days.

According to the article, Valerie allegedly punched her mother and pushed her to the floor on Tuesday, April 5. According to the reports, she hurt her mother pretty bad, allegedly causing her to suffer a broken vertebra. Damn girl!

What is it with this show?! MTV sure has a knack for picking girls who are inclined to violence. Of course, I understand that the stress of being a teen mother can bring out the worst in people; however it’s no excuse for violence, especially against people who love you.

Valerie, if you’ll remember, was one of the girls that appeared on the second season of 16 & Pregnant.

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