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‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Episode 6 Recap: The One Where Everyone Ditches Their Kids

If someone doesn't put this image on a T-shirt I will be very disappointed...

If someone doesn’t put this image on a T-shirt I will be very disappointed…

Welcome back to TeenMom-ville, where the MTV money is flowin’ and the drama keeps growin’ by the episode! This week’s episode will be a doozie– what with all the court papers, medical issues and baby-daddy drama that MTV has managed to pack into one hour. Let’s get this party started!

The episode starts off in Michigan, where Baby Nova is screaming and Catelynn is searching for someone to deal with it. Catelynn’s mom, April, agrees to watch the kid, much to Catelynn’s relief. Catelynn tells us that April has been watching Nova a lot because Catelynn’s been busy “adjusting to life after her wedding.”

Wait…what? That makes no sense at all, MTV. Whoever is writing these voice-overs is slacking Matt-and-Amber style because this explanation is ridiculous. Catelynn and Tyler already lived together, so it’s not like they are busy moving into their newlywed nest. They already had a baby before getting married so…what is there to adjust to? She’s literally just wearing a new ring. Oh, and she has to put all the loot from her wedding away. That’s about it.

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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Rock-Filled Vests & Reliving Trauma

"Y'all are nuts!"

“Y’all are nuts!”

By Holly

It’s time for another trip to the madhouse that is Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Last week, Sugar Bear was admitting to gay sex, everyone acted out their sex lives via puppets, and Sundy most definitely didn’t sleep with Althea’s husband…or maybe she did. How can this new episode possibly even come close to that?!

We start out this week with Bachelor Sean playing personal trainer to Mama June. While they’re getting their sweat on, Cedric is in the kitchen complaining about how Sundy never told him that she may have hooked up with Benzino 15 years ago. To get through this mess, the counselors call them all to the carpet for another activity. They say it’s day seven. Seven? Really? All this nonsense has happened and it’s only been a week? These people are exhausting!

The counselors make the couples split up and identify what event in their past caused them pain.

“This should help them gain some perspective,” the counselors say.

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Episode 5 Recap: Weird T-Shirts, Whining & The Wedding



Welcome back, Teen Momers! As you may have noticed, The Ashley took last week off from recapping “The OG” but now she’s rejuvenated and ready to tackle this week’s 90-MINUTE wedding episode! Yes, kids, after 10 years, two kids, a disastrous season on Couples Therapy, and countless staged conversations about their relationship, Catelynn and Tyler are finally tying the knot– and MTV was there to capture it all! This recap is long– but so was the episode– so let’s get started!

We start things off with Catelynn, who is just days away from saying “I do.” She and Tyler, along with every member of their families (and possibly each family member’s parole officer) are crammed in a house that is near the wedding site. Everyone is staying in the house except Butch, who is currently shacking up at the nearest campground (as you do), so he doesn’t have to hear the screams of passion of his ex-wife April and her new husband, who are also at the house.

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‘Bachelor’ Ben Episode 4 Recap: Bad Burlesque & Breaking Up Twins in Las Vegas

Same mouth, different state...

Same mouth, different state…

Welcome to Week 4 of The Bachelor, where the skirts start to get smaller and the fake medical emergencies start getting more frequent!

The episode starts with the girls sitting around the house, waiting to see who will get to spend a few private moments with Ben. Chris Harrison comes in to inform the girls that Ben has left the building. The girls all gasp in fright, worried that the producers have stolen their Prince Charming and replaced him with that Sultan of Sin, Juan Pablo!

"I want to get out of this house so badly, I'd be happy with a trip to Death Valley!"

“I’m so happy to get out of this house, I’d be happy with a trip to Death Valley!”

Of course, Chris is just messing with the girls. He announces that Ben has been flown to Las Vegas, where the girls will be going to meet him. Everyone starts squealing in delight. Um..half of you broads live in Los Angeles. Stop acting like you don’t got to Vegas four times a year.

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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Puppet Lovin’ & Past Lovers’ Quarrels

WTF are we watching?

WTF are we watching?

By Holly

Another week, another episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Last week’s episode was full of bombshells—when we left off, Sugar Bear had just admitted to Mama June that he’s had sex with men in the past, and Benzino was threatening to call the cops on Althea after she hit him during a fight.

Oh yeah, we also learned last week that Althea is pregnant. Who could forget Benzino screaming, “You’re going to jail! You and your baby!” to Althea after she hit him?

Before we can get to the pregnant woman jailing, though, we have to listen to the house’s “perfect” couple, Sean and Catherine, weigh in on the Althea/Benzino fight.

“Under no circumstances would Catherine and I fight like that,” Sean says. “I would never disrespect her like that in front of anyone.”

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Episode 3 Recap: The One Where Everyone Parties…But Farrah

That face you make when you realize Farrah is still on this stupid show...

That face you make when you realize Farrah is still on this stupid show…

It’s time to check back in with our favorite not-so-teenaged moms! This week, our four heroines will be making more bad life decisions, and, luckily MTV was there to document them all! This episode will be extra special because there will be strippers involved (who are oddly not Farrah…).

We kick things off in Michigan, where Catelynn and Tyler are only weeks away from getting hitched. They’ve decided to forgo Catelynn’s idea of having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party because, well, Tyler wants some enormous stripper boobies in his face before he says “I do.”

Catelynn is trying her best to be a progressive fiance and act like she’s totally fine with Tyler, his friends and of course Butch heading out in a party bus to a strip club (because, I mean…what could go wrong in that scenario?!)

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