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‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Tell-All Recap: No One Tells Anything

"I'm gonna make you earn those TLC paychecks tonight, Brown family!"

“I’m gonna make you earn those TLC paychecks tonight, Brown family!”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

It’s time for the two-hour “Sister Wives Tell-All!” At the end of every season, Kody Brown and his wife Robyn (along with “the others”) sit down with Tamron Hall to film a “tell all.” Since this season covered the catfishing of Meri Brown, this special should actually have some juicy parts.

Tamron, who has the best narrator voice ever, starts the show out by talking about how Meri initiated a divorce from Kody so he could marry Sobbin’ Robyn. While Robyn and  Meri wanted the legal marriage between Kody and Robyn to have a some fanfare, Kody did not. And, if we’ve learned anything from this show it’s that Kody always gets his way. They discuss how Kody basically told his wives that what they wanted in regard to his wedding to Robyn didn’t matter, and Kody seems to have no remorse for acting like a total douche-nozzle for the majority of the season.

Tamron isn’t playing, however. She’s determined to get some actual usable soundbites from the Browns. 

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‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Season Finale Recap: Reeling Over a Catfish Scandal

"Clearly I am not great at choosing men."

“Clearly I am not great at choosing men.”

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s time for the Sister Wives season finale! After weeks of stalling (and even a fake out on last week’s episode), it is finally time for the Browns to address Meri Brown’s catfish catastrophe! As The Ashley has previously reported, Meri got caught up in an intimate online affair with a man… who turned out to actually be a very creepy woman. Finally, we will hear Meri’s side of the story –well, the TLC-spun version of the affair, anyway.

Before that, however, we catch back up with the family while they are in Alaska on vacation. Maddie and her boyfriend, Caleb, and Logan and his girlfriend, Michelle, head out on a double date. There is a purpose for this on-camera date, of course. The producers want Maddie and Logan to talk about how they don’t want to be polygamists like their parents.

On the confessional couch, the kids’ mother, Janelle, weighs in on the polygamy issue.

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‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: The Brown Family Terrorizes Alaska

The wives just realized they'll be stuck in a cabin for eight days with Kody...

The wives just realized they’ll be stuck in a cabin for eight days with Kody…

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

This week on Sister Wives, the Brown family decides to leave the humidity of Vegas (it wreaks havoc on Kody’s hair) and head to Alaska for a family vacay. Of course, Robyn and Kody have decided to announce the gender of their newest baby (Kody’s 18th kid) to the family while on the vacation.

There will be a few special guests going on the Brown family vacation this time. We find out that oldest son Logan will be bringing his girlfriend Michelle along. She comes from a small family and seems very normal.

Run, Michelle, run! Get out while you still can!

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“90 Day Fiance” Episode 4 Recap: Skydiving Proposal, Sleeping In & the Sloppy House

messy man houseBy Meghan Flannery

It’s time to dive back in to the strange and sometimes creepy world of 90 Day Fiance!

This week’s episode begins with Mark cooking breakfast for his still-sleeping, much younger fiancé Nikki. It appears that Nikki may be just as creeped out by the idea of her sleeping with Mark as we are, as she currently has her own bedroom. Just to be sure that Mark can’t creep into her bed after-hours, though, Nikki sleeps lying width-wise across the bed, leaving no room for Mark to join her.

Nikki has been in the United States for four days, and Mark says there have been some challenges. One of those challenges appears to be getting Nikki to wake up in the morning. (Don’t worry, Mark; a lot of people have trouble waking their teenagers up for school!)

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‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Adoption Party & A Creepy Portrait

"Meet my newest spawn!"

“Meet my newest spawn!”

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s time to head back over to the Brown family cul-de-sac for an hour of the Kody and Robyn Show, otherwise known as Sister Wives. Last episode, the judge ruled that Kody could legally adopt Robyn’s three kids from her previous marriage, so the Browns are still riding high from that.

In a surprising twist, DaytonAuroraandBreanna are going to Montana to see their biological father, David Preston Jessop.  It’s impressive that the Browns are still facilitating this relationship even though they don’t legally have to. (They are, however, very careful to only refer to David as the kids’ “biological dad” now, instead of just their “dad.”)

The kids are excited, but nervous. They haven’t actually spent any time with their father in two years. When they return to Las Vegas, the Brown family will be throwing a party for them to celebrate their adoption.

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‘Kendra On Top’ Season 4 Finale Recap: It’s a Nice Day for a White (Trash) Wedding

Hank's face says it all.

Hank’s face perfectly describes this wedding.

By Holly Rasmussen

We’ve made it to the season finale of Kendra on Top! Somehow we’ve managed to wade through the fake fights, numerous ugly cry sessions and Kendra’s attempts to act like she’s having an affair, and have arrived at the finish line of this crap pile of a season. Let’s see what kind of drama they can manufacture for this event!

We pick up where we left off last episode, with Kendra following Hank on his business trip to Seattle. She wants to apologize to him for staying out all night and making him miss his flight. Hank isn’t thrilled to see her (and her camera crew) show up at his meeting, and his business partners look annoyed. Kendra tells Hank that she flew up to see him because she feels like he wants to divorce her.

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