Reed Robertson Duck DynastyThe idea of reality TV fame and fortune may seem appealing to most people, but there’s a dark side to the instant notoriety a hit TV show can bring.  Duck Dynasty star Reed Robertson realized this after his family’s show became a hit. He recently admitted that the pressure of being on the show took a heavy toll on him, even causing him to consider suicide at one point.

“A couple of years ago I started to get real cynical…because I thought I had it all figured out. I guess I got really caught up in thinking that I was better than everyone else because of who my family was,” Reed, who is the son of Jase and Missy Robertson said in a just-released Christian short film called ‘IAmSecond.’ “I mean, really, 12 million people watch us every year, every week actually. I guess that’s part of the pressure that’s on me.

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