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Dr. Drew Confirms He’s Done with “Celebrity Rehab”

Celebrity Rehab

“You do realize I have like 50 other jobs, right? I’m the medical version of Ryan Seacrest!”

If you’ve been waiting for VH-1 to deliver a fresh batch of wasted, trainwrecky celebrities at your door in the form of a new season of Celebrity Rehab, it looks like you’re out of luck.

The show’s star/producer/everything, Dr. Drew Pinsky, recently confirmed on the Zach Sang & the Gang radio program that he’s not going to be doing any more seasons of the show, mainly because he’s tired of getting blamed when one of these celebs dies.

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Dr. Drew Bringing Back ‘Celebrity Rehab’….Without the Celebrities

"I don't need another show...I need a vacation!"

Dr. Drew is the Silver Fox that will not stop! He’s added yet another job to his already busy schedule, which includes a daytime talk show on HLN and the show Lifechangers (which three of the girls from Teen Mom will be featured on very shortly, by the way).

He is also the host of the 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom reunions. And he does the “Loveline” radio show every night. And he’s a doctor.

He’s like Ryan Seacrest…only with glasses….and not annoying.

Anyway, the good Doctor will once again be trying to help drug addicts get sober, according to a Newswire press release that went out today. Dr. Drew is known for his Celebrity Rehab show (as well as its spin offs Sex Rehab and Sober House), but according to the press release, the new season will not feature famous people.

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