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‘Survivor’ Stars “Boston” Rob & Amber Mariano Expecting Fourth Child

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2014 will bring another lil’ Mariano!

That Boston Rob sure is one fertile Myrtle!

The Survivor star announced on New Year’s Eve that is wife (and former ‘Survivor’ cast mate) Amber is pregnant again! This will make Baby No. 4 for the couple, who got engaged during a live ‘Survivor’ finale back in 2004.

“My wife Amber is so hot, I can’t keep my hands off her,” he tweeted, along with a sonogram picture. “Here is to 2014!!!”

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10 Couples That Fell In Love Because of Reality TV

For all the criticism that reality television gets, it does actually does do (a little) good in the world, other than bringing train wreck entertainment for you to watch and The Ashley to write about. There are many couples that are now enjoying marital (or almost marital) bliss, after meeting on a reality television show.

Ironically, there have been more successful marriages that have come out of shows that are not romance-based than shows, like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, that are. As we all well know, only two couples from either of those shows have ended up actually walking down the aisle (Jason and Molly Mesnik of ‘The Bachelor’ and Ryan and Trisa Sutter of ‘The Bachelorette.’) The rest of the couples from the shows have pretty much crashed and burned, save for the most recent specimens.

Anyway, just for fun, The Ashley brings you 10 couples that never would have met (and fallen in love) had it not been for reality television. Obviously, there are many more reality TV couples, but The Ashley only included those that met on non-romance-themed shows, and that got married (or engaged) because of it.

1. Holly Durst & Blake Julian (Bachelor Pad 2)

If ‘The Bachelor’ is grandfather of romantic reality shows, ‘Bachelor Pad’ is the horny little brother. Although it’s not exactly a place that anyone would expect to find true love (or even a relationship that lasts longer than it takes to finish a few bottle of Patron), Holly Durst and Blake Julian did just that in 2011, when they met, fell in love and got engaged during ‘Bachelor Pad 2.’ During the finale special of the show, Blake and Holly revealed their engagement (much to the dismay of Holly’s ex-fiance, Michael Stagliano, who was still pining for her). They married in June 2012. (Click here to see their adorable wedding video!)

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“Boston” Rob Finally Wins ‘Survivor’…and a Heap ‘O’ Money!


After nearly 10 years, multiple attempts and having to watch his girlfriend (and future wife) Amber take home the prize instead of him, “Boston” Rob Mariano finally won the game of Survivor, along with the million dollar prize (and a bonus $100,000 just for being everybody’s favorite!)

The Ashley hasn’t been writing about Survivor much this season, as she found most of the people on the show rather boring. Even the added element of Redemption Island couldn’t save this season of Survivor from being a total snoozefest. The only things that kept me watching were Boston Rob and Ralph’s hillbilly overalls.

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“Survivor” Star ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano Will Appear on (Another) Reality Show

"Oh boy! Another reality show!"

In case you haven’t gotten enough of “Boston Rob” Mariano after two seasons of The Amazing Race and 19,000 seasons of Survivor, (not to mention the Rob & Amber Wedding Special), I’ve got some good news for you: he’s getting his very own reality show!

Seriously, does everybody need their own reality show? Everybody from Audrina Patridge to freaking Sinbad has a reality show now.

Anyway, according to People magazine, Rob and Dennis Anderson (some monster truck guy) will star in a show called “Around the World in 80 Ways” on the History Channel. On the show, Rob and Dennis “will challenge each other to circumnavigate the globe using 80 different methods of transportation with the caveat that each cannot repeat any way twice.”

Maybe Rob will choose to ride fellow Survivor alum, Russell Hantz as one of his methods of transportation?

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Valentine’s Day Special: The Ashley’s 10 Favorite Reality Show Couples

It’s Valentine’s Day, which is also one of The Ashley’s favorite days of the year! In honor of this special day, The Ashley has composed a list of her favorite reality TV show lovers.

Now before you go arguing with me that “so and so” should be on the list, here are the requirements that I used: 1) the couple must still be together (sorry Nick & Jessica) 2) the couple must not annoy me (sorry Heidi & Spencer) and 3) the couple must have been on a reality show together or separately at some point.

On with the show!!

10) Tenley & Kiptyn (Bachelor Pad)

Tenley and Kiptyn (otherwise known as Tentyn? Kipley?) are like a human incarnation of a Disney movie couple. They managed to maintain a sappy-sweet relationship, and remain relatively wholesome, despite the fact that they were on a show that was basically just one big STD exchange. Kiptyn and Tenley met right before they started filming ‘Bachelor Pad,’ and their relationship continued to bloom despite the whoring going on around them. While zip-lining over Catalina, the couple made their relationship official.

“These adventures and my relationship have inspired me to live big and do what I can to make a difference. I am so encouraged to look at life and how I live it, opening my eyes to future dreams and looking forward instead of looking back,” Tenley recently told Ladies Lounge.

Wow…even their quotes sound like they came out of the mouth of Cinderella.

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They Took the "Biggest Loser Couples" Title Literally!


Cheesy beach theme? Check. Eyes staring to the horizon? Check. Muscle shirt? Check. They should use this as their engagement photo!

I will admit that I have neglected The Biggest Loser this season because I just can’t seem top pull myself away from American Idol ( a show about fat people just can’t compete with a show with people with who are missing teeth and Simon not giving a rat’s ass about what happens this season. It’s all too good for me to miss!)

That said, I did watch the show at the beginning at this season and got to know the contestants somewhat. Of all the contestants that started, I picked out two that would totally be hot once they lost all the fat. I picked Sam and Stephanie.

Apparently, they thought so too, as they are now dating! I feel like this has a good chance to work. It’s kind of like when Rob and Amber fell in love on Survivor— if you can love someone when they are dirty, stinky and have overgrown toenails, you can love them anytime. Same thing here: the contestants on Biggest Loser are big, sweaty, grunting and unattractive for most of their time on the ranch. If they can still fall for one another that probably means they like the right things about each other: what’s inside.

According to

After Sam is ejected from the game, the show’s cameras go to catch up with him — and reveal that he is now dating fellow contestant Stephanie. The pair is now living together in Los Angeles. Sam has reached his goal weight, and is no longer trying to shed pounds. The couple seems very happy together. In fact, Sam seems really happy.
Sam has this to say about his new romance: “I come home to my at-home prize every day.” Stephanie says this about her boyfriend: “I have a case of the Sams.”

The Biggest Loser has a good track record of getting contestants hooked up. When contestant Suzie cut Matt’s hair for him a few seasons back, true love blossomed and they ended up getting married and having some kids (and putting a lot of the weight back on, but that’s another story.) They’re already living together; I can totally see a big Bachelor-style dream wedding NBC special in the future!!!! Get your diamonds, Steph!

And, just for the record, I was totally right— Sam and Stephanie are both totally hot now!

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