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8 Things We Learned From ‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown’s Twitter Q & A Session

"Come at us, Twitter!"

“Come at us, Twitter!”

Robyn Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives stars happily live-tweet each episode of their show. However, in the past, they have been reluctant—or even flat-out refused— to answer any questions their fans have had that deal with negative or unfavorable behavior.

Over the past few days, however, Robyn decided to step out of her safe box and challenge her fans (and critics) to ask her real questions and, shockingly, she answered most of them! From questions about her legal marriage to Kody, her ex and even that enormous Victoria’s Secret debt she rang up during her first marriage, Robyn answered them all.

“[I’m] just facing the situation head on,” she told one fan, who asked her why she was answering these questions. “Trying something new.” She encouraged another critic to “Call me out.”

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‘Sister Wives’ Finale Recap: Legal Divorce & Lame Ponytails

divorce sister wives

After seeing that ponytail, Meri’s rethinking her decision to stick around after the divorce…

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s time for the Sister Wives finale! We pick back up with everyone’s favorite ponytailed polygamist and his family during a very dramatic period in their lives. As you may know from watching the last few episodes, Kody’s first and only legal wife, Meri, has decided she wants to divorce Kody. However, she’s not seeking a divorce because Kody’s a jerk like you may think. Meri says it’s so he can marry his newest and youngest wife, Robyn, and adopt her kids from a previous marriage.

Meri says Kody and Robyn don’t know anything about her plan. (I find that hard to believe.) When Meri sits the Kod-Man and Robyn down to tell them her idea, they act shocked. Robyn cries, of course. Robyn says the kids see Kody as a dad and her not being legally married to him is one of the only things preventing Kody from adopting them.

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Sneak Peek Clip: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Reveals Why She Divorced Husband Kody

Kody divorce

This basically sums up every episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ ever.

Sister Wives fans are counting down the hours until Sunday’s dramatic season finale, where we will learn the full story behind Meri Brown‘s divorce from Kody, her husband of 20+ years. (After the divorce, Kody went on to marry his newest –and youngest–wife, Robyn.) The last episode gave us a hint of what’s to come, but in a just-released sneak peek of the “Sister Wives Tell-All Special,” we get to see the Browns sob it out as they explain to Tamron Hall what the heck happened.

At the start of the preview, everyone is crying (except for Kody, who is probably not even sure where he is, and second wife Janelle, who checked out of this hot mess years ago). Meri explains why she decided to divorce Kody and give her status as “legal wife” to Robyn.

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‘Sister Wives’ Stars Defend Kody Brown Against Claims He Spends Little Time with His Daughters

Kody bonding with his sons Hunter and Logan...

Kody bonding with his sons Hunter and Logan…

Does Sister Wives star Kody Brown favor his sons over his daughters? That’s what was suggested by anthropologist students that were studying the Brown family on last week’s episode of the show. Although fans of the show have been speculating this on message boards and social media for years, last week’s episode marked the first time that the issue of Kody preferring to spend time with his sons over his daughters has actually been addressed on the show.

The students also noticed that he spends the most time with his youngest son, Solomon, who is mothered by Kody’s youngest (and now legal) wife, Robyn.

Of course, when the students brought this fact up to Robyn, she got very defensive and denied that Kody favored Solomon and ignored most of the “middle” kids. The denials have continued on Twitter since last Sunday.

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‘Sister Wives’ Episode 8 Recap: Meri (Finally) Reveals Plans to Divorce Kody

Who wouldn't want a piece of this stud?

Who wouldn’t want a piece of this stud?

By Holly Rasmussen

Last night, the episode we’ve all been waiting for of Sister Wives aired. As The Ashley told you recently, the show’s star, Kody Brown, and his wife of over 20+ years, Meri, divorced in September of 2014. In December, Kody married his youngest and most recent wife, Robyn. When the news broke, the Browns released a statement stating they were “legally restructuring the family.” Last night’s episode addressed Meri meeting with a lawyer to discuss the divorce.

Before we can get to the divorce fun, though, the Browns had to deal with a behavioral issue with two of their 17 children. Two of Kody and Janelle’s sons (Gabriel and Garrison) got in a slap fight and one lied about it. (I don’t know which one lied. There are so many. They’re all running together.) The Browns are acting like it’s a huge deal and this is the first time anything like this has happened. We aren’t buying it, of course. With this many children in a family, someone is surely getting bitch-slapped on the regular. Also, no one cares. This is boring. Let’s hear about the divorce!

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‘Sister Wives’ Stars Hint That Upcoming Episodes Will Address Kody’s Divorce from Meri

Save your breath, Janelle. You got skipped over to be legal wife.

Save your breath, Janelle. You got skipped over to be legal wife.

By Holly Rasmussen

On last night’s episode of Sister Wives, we finally got a hint about some of the changes that have been happening in the Brown family.

News broke last week that Brown family patriarch Kody Brown divorced his first (and previously only legal) wife Meri in September and married his youngest wife, Robyn, in December. (Kody also has two other wives— Janelle and Christine.)

Fans of the show were left wondering why Kody and Meri, who have been married for two decades, divorced, and why Janelle and Christine were skipped over in order for Kody to marry Robyn. It appears that the Browns may be giving us some of those answers.

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