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’16 & Pregnant’ Season 3 Girls: Where Are They Now?

Note: The Ashley recently updated this story, which was first published in June of last year. The girls’ lives have changed a lot since we last saw them. MTV will air the Season 3 “Where Are They Now?” Special tomorrow night!

The Ashley has spent the last few months covering the very dramatic third season of 16 & Pregnant. Between the domestic violence, the crack-addict mothers and the verbally abusive baby-daddies, this season was jam-packed with TMZ-esque drama. (A few of the girls even made their way onto the gossip site! Congrats, gals!)

That being said, a lot has changed since the MTV camera crews left the homes of these girls.

Where Are They Now?

Jordan Ward:

The Ashley recently gave you guys an update on what’s changed for Jordan since her episode was filmed. (Click here to read it!) Jordan’s life has changed even more since that update. She moved to California to live with her husband on base and gave birth to her second child in November, a girl named Ari Monroe.


Jennifer Del Rio:

Oh, Jennifer. Of all the girls from Season 3, Jennifer  received the most attention from TMZ (an honor I’m sure she’s thrilled about.) She and her baby-daddy Josh went from engaged to beating each other up on her episode. They’ve each been arrested since the show, and Jennifer took the couple’s twins and went into hiding for months, not telling Josh where they were.

It was later discovered that Jennifer was in Illinois, which is where she and the twins have been living for the past year. She’s currently enrolled in her first semester of college.

According to her personal blog, Jennifer is often asked if she is still with her baby-daddy, Josh, to which she says, “No, Josh and I are not together. We are civil and happy the way we are. Just because I was on TV and in the media doesn’t mean that the world has to know everything. So, I will not mention why Josh and I decided to go our separate ways and I will not discuss if we are seeing other people.”

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’16 & Pregnant’ Recap: Third Trimester Trick-or-Treating with Taylor

“Babies are expensive…and stuff.”

This week, MTV took us into the wonderful of [nearly] pre-teen unplanned pregnancy. The episode featured, 15-year-old Taylor, the youngest girl ever to be featured on 16 & Pregnant. (She was 14 when she got pregnant and at the start of filming!)

The bright side of getting pregnant so young? Taylor still probably had her baby doll crib and stroller in her bedroom, so she probably saved money on baby supplies! (I’m mean, I know.)

I find this photo amusing.

The episode begins with Taylor talking to her boyfriend, Nathan (aka ‘Nate-Dog’) about all of the possible options they have. Taylor’s mom has been lobbying hard for the couple to put the baby up for adoption; however Taylor and Nate-Dog are against adoption. Taylor has a major daddy complex due to her own father “quitting” her a few years back. She wants to make sure that Nate-Dog is going to be there for their baby forever. Something tells me this will not end well for Taylor and Baby.

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Meet Taylor, This Week’s ’16 & Pregnant’ Girl!

Aww...she's just a baby herself!

We are almost through the entire third season of 16 & Pregnant, with only two episodes remaining. The final two girls, Taylor and Allie have kept themselves relatively anonymous, unlike a lot of the Season 3 girls who were very vocal about being on the show, sharing their lives on Facebook fan pages. (Taylor does have a fan page now, but didn’t for a very long time.)

This week’s episode will focus on Taylor Lumas, whose story is perhaps the most intriguing of all the girls. The reason? Taylor is only 15 years old. Her daughter, Aubri, is seven months old (born in November 2010), making Taylor only 14 when she got pregnant! (The Ashley couldn’t even get a guy to kiss her at 14, let alone make a baby!) She is from the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

Taylor’s baby-daddy is Nathan, a 16-year-old track star. He kind of looks like a young Eminem (I’m sure he’ll take that as a compliment.)

Taylor and Nathan consider putting their baby up for adoption (which is no surprise, being that she’s so young). However, they decide to keep the baby, despite her mother’s protests. (Her mom is understandably worried that the burden of the baby will fall on her, which is probably true, being that Taylor and Nathan weren’t even old enough to get a job!) Her mom tries to encourage Taylor to look into open adoption for the child, but she’s not interested. She ends up keeping the baby.

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