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Amber Portwood’s Brother Gives Update on ‘Teen Mom’ Star: “She is Doing Really Well”

It’s been over eight months since troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood began her prison sentence at the Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana. During her time behind bars, Amber has only had two visitors: her mother Tanya and Dr. Drew Pinsky, who arrived to film the “Amber Behind Bars” special in the fall of 2012.

During the special, Amber commented that none of her family, including her daughter Leah and baby-daddy Gary Shirley, had come to see her in prison. However, yesterday Amber was finally able to “visit” (via video chat) with her brother, Shawn Portwood, who has long been outspoken about his hate for MTV and the show that made his sister famous.

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Gary Shirley Reveals He’s Taking His Daughter to See Amber Portwood in Prison

Teen Mom

"We're coming, Amber!"

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley caught a lot of flack from fans last week after MTV aired its “Amber Behind Bars” special, during which Amber Portwood revealed that she had never received a visit from either him or their daughter, Leah.

Fans jumped all over the single dad, and whole articles were written about how Gary was “damaging” his daughter by not taking her to see her mom in prison. (Amber was sentenced to five years in an Indiana correctional facility back in June for various charges. If she serves her full sentence, Leah will be nine years old when she gets out.)

Tonight, Gary took to his Facebook page to explain why he was previously apprehensive to take Leah to the prison, and what his plans are for the future.

“Just to clear up confusion: I had to find out for my daughter, Amber and myself if it was best for Leah to go where her mommy is and visit,” he wrote. “I learned that it is the best thing for Leah and Amber. All the paperwork is finally in order so, yes, soon we will be visiting her. She’s doing a lot better a lot of stuff has be cleared between us things have settled down (like muddy water) Things are heading in the right direction. Thanks for support and in no way was me not taking her to see her mom a control thing. [I was] just trying to figure out what’s best for Leah.”

The Ashley hopes that when mother and daughter are finally reunited, MTV keeps their noses (and cameras) out of the reunion. Amber needs to learn to live her life without a camera in her face.

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Sneak Peek of ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Jailhouse Interview!

teen momAs The Ashley told you a few weeks ago, MTV has somehow arranged to weasel (who else?) Dr. Drew behind bars at the Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana to sit down one-on-one and speak with troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood.

In this sneak peek of the “very special episode,” which airs on next Tuesday, October 9, Amber reveals some heartbreaking things, such as the fact that she hasn’t seen her daughter, Leah, since she entered prison in June, and, other than her mother Tonya, she has no visitors at all.

“[It makes me feel] like I don’t even matter, like I never mattered” she tells Dr. Drew. “[It makes me feel] like sh*t.”

She went on to say that she despite the fact that she speaks to ex-fiance Gary Shirley nearly every day, she’s very angry with him.

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MTV Special to Air “Amber Portwood Behind Bars” Special

Live from the Big House!

Well, now I’ve seen everything.

MTV just announced moments ago that they will go behind bars to speak with troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood! During this “very special episode,” Dr. Drew will head to the Rockville Correctional Facility for “an intimate discussion about what life has been like behind bars, the status of her relationship with her daughter Leah, ex-boyfriend Gary, and her family, and her hopes for the future.”

Really? Really?! Last week when MTV announced that it had two more specials planned that would feature the original ‘Teen Mom’ girls, The Ashley jokingly suggested they go behind bars to speak with Amber. I guess the network decided to take her advice and go for it!

According to the press release from MTV, “As Amber reflects on her situation, she gives viewers an open, honest look inside the intense ups and downs she’s faced during this journey. This special marks the first time Amber has shared her story since she entered the Rockville Correctional Facility in June 2012.”

“Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special” will be a half-hour long and will air at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9.

This needs to stop. Just let this girl do her time without the glare of the cameras. Despite what MTV says, this kind of special does not help other teen girls. It is purely exploiting Amber’s situation for ratings.


(Photo: ABC News)

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‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Sentenced to Five Years in Jail

It will be 2017 before troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood steps back out into the free world. An Indiana judge sentenced her to five years in jail this morning, despite the fact that her lawyer asked him to have leniency on the MTV star. According to TMZ, the judge told the lawyer and Amber that he had no choice but to enforce Amber’s original five-year sentence.

In regards to Amber’s daughter, Leah, she will continue to live with her father, Gary Shirley. (He got full custody back in 2011.) Leah will be nearly nine years old by the time her mother gets out of prison if Amber serves her full sentence.

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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Asks Judge to Send Her to Jail


"I give up!"


After months of trying to get sober and back on the straight-and-narrow (and failing miserably) Amber Portwood marched into court today and told the judge she was quitting her drug rehab program and that he should send her to jail, all while her lawyer sat stunned.

I’m not making this up. This actually happened today.

According to a story just posted by TMZ, “Amber fessed up today in court, telling the judge she hasn’t stayed clean since starting the program — and will always be a ‘bad girl.’”

She also admitted that she hates the drug rehab program she was placed into back in January to avoid a five-year jail sentence. (Um…no kidding!)

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