Where Are They Now

NOTE: This story was updated and all information is current as of July 2014!

Many of you Roundupers were curious to know what’s become of the “winners” of ‘The Bachelor’ (i.e. the women that these men chose as “the love of their lives” at the end of their seasons).

Because The Ashley loves a good “Where Are They Now” article, she decided to try to find out what’s happened to these women since the cameras turned off and rose wilted. (That was so cheesy but I just couldn’t resist. I think I should write for the show, yes?)

Anyway, here’s what The Ashley came up with…

(Season 1 Alex) : Amanda Marsh

Bachelor WinnerTHEN: Original ‘Bachelor’ Alex Michel chose Amanda Marsh at the end of the first season of ‘The Bachelor;’ however he didn’t propose. The couple split after a few months. After the ‘Bachelor’ hype died down, Amanda pretty much left the public eye, except for a brief stint as a DJ at a Kansas City radio station. In 2005, she got engaged to a salesman but they broke up before they could get married.

TODAY: Today she is a registered nurse and is married to a man named Jay. She lives in Kansas and gave birth to a daughter, Chloe, in March of 2010.

(Photo: ABC)

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