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‘Bachelor Pad’ Star Kasey Kahl Arrested For Being Drunk & Disorderly!

That's the happiest mugshot ever!

Being drunk and disorderly at the Bachelor Pad mansion is pretty much a requirement, but acting that way in public can get you in trouble, as Kasey Kahl learned last night!

Kasey was arrested for allegedly being “drunk and disorderly” at Club Habanos, a Fresno, California, nightclub, according to TMZ.

Kasey, who is from Fresno but lives in Los Angeles, flew up north on January 14 to see family and apparently got a little too wild on his night out in ‘da club’ on Sunday.

Obviously, he didn’t have anyone there to “guard and protect his heart liver” and he allegedly made a scene and got thrown in the drunk tank.

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The Strangest Reality TV Star Tattoos of All Time!

Many reality TV stars seem to really enjoy two things: getting more famous and getting more tattoos! For whatever the reason, people who appear on reality shows really enjoy getting crappy tattoos of their family members’ faces, odd sayings or even bad 1990s boy bands.

The Ashley had decided that all of these bad tattoos need to be together in one place so she’s compiled this list of the worst tattoos ever to appear on the skin of a reality TV show star! She’s waded through the good, the bad and just plain strange.

Before The Ashley presents her list, she must make this disclaimer: The Ashley does not hate tattoos. The Ashley does not hate reality TV stars. She does, however, love to make fun of people who do stupid things, such as tattoo their wife’s face on their bodies. (Ask Tom Arnold how that worked out for him!)

On with the show!

10) Kasey Kahl, “The Bachelorette”

You couldn’t have a list of weird reality TV star tattoos without including Kasey’s creepy ink! Kasey actually got the tattoo to prove to “Bachelorette” Ali that he would always “guard and protect her heart.”

It didn’t work out so great for Kasey in the end. Before the tattoo had even healed, Ali sent Kasey packing. Well, actually, she left him alone on a glacier in Iceland and took off with some other guy in a helicopter. Ouch!

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Meet the Newest (and Strangest) ‘Bachelor’ Couple!

Glad to see he made it off that glacier…

It’s confirmed. We’re officially in The Twilight Zone.

Two of the most memorable ‘contestants’ from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are officially dating.

He’s one of the strangest folks ever to appear on The Bachelorette (and that’s saying something!) She’s one of the most hated girls ever to vie for the heart of a Bachelor. Together they’re Vasey…or Kianna.

That’s right: Crazy Ass Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi (Jake’s arch nemesis) are a couple!

 Kasey, who we last saw being left alone on a Icelandic glacier during Ali‘s season, is now “guarding and protecting” Vienna’s heart all over town. After playing coy on the Twitter for the last month or so, they’ve finally confirmed that they’re together.

When Vienna was asked by a ‘fan’ (does she have those?) is she would be the next Bachelorette, she replied:

I’m sorry but my <3 is being guarded and protected. I wish the next ‘ette the best of luck finding love though.

You can't make this crap up!

LOL. Surely the lure of Kasey’s heart protection service, as well as his beautiful singing voice  was too much for Vienna to resist. 

Although The Ashley jokes, she’s actually happy that these two have found love in each other. Please, God, give them their own reality show.

We may not have to wait long to see this thought become a reality. If The Ashley predicts correctly, both Kasey and Vienna will be appearing on the next season of Bachelor Pad, set to premiere this summer. (More on that later!)

A word to the wise, Kasey. Don’t withhold the sex. Vienna needs lots of the sausage.

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25 Things You Don’t Know About the Bachelorette Ali (But Here’s What I Really Want to Know…)

"I have to confess Jake, I have shocking news....I eat ramen right out of the package!" Um...yawn.

US Weekly runs a column in its magazine every week called “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.” This week they chose The Bachelorette, Ali to write about! While her “25 things” aren’t exactly shocking (or even that exciting for that matter), The Ashley is nosy and still had to read them. I was hoping they would answer some of my burning questions such as:

1)      What really happened in the fantasy suite?! Does that romantical Latin lover music that always plays during Roberto’s segments actually follow him around in real life too?

2)      How long did it take you to file a restraining order against Kasey? Has he, at any time, appeared outside your bedroom window since you left him on a glacier in Iceland?

3)      What the fuck is up with your nappy-ass hair extensions? Do you own a mirror? Girl, you need to get a wig to cover up that mess!

Ok, I’m done. Unfortunately, none of my questions were answered, but here’s her “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.” Sorry to break it to you, but it’s kind of a snooze fest. (My comments are in brackets.)


1. I believe that touching the outside of an airplane before boarding is good luck.

2. My friends call me all sorts of things: Al, Fedo, Fed, A-Fed, Lex, Ali-gator, Raptor.

3. I eat lemon wedges like oranges.

4. I studied couples and intimacy in college. And I was on the hip-hop dance team! 

5. I grew up in a town with one traffic light.

6. I am obsessed with air-popped popcorn.

7. Besides my family and friends, the thing I miss most about the East Coast is Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. [Um…you can get that in California too, you know….I’m sure Kasey would be happy to bring it to you!]

8. The only time you will see me cooking is when I play Cafe World on Facebook.

9. Cornhole — a.k.a. beanbag toss — is one of my favorite games.

10. I’ve never owned an automatic car. All mine have been stick shift. If a guy can’t drive stick, it’s a huge turnoff.  [I’m sure you drove a few sticks in the Fantasy Suite, Ali!]

11. During college, a highlighter was my best friend.

12. I can memorize a list of up to 20 things using body motions, and then repeat that list backward 10 days later. [That probably came in handy keeping all those guys’ names straight early on!]

13. I like to eat ramen dry right out of the package.

14. I once threw a boy off a swing set in third grade because he took my Walkman. I’d like to take this moment to apologize for that. Ha ha.

15. I’m a Gleek, I’m a Gleek!

16. I could watch Flight of the Conchords all day, every day.

17. I used to think I had style. . . and then I came to Hollywood.

18. I came to L.A. when I was 12 and didn’t like it much. I remember crying to my parents while telling them that I would never come back. I think I’ve been in L.A. eight out of the past 12 weeks. Ha!

19. I had a lazy eye and wore glasses from age 2 to age 12. Since then, my eyes have completely corrected themselves. [Must…find…photos….of said lazy eye….]

20. I played soccer for my old company’s team. Go, Facebook Falcons!

21. Growing up, I had a teddy bear named Zelda that never left my side.

22. I like my bedroom temperature to be at least 80 degrees when I sleep.

23. I love to play poker.

24. I consider pickles to be a major food group.  [Was going to make a comment on this, but, eh…too easy!]

25. My favorite color is yellow. Oh, wait, you probably already know that.

Yawn. Hey Ali, I’ll pay more attention when you sell your story  to Star Magazine once your fairy tale romance blows up. Thanks.

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“I Want to Sing at Ali’s Wedding!” Says Her Former Suitor Kasey Kahl

the bachelorette

“Ali, I’m ready to sing for your heart! My first number this evening will be ‘Lady in Red..’

No, seriously. He did say that. I’m not making it up.

According to the latest issue of US Weekly, that Kasey Kahl from The Bachelorette is up to his old antics of creeping everyone out!

US Weekly published a story promising “Inside Ali’s Secret Wedding Plans.” It was basically ridiculously uninformative, except for the final quote, which warmed The Ashley’s heart! When talking about potential wedding guest at Ali’s wedding to whoever she ends up choosing next week, they interviewed Kasey.

“I want to go [to the wedding.] I’ll be the ring bearer! I’ll sing at the wedding! says Kasey

Please, God, let there be an ABC-sponsored wedding extravaganza, and please let Kasey sing. I’d love to hear the second verse of his ditty “I Was in a Helicoptor.”

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Who Should Ali Pick? The Writing's on the Wall…

What will The Bachelorette, Ali, see when she walks into her hotel room in Bora Bora next week? Possibly…..

What? Just because Kasey wrote all over the walls of Ali's love nest, and is currently peaking through her window (look closely), it doesn't mean he's crazy, geez!

Special thanks to Roundup friend, Anna, for this superior work of Crazy Kasey photoshopping!

Just a note readers: you can submit your own “Crazy Kasey” photoshop works of art by “liking” The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on Facebook and then uploading a photo. The Ashley loves getting a chuckle out of this stuff!

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