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The Family From ‘Downsized’: Where Are They Now?

where are they now 2013

Where are they now?

NOTE: This story was updated in September 2014.

Back in 2010, one of The Ashley‘s favorite reality shows was a WeTV show called Downsized. It focused on the Bruce family, which consisted of husband and wife Todd and Laura Bruce, and their children from their previous marriages. (There were seven kids altogether!) Billed as the “Modern Day Brady Bunch” the family struggled to make it financially after filing for bankruptcy and losing pretty much everything in the great recession.

It was an awesome show and The Ashley was completely bummed when Laura Bruce told her that WE had cancelled it after two seasons. The last episode aired in October 2011 and we’ve barely heard a peep out of any of the Bruces or Rumseys since. After the show, the family moved from their home in Anthem to Chandler, Arizona. In June 2014, then moved to Austin, Texas.

So what has the “Downsized” clan been up to since we last saw them? Of course The Ashley had to find out!

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EXCLUSIVE: Laura Bruce Says ‘Downsized’ Won’t Return For Third Season

"So long, faithful viewers!"

Say it ain’t so! The Ashley just got word that WeTV has not picked up Downsized for a third season. One of the stars of the show, Laura Bruce, informed The Ashley of this yesterday.

Laura also posted the following message on the family’s official Facebook fanpage:

“Downsized just got official word that WEtv has decided to discontinue our show. Thank you so much for your support and we wish you all the very best! Blessings always.”

The Ashley is sad to see the show go. It was a very real portrayal of a very real (and very large!) family. She will miss seeing the Bruce family on her TV.

Since we were left in somewhat of a cliff hanger last season, The Ashley will try to tell you what ended up happening. Rex did not end up moving away (he had contemplated moving to a relative’s house in another state to have a better chance at getting a college scholarship).

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‘Downsized’ Viewers Want to Know: Who is Todd Bruce’s Ex-Wife?


Who were they married to before?

The Ashley has been fielding a ton of questions regarding the former spouses of Todd and Laura Bruce since the premiere of the second season of Downsized on Tuesday. Why people care  who the Bruces were married to before each other, The Ashley has no clue, but she has to give the people what they want.

The Ashley has already given you a little info on Laura Bruce’s ex-husband (and father to her five children). You can read about him here.

So who is Todd Bruce’s ex-wife?

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‘Downsized’ Star Laura Bruce Clears Up Misconceptions About Her Family

Expect the unexpected for Season 2, Laura told The Ashley.

The Ashley sat down with Laura Bruce, star of WE TV’s hit show Downsized to talk about show’s second season (which premiered Tuesday night), and discuss how she and her family have dealt with the criticism that has come their way because of the show.

The Ashley:  How did your family get chosen to be on the TV show?

Laura Bruce: One day our entire family was in the van and Bailey [Laura’s daughter] kept saying that we should have a reality show because our family is so entertaining. I dismissed her comments as a joke but when we got home she and some of the other kids got on the Internet and looked at some casting calls on a reality website. She asked if she could submit an application and a photo and I agreed, since I figured we would never hear from anyone. Three days later, Pie Town Productions called us and the rest is history…

The Ashley: How have your friends and families reacted to seeing you on the show?

Laura Bruce: My dad really struggles to watch the show because he doesn’t like to see us suffer. His wife, my stepmom, Ann, screens each episode and warns him so he can be ready. Our friends and family have been ultra-supportive. We couldn’t have done it without them.

The Ashley: How have you dealt with the criticism you’ve gotten from the media and from strangers because of the show?

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The Rumors Are True! ‘Downsized’ Coming Back for a Second Season!


'Member us?!

The Ashley just found out that her favorite WeTV show, Downsized, is coming back! She was so worried that she had seen the last of the Bruce/Ramsey clan, but luckily, this is not the case. Todd, Laura, and their brood of children will be back starting August 9! 

There will be 10 new episodes! Laura Bruce confirmed to The Ashley exclusively that the family will be doing a live chat session with fans on August 9 (at noon CST time) on the Downsized Facebook page

In case you’re not familiar with this awesome show, it follows a blended family that is struggling with money problems. They’ve often been compared to a modern-day Brady Bunch, as both parents brought kids from previous marriages and made one family. 

Like the Bradys, who were living large thanks to Mike’s cushy architect job, the Ramsey/Bruces were living the good life at one time. Then Todd’s construction company took a dive with the economy and now they have dumpster dive for recyclables and give up Starbucks. Oh, the horrors of lower-middle-class living. 

Imagine if Marsha Brady had had to buy second-hand polyester plaid pants, or if Greg Brady had to bust out his Johnny Bravo gear and sing outside the 7-11 for spare change!

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Whatever Happened to…the Biological Dad of All Those Kids on “Downsized?”

"Hey real dad, there's room on these stairs for you!"

Last night The Ashley was stuck at home with no reality TV to watch! Oh, week between seasons, I curse you!

The Ashley had stacks of “B” level shows (stuff I like to watch but not shows that I would shoot myself if I missed like American Idol or Teen Mom) that were just waiting for her to sink her creepy little eyes into them.

One of the shows that The Ashley has been getting into lately is called Downsized over on the WE channel. The WE channel is full of weird reality shows, including shows about midgets (OK, sorry, “little people”), and people who can’t stop reproducing. (Hello, Duggars).

If you haven’t seen this show, then you probably should stop reading this post. If you have seen this show, you know that it’s about a modern-day Brady Bunch family that’s super broke. They have a bunch of kids between the two of them. (OK, actually, it’s only seven. The mom brought five and the dad brought two. )

Here he is! (In 1993)

Anyway, after watching a TiVo’d marathon of “Downsized,” it caused The Ashley to wonder what the hell happened to the biological dad of those five kids. In a recent episode, Whitney (the girl that’s 15 and looks like one of the Kardashian sisters), talks about how their real dad was never there for them and their stepdad Todd is more like their dad to her. (That episode was actually really sweet!)

So where is Daddy Dearest who seemingly left his five, count them five, kids to be taken care of by his ex-wife, Laura, and Todd? The Ashley had to find out!

After some sleuthing, The Ashley found out the following info about the real dad of Whitney, Dylan, Rex, Danielle and Bailey:

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