Former Winners of ‘America’s Got Talent’: Where Are They Now?

AGT LOGOAmerica’s Got Talent will crown its eighth winner tonight during its season finale. After months of auditions, performances, and listening to Heidi Klum‘s random judging comments, we will finally learn who America thinks has talent.

Seven other performers, from a ventriloquist to a dancing dog act to a pint-size singer, have been named the winner of ‘AGT” in the past. Some have gone on to great fame and fortune, while others have struggled to maintain their career. Whatever became of the former winners of ‘America’s Got Talent?’ The Ashley investigates!


america's got talent winner

Bianca Ryan today at age 19.

SEASON ONE WINNER:  11-Year-Old Singer Bianca Ryan

Then: She was the tiny girl with the big voice that blew everyone away during the first season of ‘AGT.’ She took home the million dollar prize when she was crowned the show’s very first winner.

Now: Now 19 years old, Bianca is currently in college and will star in an upcoming independent movie called “We Be Kings.”

800px-Comedian_Terry_Fator_on_stageSEASON TWO WINNER:   Ventriloquist Terry Fator

Then: Terry, a showbiz veteran who had been trying to catch his big break for years before auditioning for “AGT,” beat out reggae singer Cas Haley to take the season two crown. Audiences loved his singing puppet act.

Now: Terry is now the most financially successful “AGT” winner to date. He currently headlines a show at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas– a gig that netted him a reported $100 million. In 2010, he married his onstage assistant, who is half his age.

Neal E Boyd SEASON THREE WINNER:   Opera Singer Neal E. Boyd

Then: Baby-faced opera singer Neal E. Boyd amazed “AGT” fans with his renditions of “Nessun Dorma” and “All by Myself.”

Now: Now 75 lbs. lighter since his “AGT” days, Neal continues to focus on his weight loss goals, while working on a new album. Last year he entered politics, running for a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives, but lost. He plans to run again.

558px-Kevin_SkinnerSEASON FOUR WINNER:   Country Singer Kevin Skinner

Then: The chicken catcher from Kentucky surprised everyone during the fourth season. Hillbilly Kevin wowed audiences with his beautiful voice and renditions of songs such as Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”

Now: After releasing his debut CD in 2010 and a live album in 2011, work has been slow for Kevin, who had been playing gigs at casinos and clubs. Last month he became a grandfather for the first time.


Then: “AGT” fans were shocked when Las Vegas lounge singer Michael Grimm defeated tiny opera prodigy and fan favorite Jackie Evancho on finale night.

Now: After dealing with a terrible management company assigned to him by “AGT” producers, Michael has finally stepped out on his own. He released a critically praised solo CD and is currently touring the country.

agtSEASON SIX WINNER:  Jazz Singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Then: Landau impressed the show’s judges and fans with his smooth, Sinatra-like vocals. The former car wash worker from West Virginia beat shadow dancers The Silhouettes to take the season six crown.

Now: Since winning, Landau has performed to sellout audiences all over the country. In November 2011, he released his first CD, “That’s Life,” which peaked at No. 34 on the U.S. charts. He is currently working on a Christmas album and will soon release an autobiographical book.

agt SEASON SEVEN WINNER:   The Olate Dogs

Then: Judge Sharon Osborne– and much of America–went wild for Richard and Nick Olate’s dancing dog act. The performing pooches took the crown over comedian Tom Cotter on finale night last year.

Now: Since winning the million dollar prize, the Olate Dogs have continued to perform all over the country at numerous gigs and state fairs. According to Nick, the dogs received a new travel trailer and numerous luxury upgrades after their win! All of the dogs from the show continue to perform and live with the Olates.

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  1. patti r. says:

    I went to see illuminate from maybe 2 seasons ago on agt at their off-Broadway performance. if anyone happens to be in manhattan, it’s well worth the cost of the ticket to see them do their thing in person. their’s a tkts booth near 45th street and offered 1/2 price tickets the day I was there {9/21/13}. they look a little like robots and their outfits light up and sort of break dance, float in the air and have their heads fall down on the ground. best show I ever saw, bye

  2. TJ says:

    I was rather shocked that Forte didn’t win this competition this year. They were clearly phenomenal, but I think Howard Stern is doing his best to sabotage the singers in the competition from claiming too many season wins. The judges should NOT be trying to influence American voters, and they should not be making predictions about who deserves to win each season. They should maintain a posture of impartiality, and it is disrespectful to the performers who are all trying so hard for a fair chance at winning.

    I am also very disappointed that Jimmy Rose did not take at least second place. He is the quintessential all-American down home country boy and military veteran-so humble and sincere, and so talented. And after all the show is called AMERICA’S Got Talent.

    That comedian is pathetic. He never made laugh even once. The female comedian/impersonator, Angela Hoover, who lost earlier was light years better than this nerdy goon Taylor Williamson.

  3. Sandra says:

    Congratulations to all final 6 and to Kinichi who won the competition. I wish all the best for the future. I am sure all your lives will change after this AGT experience.

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