’16 and Pregnant’ Mom of Twins Jennifer Del Rio Hints She’s Pregnant Again

pregnant again

Looks like a baby bump to me!

It looks like yet another girl from the 16 and Pregnant series is pregnant again! Jennifer Del Rio, who, during Season 3, had a memorable episode due to her giving birth to twin boys and the epic side-of-the-road battle between her and her baby daddy, Josh Smith, is hinting that she is once again expecting!


When a fan asked if she was expecting, Jen coyly responded with a happy face. More evidence? This recent photo (above)  Jen posted of herself on her Instagram account, which shows a hint of a pregnancy tummy. (On earlier photos, her stomach is completely flat–despite having had twins!)

Unbeknownst to her fans, Jennifer quietly married Luis Guiterrez back in April of this year. (See their marriage license application!) She has been calling him her hubby since then, but fans assumed it was because they were engaged. She has kept a relatively low profile since her “16 and Pregnant” days.

Jennifer is currently living in Florida near her family and is studying criminal justice in college. She plans to go into law enforcement and become a sheriff’s deputy. She and the twins’ father, Josh, are finally on good terms.

Congrats to Jen and Luis!

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Update: Apparently Jen wasn’t too happy that The Ashley had decided to write about her!


Unfortunately, Jen didn’t realize that when she chose to put her life on television, fans were going to be interested in what she’s doing for years to come. (In fact, that show is still airing for the first time in numerous countries around the world.) That’s just how it works, and posting cryptic tweets and engaging with fans on social media certainly doesn’t help.

(Also, just a suggestion but…if you don’t want to be associated with ’16 and Pregnant” anymore, you should probably remove the ‘MTV’ from your Twitter handle, Jen!)

And, to be fair, The Ashley simply wrote that Jen was “hinting” that she was pregnant again (which she was). The Ashley did not–and will never– create any rumors.

(Photo: Instagram)


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  1. se says:

    shes a crazy bitch as well as her family. Shes such a fucking retard.

  2. lilly says:

    And she did

  3. MarcS. says:

    Disgusting! Why would a 16 year old whore out her body to be on TV. The blame for this falls squarely on the parents shoulders. 16 year old girls should never, ever be anywhere where there is no adult present. It’s called parenting! I have 2 teen age daughters and one adult daughter whom my wife and I adore. We have a loving home, but there is no question when it comes to who is the boss. My girls were/never allowed at anyone’s house if I didn’t know the parents. They never had enough free time to get into trouble. They were required to play a seasonal sport at school along with an instrument. They hated us for it!!!! Now, my eldest daughter was accepted to the Harvard on a full academic scholarship, she also plays the Oboe. She has told my wife and I that forcing them to play a sport and an instrument saved her from so many pitfalls that teens face to day,,,,,first and foremost pregnancy. So Parents, force your kids to be active, they will thank you as adults!

    • Megan says:

      Sorry, but at least one of them is going to rebel big time as soon as they’re out of your grasp. You have to give your children increasing independence as they get older or they will have no idea HOW to make their own decisions in the real world when there’s no one supervising them.

    • LauraL says:

      Just wanted to say right on, Marc! My husband and I also keep our home full of love and boundries. When you have children you become “hostage to fortune” and some things may be out of our control, but parenting our children isn’t one of them. This parenting job NEVER ends and too many parents out there seem to think when the kids are old enough to drive or make their own after school snack, they need less and less supervision and guidance. The guidance, supervision & all that parenting emcompasses is just as important when they’re 15, 16 years old as when they are helpless little babies in our arms.

  4. Jenni’s son Joshua Jr was health pros

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